Monday, April 23, 2007

Pomme Ganny 2

I promised there would be more Apple GREEN Paris pictures. When you start looking for something, suddenly it's EVERYWHERE!
Why is that?
I went for petit dejeuner at a friend's house and what was she wearing?On rue de Renne in this Plastiques window.

Pylones has an apple-shaped purse in Pomme Granny green.

A market basket - you can be 'IN' at all price levels of chicness in Paris.Evidently Le Petit Prince is permanently chic in his Granny Smith apple jump suit on rue Saint-André-Des-Arts. These porte monnaie /wallets are Pomme Granny verte/ green but it was the mint green marshmallows that caught my eye in this chic rue St. Honore accessories shop.
You can be garbed from neck to toe in Paris' hottest color. Marie-Noelle supplied me with Apple green cars, bikes and almond dragees, so you can ride in it, sit on it, drink tea in it,
spritz yourself with it and eat it along with an actual Granny Smith apples!


  1. Anonymous6:48 AM

    The Pomme Green shoe strings really made me loaugh out loud! How did you notice that tiny detail!! Fantastic!

  2. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Now that you have fired me as your prop taster... tell me who are you going to hire to lick the soles of those shoes dressed in Pomme Vert shoestrings?
    Please can I have my delicious job back ;)
    I promise to kiss the ground you walk on :)
    This post is charming, you eye doesn't miss a trick does it?!

  3. Anonymous10:45 AM

    I've only just found your delightful blog, missed the first year, congratualtions, but hope to be around for the next!

  4. I love the Petit Prince doll - one of my favorite stories!

  5. Anonymous11:54 AM

    I love the green. Those shoes are unbelievable!!! LOL

  6. The pink and green market baskets would really improve my mood shopping at WalMart. Those are wonderful!!

  7. There is only you could find a pair of shoes with green laces in them. Don't you just love that colour?

  8. Should I bring something in that color with me next month, Carol? Or buy it there?

  9. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Is Paris just about GREEEEEN?
    What about French bleu?
    Still I'm GREEN with envy to see all this!

  10. I love this green and your posts are making me even more obsessed with it! I'm searching for a sweater very similar to your friend's sweater. I used to have one, but it lost the battle in an unfortunate laundry incident.

  11. Granny Smith Apples! :o)

    they are Australian! what a great link! :o)

  12. I didn't know Granny Smith apples were Australian!?
    I thought she was related to the French Tarte Tatin gals...

  13. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Wonderful post with so many sightings, you have a great eye. Your friend is so chic!

  14. No they are Aussie. Granny smith lived in a place called Eastwood (Suberb west of Sydney)!
    And crossed a few apples..hey presto! Granny Smith Apples.

    Granny Smith rests at St Annes Church in Ryde! There you go! (smile)

  15. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Apple Green and Roses - Truly my Favorite Combination!!!


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