Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Desperately Seeking French Roses...

Rose Tea, watercolor, watercolor
I decided before I went to Paris I was going to seek out EVERYTHING ROSE!

Here's a few of my rose acquisitions waiting to be painted.The china rose teacup came all the way from Provence...Naturally I kept seeing rose this and rose that everywhere I looked :)Little girls and rose buds are an unbeatable combination! This rose-colored pull/sweater was pretty cool too...Ballerinas were all over Paris - this pale rose pair caught my eye...
Rose Macaron with Rose Tea, watercolor, 9" x 11 1/2"
And not to forget rose macarons!These petals are from AU NOM DE LA ROSE and I didn't show you the candied rose petals or rose jelly. More Paris rose stuff to come...


  1. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous...Some of your best work. Love the Rose theme. Love the photos. Looks like my email subscription is working again..yeaaaa. I wouldn't have wanted to miss this one. ;-)
    Cris in OR

  2. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Your teacups with roses are great, Carol! Nice job!! I love roses--they're so elegant.

  3. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Oh gosh, everytime I think I have made a decision on a painting - you make two more that are just as wonderful... I adore these rose's - can smell them all the way over on this side of the country! And those baby dresses are adorable, no one does children's clothing better than the French!

  4. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Yes! More! Too many roses would be akin to "too rich" or "too thin"; impossible for me.

  5. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Oh, how much I envy your Paris adventures!
    I've been following the blog.
    Everything looks so...parisien... Beautiful.
    Makes me miss this city so much.

  6. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Love your work!
    We seem attracted to similiar
    I love to sit in a bakery or chocolate shop &
    I'm new to watercolors, but am loving it.

  7. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Pretty pretty pretty and romantic!
    I'm sipping and breathing fragrant roses from this post!


    You painted them more beautifully then I ever imagined...and my bar was high!


  8. Anonymous4:26 PM

    I wouldn't mind sitting by these paintings of yours everyday. They make me feel like I am in a rose garden.
    Romantically dreamy.

  9. All so pretty! I can't decide if I enjoy the "Rose Tea" watercolor or the photo of your 'rosy' aquisitions better--your talent is so evident in both. But they all bring a rosy smile to my face!


  10. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Absolutely beautiful! You are such a talent Carol!

  11. Carol, do great minds think alike? :) Really! Because the book I have due in July is set amid French roses. I'm about to fly over there to fill in some last holes in my rose research. Meanwhile, I will use your posts to inspire me while I work on the last chapters! :)

  12. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Did you watch boys/young men's fashion from shopwindows when in Paris?

    Now the nice weather has brought all sorts of pink buds out in the streets... I spotted a good many of them outside my daughter's school this very morning !

  13. I love your watercolours so much... And the way you work with themes.
    I want to go to Paris immediately every time I come here, you surely catch the spirit of this inspiring town!

  14. I looove it when you paint in pink...makes me so happy!

  15. Beautiful post can't wait for more.


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