Friday, February 20, 2009

Les Facades

Paris Le Petit Plateau Salon de The, original art, 9" x 11

I've been wanting to paint Paris facades for a while now, for a personal project.
And what better way to stop dragging my heels, then to put them on PB.
I never expected such a warm response from you all, PB readers!
Paris Paris is very much a grey city...Paris Paris grey skies are reknown, along with the classic, formal buildings...Paris There's a general greyness overall.Paris Here's a cat for those of you requesting one - black, not grey...sorry.Paris But the slashes of brilliant color you see in these typical facades are unique to Paris....Paris Like the brilliant scarves Parisiens often wear with their neutral clothing.Paris Ask any photographer and they will tell you grey makes a great background for colorful photographs. Check out their portfolios = almost always grey!Paris The greys enliven the brilliant colors.Paris And vice versa.
ParisIt's nothing new for Paris to have these intense strong colors splashed about.
Well really quite economically in fact.

Just enough to stop you in your tracks and give a second look.
Class over.


  1. Carol, I think you have hit on one of the reasons I love Paris so much...those excellent gray/black neutrals with a splash of color! Sometimes the color is even subtle...

    I am loving these facades!

  2. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Today's blog brought this to mind speaking of "grey Parisian landscapes"

    A bientot!

  3. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Oh my, Carol this is so good! Not that your confitures were not, but I love seeing you taking on a new venture, a new turn. Keeps one creatively stimulated. And the range is great, too. I love the pictures you took, too. I love photographing old buildings 9never find the time to post, then forget about them, till next time!
    And paris has so many opportunities to offer to the artist, painter or photographer.
    We need to be reminded of beauty...
    wishing you the best,

  4. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Even my doggie is going ga-ga over your facades and has planted himself firmly in my office staring, adament that I tell you so...Ouah-Ouah!!!!!!!

  5. Wunderbar (or, woofieful, as Maxie would say)!
    I wonder if it snows grey in Paris.

  6. As a New York resident myself, but merely a vicarious Parisian, I appreciate your blog very much. This is a blessing to me. Paris Breakfasts is featured in the noted blogs section of my front page, and each time you post, it shows beautifully at the top of that section. Thank you, and please keep it up.

  7. Anonymous2:27 PM

    see that gorgeous chartreuse color of that storefront? Well, that is my "color of the moment" - I am in love with that color. Just bought a raincoat in that color (my husband thinks it is horrid; I don't care!). Last year Coach produced a line of lovely "Madeline" handbags in that color, and I missed out, and have been searching Ebay for one ever since!
    Thanks so much for all this gorgeousness on a Friday afternoon!

  8. C'est delicieux!!

  9. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Yay! I love these facades. I love grey as a color. Neutral yes, but nuanced and so fun to play with.

  10. Love these new watercolors you have been making!
    I have a question for you: is the black line watercolor paint as well or another medium?
    Looks amazing with the softness of the watercolors!

  11. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Bonjour Carol:

    Ah, your photos and comments about the greyness and rain in Paris brought back memories of Susan and my visit.

    I love to put the camera on top of puddles and get reflections of buildings, trees and people in them. I always have the lens set at wide angle when I do that. Sometimes I carry a plastic bag to put my knee on.

    Enjoy, as I so much enjoy your paintings.


  12. Love all of the pictures...but the coy cat on the roof is absolutely cute. Thanks for finding him.


  13. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Beautiful painting, as always!
    I can't believe I missed out again!!! They sell so quickly! Hopefully we'll see more cafes, bistros...I would love to purchase one.

    Have a lovely weekend Carol!

  14. These paintings are absolutely wonderful. Keep on painting them. :}

  15. Anonymous8:24 PM

    I'm totally in love with the way the shop fronts pop against the gray! But gray weather...ugh!

  16. Anonymous8:25 PM

    PS I suppose they can't be blamed for the weather....

  17. Anonymous9:02 PM

    I have enjoyed your paris blog for many months now. The building facade paintings are tre magnifique! Many thanks for all the hours and work you put into the paris breakfasts blog--it is wonderful to log on and recieve the little gifts and reminders of Paris!
    Many Thanks!

  18. Anonymous10:59 PM

    What is the name of that place with the yellow storefront? I want that font. lol :-)

  19. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Hi Carol,
    I love your new paintings....
    as well as your yummy ones
    Have a wonderful and safe trip.
    Best regards,

  20. This is so creative! I'll be dreaming of grey Paris all day.

  21. I love these facade paintings!

  22. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Carol, All of the facades have been so much fun to look at. I should get busy and buy a few for my kitchen or the living room, or dining room. Guess that they're not room specific!

  23. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Who could resist painting Paris facades! LOVE it! ENJOY and paint some more!

  24. Anonymous12:26 AM

    exquisite. i am made wistful to go there.
    all welcome to visit my site.

    greetings from

    site of sian, tasmania

  25. The subtle colors you have used in your painting bring about the cheerfulness!
    Very nicely done.

  26. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Carol, l am loving the paintings of Paris and lots of red my favorite
    color. Did you know red is the color for relaxing,l always thought it was blue but have a friend who is a Buddhist and he just wishes his wife would have splashes of red in their home like l do.
    thanks once again,
    Jill xxx

  27. Have you ever done a painting of Cafe Danton (on the corner of Odeon??) I am sure you know where it is.

  28. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Beautiful painting !!!

  29. A really beautiful series of shots.
    Hemingway couldn't wait to get out of "grey" Paris in the winter and head for the Alps.

  30. Thanks for commenting on my blog, allowing me to discover yours! This is really a wonderful discovery, the combination of your art and photos! I promise to back often, if you don't mind!

  31. ... and I also added your blog to the Paris blogs I recommend - in my sidebar!

  32. Oh how we and I love Paris...I want to go to the Bonnard show in NYC...I could in April or skip it...what do you will be an effort to come to NYC then. I am coming in husband plays a 1830 Paris Harpolyre Gutiar. He is doing a concert. check his calendar.

    I am so happy to find your Bonnard show. I am a painter too.

  33. makes me want to sit inside a brasserie!

  34. Anonymous6:12 AM

    Incredable art!
    I enjoy your PARIS posts!!!
    Your new endeavour has not put a pound on me. Thank you , Bob

  35. CLARE - I will definitely take a look at CAFE DANTON.
    Thanks for the tip!
    I have only just started painting these facades as of last Monday, Feb 16, 2009.
    But I hope/plan to do many more.
    I'm a bit tired of painting cookies..ahem

  36. I love your blog so inspirational and gorgeous.

  37. Hey if you think Paris has grey skies then try England. I am so pleased your facade paintings are being so well received your readers have exquisite taste


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