Monday, March 02, 2009

Salon du livre 09

La Chambre Claire, art, 5" x 7"

Do you have a favorite Paris bookstore?
Librairie des Abbesses,watercolor, 5" x 7"
Tell me your favorites.
Librairie La Hune at 170, Boulevard St Germain 75006 is a must every trip - they have unusual small edition art books from everywhere.

I'm crazy for Librairie Chantelivre - a very sophisticated kid's bookstore on 13, Rue Sèvres 75006. I always check into British W.H.Smith on rue de Rivoli- very good for Brit artbooks.BHV has a terrific book department too... I discovered Librairie Gourmande last trip... Anne showed me the Paris "Strand" bookstore - Mona Lisait. Tons of discounted art coffee table books at 9, rue St-Martin. 75004 Don't you love looking at French guide books on Paris whether you can read French or not?

Only in Paris will you find these - mignonne

This fausse stack of antique books is a decal and at Ch. Vaux le Vicomte.
Another stack, this time macarons at the book stall at the Salon du Chocolat.PS
The Salon du Livre 09 will be going on the day I arrive!



A Brush with Color said...

Libraries...Food for the soul. What can I say--charming watercolors, too, Carol!

Chas said...

You paint Paris dreams; if those dreams include balloons filled with bonjour, so be it. It is your art, after all.

M. Baker

manon 21 said...

la librairie des abbesses est ma librairie préférée,c'est le quartier de ma fille et là ou j'achète les petits livres de mes petits enfants.
tes inspirations sont bonnes comme tes peintures!!!

Anonymous said...

I am sitting here in sunny London in an office and I cannot tell you how delightful it is to get these posts. It brightens my day no end. Just lovely paintings and I love the photos too of everyday life in Paris - a place where my Aunt and Uncle used to live. I'd quite happily live there myself over London - pretty much!

Anonymous said...

We like Librairie La Maison Rustique at 26, rue Jacob for gardening books, mostly in French, but some in English. Where’s Librarie Gourmande?
I need more cookbooks.

Anonymous said...

The "bonjour" from the doggie makes me smile, as your posts do every day.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I love books and booktores so I love this post and these paintings you are doing are all wonderful & unique, each one, in their own rights. My first comment got swallowed up and spit out I guess.

Anonymous said...

No, j'adore les balloons! Hello Carol and thank you for your delightful photo essays; my friend Suzanne Walker, an American who was living in Paris for 13 years up until this past December (when she got married and moved back to the States) turned me on to them. They are delightful and I just love them. I lived in Paris in 2002 and am trying vigorously to move back so they keep me motivated! You didn't include the two other great American (Anglo/English-speaking) bookstores in the city: The Village Voice, on rue Princesse, and San Francisco Book Company, on rue Monsieur le Prince.
Both great!

Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Hello Darling!
I agree with Rick.
But I detest playing art director!

Stef in chilly but sunny Chicago

megan said...

not loving the balloon but i'm otherwise in love with your work. it reminds me of my trips to paris and i've been waiting until i see one i can't live without.

Blind Fly Theater said...

The Dalmation really adds charm, especially with the bonjour balloon. You must be the non-stop photographer when in Paris... most would easily succumb quickly to daydream, but not you (Thank heavens!). Another thing... I love Danny Gregory's site and want to buy his new book "An Illustrated Life." I just noticed on his site that PB is on his list of favorite blogs! Are any of your paintings in his book?

Anonymous said...

that's one big dog!
We ate at a Lyonnaise restuarant in paris witha view across the road to a small cafe/bar that had a little brown and white stocky dog who played at being doorman, greeter, seater and took his job very sericously.
I'll try to find the pic and send to you.


Anonymous said...

I totally disagree. I love the touch of whimsey the balloons add, and you don't overdue it by putting them in every painting. Follow your own inspiration!

Totally devoted fan,

Anonymous said...

Love your new paintings of store fronts - I put Patisserie Delmontel on my "to do" list after seeing your painting.

As for the suggestion about dropping the Bonjour balloons - I love dogs, balloons and the word Bonjour so I say "go for it"
I admire your work so much that it would be difficult for me to be critical of anything that you send to us.


Anonymous said...

You would love ITINERAIRES at 60, rue St-Honore I think...
A very complete map and travelbook store
Also the Libriarie du Musee des Arts Decorative at 107, rue du Rivoli
In fact all the museum bookshops are dreamy like in the Louvre!
Bon Voyage

Anonymous said...

Do go and paint La Sardine a Livre
4, rue Collette 75017

Laura said...

You are so lucky to have all of these wonderful independent bookstores at your disposal! I'm afraid the landscape is a bit bleak in New York. McNally Jackson is a fabulous little shop downtown, easily the best in New York, but I wish there were more.

M.A. Breuer said...

Anything with a dog in the picture is best!

Anonymous said...

What delight your site brings to us.
One bookshop I just know you would enjoy is Galignani, next door to Angelina's, at 224 rue de Rivoli, 75001. This was the first English bookshop established on the Continent. The staff are intelligent and very helpful. The English section is towards the back of the store and the splendid art books line the left hand wall as you walk in this beautiful shop.
I like the balloons for the dogs with "Bonjour" but I am in agreement with Ric - lose them otherwise.
We wish you an exciting adventure for your forthcoming visit to Paris,
Mark and Elwyn in Australia

J M said...

This cobalt or ultramarine blue is truly Electric!!

Bridget said...

...and Galigniani, rue de Rivoli, near Angelina.
You're a fantastic Parisian dreamer!

Ciambellina said...

You sure fit in a lot during your trip! Thanks.

ParisStyleAntiques said...

Hello Carol,

Try The Red Wheelbarrow,22 Rue St Paul, a small freindly bookstore in the Marais..Bon Voyage!!

Anonymous said...

You would consider missing Le Salon de Livres? My dear, you must take better care of yourself. Are you eating enough chocolate? Macarons? Perhaps you are deficient in le Cocoa Hot. One must be fully fortified for a trip!

Anonymous said...

If it's still there (haven't been in ages), visit Tea and Tattered Pages, 24 rue Mayet, Mo DUROC. It's an American bookstore with a tiny tea room in the back where they serve brownies and chocolate chip cookies. - Paula

Merisi said...

I agree with jeanette mistress of longears!
Please make sure to take your daily schoki and macs, we so need you to keep up your stamina. ;-)

Anonymous said...

No la Hune is not rue de Rennes but Boulevard Saint Germain,
It' on your photo !
is it a jok ?

Parisbreakfasts said...

Tea and Tattered Pages, 24 rue Mayet is STILL THERE!
Big merci

Lucky girl said...

All these books..heaven!!:)
Thank you very much for wonderful blogs!

Anonymous said...

Well, my favourite bookstore is NOT in Paris !
It's in Corbeil-Essonnes (91): "Le Verger des Muses" (= The Muses' Orchard).
Very efficient staff. You can meet authors.
AND I like its name !
I could sit there for the whole day... (and maybe that's why they moved the few seats away very recently... !?!)
Bon Mardi !

Anonymous said...

I have a good bookstore in Paris though.
A store specialised in languages : Attica.

106 bd Richard Lenoir, 75011 Paris
Ouvert mardi-samedi, 10h00-19h00
Métro: Oberkampf ou Parmentier
Bus: lignes 46, 56 & 96