Monday, February 16, 2009

Sennelier - Paris

Sennelier-ParisSennelier-Paris,original art
It's de rigeur for me to go into any art shop in Paris...
Les Enfants Rouges
Les Enfants Rouges-Paris,original art

Plus M. Baker wrote me, I just love the painting I bought of Ch. Vaux le Vicomte, which brings me to ask,
Why you don’t do more paintings of architecture such as Shakespeare & Co., or my favorite “first stop” in Paris, the Nicolas wine shop on rue de Choiseul..?
So today I'm giving it a whirl.

Sennelier-Paris But back to old favorite Parisien art shop, Magasin Sennelier on 3, Quai Voltaire 75007. By the way they've been around since 1887, which means the Impressionists probably got their gear there. But why is it when I show up, the place is always closed.

Sennelier-Paris And the windows are full of goodies one can yearn for just as much as any box of macarons.

Sennelier-Paris How many watercolor boxes do you have? I've lost count but it's more than 10.

Sennelier-Paris You can usually find interesting paint brushes abroad. So many art companies have globalized, it can be hard to find something different, but in the brush arena you can.

Sennelier-ParisThis "artists" smock is a decidedly European necessity.

Sennelier-Paris Rest assured that there are many more erasures on the other side of the pond. I know you really care about that :)

Sennelier-ParisHow many art shops you frequent are featured in a fabulous guide to Paris. It's well worth a look inside even if you don't paint on Sundays or any other time. Plus there's tons of galleries nearby and gorgeous views of the Seine.

Sennelier-ParisHere's the jewel in the window - this mini (but British) Rowney travel paintbox. The prix..ahem, is not mini.
Quite a few of you have asked me, where can I find an art class in Paris? The best place is to check out the signs posted on any art shop's door or inside. You won't be disappointed.PSPlease let me know what you think of these new Parisien facade paintings..?
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  1. These are wonderfully charming, Carol! Way to go! Just delightful! I am drooling over those art supply shops, too. I could spend hours there.

  2. Oh I love these architectural paintings, I happened upon the Sennelier shop and Had to go in, it was like a dream come true, the quintness, the smell the tiny stairs leading from floor to floor full of goodies, I took pictures too (shhh) I HAD to buy a leather bound sketchbook which I will treasure forever. Love when you take us back to Paris!!! Merci

  3. Anonymous12:19 PM

    The facade paintings are utterly charming and captivating. Bravo!

  4. OH THANK YOU for your responses!!!!
    I feel like I just got pushed into the deep end.

  5. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Hello Carol,
    Sergio wanted me to tell you about a recent event with Sennelier.
    When he lived (and was married to another woman!) in France, he took the train to Paris to buy his art supplies, of course at Senneliers.
    Recently he had a question which no one could answer about 'blanc d'argent' and I suggested he call Sennelier's.
    He did and a woman answered and tried to answer his question and couldn't.
    She connected him to someone who could help. Of course it was Mr Sennelier......
    He was interested in the question and that Sergio now lived in AZ and said he thought he remembered the 'peintre mexicaine' who came to buy supplies in the 60's and 70's.
    Now is that service or what?
    Love your new architectural pieces.
    I want to make my gallery front look like that of Sennelier.

  6. The fascade paintings are indeed charming. Just what I would like to have the talent to do.

  7. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Wow Carol!
    Where did these images come from?
    These are just beautiful!!
    More more more!!!!

  8. Anonymous12:32 PM

    The facades are delightful, as are all your paintings. This post is dear to my heart, I love the buzz I get in an art supply store. I want everything, even thought I probably already have three. I can't imagine being in one in Paris !

  9. J'adore your blog. Your paintings are gorgeous. Tres chic.

  10. Anonymous12:50 PM

    I have been such a fan of Sennelier since my first visit to Paris years ago and am so happy you posted these images.
    No other than DEGAS! worked with Sennelier on his soft pastels and oil pastels were developed for Picasso!...
    For your entertainment please read on and Bonne Journee!!

