Saturday, April 07, 2007

More Parisien Funny Bunnies...

Bunnies have invaded Paris along with the chickens and the eggs.
True the chicken lays the chocolate eggs, but the bunny is the UPS guy who delivers the Easter baskets, right?
This is a bunny pail instead of a basket for your choco eggs!?
Don't ask me what these bunnies do?
It became an automatic response in Paris.
See bunny = shoot it
Ask questions later
Humm...another mysterious bunny accessory in the Marais shop, DOM...I loved this soft toy bunny in Hediard's window!
Do you think Tiffany's would do such a thing?
There's a nice silly side to the French that transcends snobism and elegance at all cost.
Admittedly the red and black Easter egg is pretty chic! This old fashioned plaster painted bunny in a bonbon shop on Isle St. Louis..sweetMore adorable if mysterious bunnies in a kitchen shop on rue de Rennes... Are these book ends? Doorstops?
They're for sale but as what? If you know please tell me.
Now I can totally relate to these bunny artist etc. chocolate bars in L'Epicerie.This elaborate bunny escaped from a Moliere play. He was found lounging about in a Marais bag shop.


  1. Thanks for all the glorious beauty you share with us.
    Everything is eye candy!
    Love Jeanne

  2. Anonymous8:52 AM

    My guess for the first myterious bunnies (DOM) is to cover oeuf à la coque sitting in its coquetier, to keep it hot. I can't find the french word so I'd say an "egg cozy".

  3. Anonymous10:02 AM

    All the bunnies are great. We have the real thing here right now and I'm watching them to be sure they don't eat our pretty flowers. You must have been shooting pics like crazy!...looks like you didn't miss a thing.

  4. Your very welcome Jeanne!

    Kris do you live in Ontario?
    Hmmm...a mysterious hot chocolate missle came my way :)

  5. Every time I drive away from my cottage at least 6 bunnies run in front of my car. Maybe this is because here in the UK we don't treat thenm as well as the French do.
    Having said that the French EAT more bunnies than we do so maybe ours just don't know how to cross the road.
    Wonderful pictures as always.

  6. Ah Di..
    The voice of reality.
    I hope no Australians are present. Didn't bunnies over run the place of was it green frogs?
    These are sybolic bunnies not litteral ones.
    Aren't rabbits & eggs & fish all fertility symbols?
    i.e. signs of renewal = SPRING!!
    I'm all for SPRING, especially since it's 32 degrees here
    Feels like 32

  7. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Paris is being taken over with bunnies! I didn't realize just how many varieties were there!
    That last bunny I think should be called Ulla, don't you?

  8. Anonymous1:16 PM


    Thanks for showing us the delights of Paris.
    through the Paris boutiques has been fun!

  9. The bunnies in the seccond picture are door stops (there is a weigth inside), I have one in orange...

  10. Just delectable. Thank you, Carol!

  11. So many pretty things, amazing! I hope you continue to find such splendid fare and enjoy your stay in Paris to the fullest!
    I am off to Venice after tomorrow, to check if there's any Colomba left from the Easter feast.
    While Paris was overrun by bunnies, look what happened to one lonely Lindt Golden one while we were not looking! Très tragique.


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