Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Paris Pinks

Paris pinks, original art,5" x 7"
Can you think of another town where pink is so prevalent as Paris?

  An entire shop in pink. Why are they closed?
ouvert tous les jours, sauf le mardi, jusqu’à 19H30
Pink writing on the wall!
Only in Paris.

Of course there has to be pink perfumes in the town where they say "La vie en rose (pink)" after saying "C'est la vie.."

Jeff Koon's pink hound could not be more at home here.

Shocking pink walls at Musee Nissim Camondo are not so shocking.

Patisserie Stohrer Very pale pink macarons at Patisserie Stohrer.  
Patisserie Stohrer And some very nice pink jambon too

 Just across the rue on Montorgueil, more pink pig at Maison Collet.

For Xmas, Galerie Lafayette's windows were full of P I N K!

An utterly wacky tea party was going on.

Do take your chaises please...

Note how the guests are looking out the window at the viewers. Ha!

And the viewers were captivated by all that pink.

Upside down pink flamingos resting on a strawberry tarte!?
Paris pinks.
Bonne Journee!


The Good Life in Virginia said...

indeed a positively pink post that tickled me pink ;)
so are you all ready for your trip? and how long are you going to be gone? was listening to the news and air france has cancelled over 200 flights due to bad weather.

La Belette Rouge said...

What a Pretty in Pink post. I kept looking for Molly Ringwald in a bad pink prom dress to be in the window at Galerie Lafayette.

Anonymous said...

I like to wear pink and orange and red and blue and and and.


Anonymous said...

Think Pink!!!

Anonymous said...

I tasted my first macaron this weekend on a trip to Paris - it was a chocolate one and was heavenly! Didn't make it to Ladurée, unfortunately, but next time I intend to go there in search of a macaron à la rose ...

Anonymous said...

a celebration of pink!


Merisi said...

You had me giggling through this post,
merci beaucoup for all that pink on a grey day!

Fifi Flowers said...

ADORABLE windows!
Love your cup painting!

aliceinparis said...

A pink feast for the eyes:))

A Brush with Color said...

The tea party is a riot--classic! Your teacup is so delicate and sweet, Carol!

Anne Corrons said...

I really love pink! And, I specially appreciate this writing at Cecile & Jeanne. Of course, how could I forget these fabulous pink windows at Galeries Lafayette????????

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely little vignettes each morning!

Anonymous said...

I'm not ordinarily a fan of pink, but don't you think I belong at that teaparty?

Boré said...



Merisi said...

Would you believe me if I'd tell you that I saw Jeff Koon's balloon poodle on the Canale Grande in Venice, tethered to Palazzi Grassi?

Merisi said...

Mon dieu, Carol,
it's Wednesday already in Good Old Europe! :-)

Di Overton said...

Don't you just love Paris at Xmas? They do Pink so well