Wednesday, February 18, 2009

La Poissonnerie Du Dome

LA POISSONNERIE DU DOME. More FACADES! as requested. These are fun.
Poissonnerie Du Dome - Paris Breakfasts Back to La Poissonnerie du Dome - Beauty is everywhere in Paris...Poissonnerie Du Dome - Paris BreakfastsWe were marching around before dinner, M, Sarah and I on rue Delambre in the 14th...La Poissonnerie Du Dome - Paris Breakfasts And I flipped for this fishmonger shop!La Poissonnerie Du Dome

La Poissonnerie Du Dome - Paris BreakfastsI couldn't believe my eyes - all the lovely fishy murals!Poissonnerie Du Dome - Paris Breakfasts And the shop is open to the street, so you can put your nose right in the fish and get eyeball to eyeball.La Poissonnerie Du Dome - Paris Breakfasts The ultimate in freshness!La Poissonnerie Du Dome - Paris Breakfasts Jean-Pierre Lopez has owned La Poissonnerie Du Dome for 20 years. He's at the Marche Rungis starting at 3 AM (I could do this with the Jetlag I currently have...) where he searches and searches for the absolute best fish.

"When it's a question of finding the best, I am not faithful."
'' Quand il s'agit de trouver le meilleur, je ne suis pas fidèle ! '
La Poissonnerie Du Dome - Paris Breakfasts The fish or in this case the King Crab jumps from the sea into the lorry and onto your plate.La Poissonnerie Du Dome - Paris Breakfasts This fishmonger saw me admiring his crab...La Poissonnerie Du Dome - Paris Breakfasts I so wish I'd had that crab for dinner!

Beauty is everywhere in Paris.


4 rue Delambre, 75014 PARISMétro: Vavin or Edgar-QuinetTuesday to Saturday 8 am-1 pm and 4-7 pm

(This is a repost from November, 2007)



  1. Ces nouvelles peintures des facades parisiennes sont tres belles! J'irai a Paris du 20 au 28 fevrier. Grace a vous, cette fois-ci, je verrai la ville avec un nouveau perspectif!

  2. Carol, these are just great. Love 'em! I love the bicyclette and baguettes, too! Big smiles.

  3. I am just loving your new paintings. They are so fresh and fun. I want to hop on that bicycle & take off down the street and see what else there is to see. :}

  4. Carol...these are marvelous. Reminds me of Madeleine...grown up and on an adventure. Maybe that's you!

  5. Carol, I wish I could walk around Paris with you! I am headed back home to the states after living in Krakow for 18 months. Paris has become my favorite city.

  6. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Oh Carol, I love "La Boulangerie du Reve"! So sad to see it was sold-good for you, bad for me:(.
    I look forward to more beauties!

  7. Anonymous1:46 PM

    This is wonderful!
    You could have mentioned it is right around the corner from Le Sélect you know....................

  8. Anonymous1:47 PM

    I absolutely adore your "facade" paintings. You are so talented. And they are so reminiscent of the real Paree. Thanks so much for sharing your vision.


  9. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Carol... I am really liking these new paintings.
    They're wonderful.

  10. Anonymous2:29 PM

    I just caught up. Can't wait to find our new house and use your art to inspire a room!

  11. I love the shop paintings. They are so adorable.

    The fish one makes me want to start singing "Le Poission, Le Poission..." from The Little Mermaid

  12. Carol,
    the shop paintings are gorgeous, I also love the people who frequent them.

  13. Anonymous9:23 PM

    She is back in Paris!

  14. Anonymous10:35 PM

    I do love your images of the boutique facades!
    Makes me relive fond memories

  15. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Dear author of Paris Breakfasts,
    I just have to tell you that about half a year ago I stumbled upon your blog and have lovedit ever since,but I had never seen or tasted MACARONS in real life.
    (I am from Holland but have always been more Britain oriented).
    but the last couple of days I visited Newyork
    and walking along 9th avenue allo f a sudden I had the miraculous experience of seeing your blog spring to life.
    I'm sure you know the place: La Bergamotte?
    all colors of macarons and even the glistening fruit tartes...
    and now I certainly know what macarons taste like!
    Thanks for the fun experience.
    Keep up the good work,Janke

  16. 75014 is where i stay when there.....


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