    FYI -- "At the turn of the 19th century, Edgar Degas asked Gustave Sennelier to make a range of soft pastels specifically for him. In response, Sennelier created pastels in dark earth tones that were rare and difficult to make. Thus, in 1901, with Edgar Degas' collaboration, the first Sennelier soft pastels were developed and used to create independent works of art rather than preparatory studies. Colors numbered 1 through 30 were selected specifically by Degas and still remain in the Sennelier soft pastel color palette."


  11. I love the window displays at Sennelier!
    Spent $$$ there last time...

    Lovely watercolors as usual Carol.


  12. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Love the facades.

    Do more.

    Nancy in Savannah
    (formerly in Paris 2004-6)

  13. I think these paintings are charming and wonderful.
    You need to do more!!
    Love the store windows. Oh I would go crazy in there.

  14. Anonymous12:55 PM

    I was an artist in a previous life and I love Paris so of course I adore your blog. Really look forward to your posts.
    Have a magnificent day.

  15. I LOVE THEM!!!! Especially the second one and not just because there is a dog init.

  16. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Love the Parisien facades.
    Keep them coming!

  17. Anonymous1:13 PM

    I love these paintings,too! And the pictures of paint boxes and brushes and all. Reminds me of one of my favorite posts of yours last summer when you were in Maine and you were doing studies of boats and water and visiting bakeries (ahem).

  18. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Hi, I actually like the facades even better than the usual food/tea, etc. paintings. Though they are all quite lovely!

  19. Anonymous1:16 PM


    These are adorable!

  20. Love them, love them, love them. More, please!

  21. all of your paintings are wonderful...and your photographs, pure eye candy! i am loving your new facades! :)

  22. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Love the facade paintings!!!!
    More, more, more!
    Maybe L'Epi Dupin?
    That's the bistro I am modeling my mini bistro on.
    Not sure I like people in them, though....which is strange because I like people in my mini projects and some people think it heresy to include dolls.
    And Sennelier has been closed every time I have gone there to buy stuff for my art student son.
    Go figure.

  23. Anonymous1:35 PM

    what do you mean by "dirigeur"
    i don't no this word ?
    C'est amusant pour moi - la façace des magasins

  24. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Wouldn't it be nice to take an art class.
    Ah, to have time!
    When I'm in my grave.....
    Charming paintings, my dear.

  25. Hi Carol, I always read you via email, so rarely do you get comments from me. With this one, I could not resist. You have succeeded in combining 3 things I absolutely adore here, architecture and Paris! I say ....keep going this is wonderful. I can't look at these paintings enough. I think a new series should begin! :)


  26. Anonymous2:20 PM

    The pictures of these shops you have painted are wonderful.
    Wow, they sold before I even finished reading your e-mail.
    Hope to see more like this for sale.

  27. It was about time, Carol,
    I love them!

    I have a picture of the Altmann & Kühne store today, facade and store are still the way Josef Hoffmann designed them in the 1920s!

  28. Ooooh Carol.... I live so close to Paris but I've never been there. Grrrrr..... some day, some day.... and now you make me totally drool all over my computer by posting Sennelier pictures....

    I love your new ShopWindowAquarelles! C'est magnifique ;-)

  29. j'adore
    j'étais a paris ces jours et j'ai découvert une chocolaterie ravissante
    la charlotte de l'isle sur l'ile saint louis
    tu connais?
    c'est a peindre.


  30. Anonymous3:16 PM

    J'aime beaucoup les aquarelles des facades! Merci bien!!!

  31. Nice change of subject, Carol! Those storefronts are very nicely done... I'd never had enough of them.

  32. I think you have found some winners with these. We all love those glorious store fronts in PAris!!

  33. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Dear Carol,
    Thank you for your Sennelier post.
    As a middle aged straight man I am
    much more interested in architectural subjects and the mechanics and accoutrement of painting than your usual "flowery" subjects.
    My first trip to Paris'03, I too was unable to find Sennelier open.
    It took trip#2 in '05 to gain entrance to "Mecca".
    It reminded me of a miniature Pearl Arts & Crafts on Canal Street with their multi-floors and ambiance.
    Since I am rank amateur I sheepishly purchased a few post card sized watercolor paper packs, I still cherish them and will not sully them until I am a more practiced painter.
    Thank you for your terrific emails, my wife, the chef, loves your food posts.

  34. Anonymous4:01 PM

    I'm hooked... the next time I visit Paris - not only will I frequent cookware and food shops, but art shops are now on my list.
    I love your photos!
    Great pics and photos.

  35. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Love the new paintings! I want to buy one! hope you make more!

  36. I'm a big fan of all your paintings!!!!! And what can't you buy in Paris?Ah,ah,ah!

  37. Anonymous6:54 PM

    How do I like your architectural elevations? Just one word:

  38. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Loved the Sennelier painting...
    And speaking of brushes, I was sitting in La Palette by two artists using a strange implement, (I admit, I sat next to them to see what they were painting) early Jan of this year. I asked them what the "brush that looked like a fountain pen" was called. They didn't know, but it was 5:30, Sat afternoon. I literally ran to Sennelier, which was still open, luckily, and asked for "une brosse comme une stylo" (the best French I could garner), he said, "en haute!" and up I went...many of them in several sizes. That very night, at an art exhibition (Emile Nolde at the Grand Palais) I actually saw three different art students using the same type brush for sketching.
    Further investigation in Dick Blick catalogue showed me it was call a Niji waterbrush...very cool for travel...Sennelier has a larger selection than the Blick studio catalogue, of course...
    I do enjoy your website!

  39. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Hi Carol,

    I love your wonderful coffee cup paintings best, but why not try facades especially when you have the architecture of Paris!
    I, too am a watercolor and acrylic painter on paper, canvas and wood.
    So, I understand it can be a real challenge to try something new especially the figure...
    you go girl!!

  40. I love love love your Parisien facade paintings!!
    Please to post some more!

  41. Anonymous9:43 PM

    I *love* these!
    I'm crazy for charming architecture.
    Do more!
    Do more!

  42. Anonymous11:59 PM

    I love the Parisien Facades !
    A point of view I didn't expect. Figures are animated and appealing.
    This is a more sophisticated look.
    More please - especially of your favorite places.

  43. Anonymous2:25 AM

    Carol, What a response - I think people are trying to tell you something...
    So...for your next visit to Paris instead of looking in the shop windows through your camera you'll be looking at the shop windows and taking snaps for your new found avenue...
    They say a change is as good as a holiday, this way you will have the best of both - and they sold so quickly too.
    Merci, they are very very sweet and so are you for sharing them with us and listening to your readers.

  44. love the new paintings - and the first one sold already on etsy - wow!

  45. I love a great art shop! Many are closing due to the huge art chains- so very sad. I would love to be right there.
    Everything you share is devine and inspirational. Thank you~

  46. Anonymous7:29 AM

    LOVE THE FACADES!!! I'd love to see more-a patisserie, bolongerie or bistro perhaps?
    I love your work and plan on collecting a piece or two!
    Thank you for making my days Frenchie colorful here in dreary New England!

  47. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Love them..

    I love seeing more of the neighborhoods in Paris other than just the pastries in patisseries.

    However, you have a very unique style so I will continue to look forward to my daily "taste of Paris"!

  48. Hello, I found your site from "Dorie." You see I belong to the baking group Tuesdays With Dorie. "~) I so love the beautiful art you paint of your beloved Paris, just as I love reading Dorie's words and photos of hers. So see ... a beautiful passion of senses is shared and understood. Its lovely!

  49. I love these-they remind me of pictures from the book Madelaine.

  50. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Thank you very much for your beautiful web-page, which I visit every week, sometimes every day!
    The new pictures = just wonderful!
    Thank you so much!
    Best wishes from
    Guðný Anna Arnþórsdóttir, in Reykjavik, Iceland.

  51. I love the Parisian art shops. I spend far too much time in them and they sell the most amazing papers.

  52. Anonymous4:03 PM

    I love your views of Paris! Contact us if you get a chance.

    Laura G.

  53. Your facade drawings are pure Parisien magic.

  54. I like your work!
    A friend of mine is an artist and has talked about a sketchbook that can only be bought in France...not even ordered it Sennelier? Or do you know of another one?


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