Friday, April 13, 2007

Pomme Granny (Verte)

In some ways Paris is a small town.
If a trend / tendance is going on you see it EVERYWHERE!
This particular shade of green kept turning up.
I first spotted it on this Chanel cologne poster for CHANCE.
And how do I know the color is "Pomme Granny Verte" or Granny Smith Apple Green?
While window-gazing one night I discovered this fantastic floral shop and their windows were full of this green and full of green apples! Herve Gambs is design leader in Paris. He delivers his silk flowers and scented candles to your door just like any other florist delivering fresh flowers.
More on him to come...
Every time I see this green gateau of Dalloyau's I can not resist taking a picture!
I have no desire to taste it - AT ALL!
It look's like a green LEGO, but I've seen it on every trip to Paris, so it must be a winner. Qui sait? It is Pomme Granny green FOR SURE!
Guy's underwear in Pomme Granny Verte ?????
When your "FRENCH" friend, M. shows up for lunch wearing almost Pomme Granny Verte, you know this is a trend not to be ignored..
Mariage Freres never lets a new color trend pass them by.
They grab it and run with it...or their teapots do anyway :)
Seen in a little stationary shop on rue Saint-André-Des-Arts...
Don't ask me what this is - I've no idea.
But it is Pomme Granny Verte
More Paris GREEN pictures to come...I promise


  1. Anonymous7:10 AM

    The men's underwear I wonder if they come in chocolate?

  2. Anonymous7:13 AM

    I love when you sho us the mix samples of colors on your palette.

    Pomme Vert is one of my favorite colors.

    I guess I must go to Paris since Pomme Vert is a la mode.

  3. Anonymous7:15 AM

    Those chairs in that lushious green...maybe the man in the green underwear can sit in one and I can sit on his lap. Of course I will fee him the green apple!

  4. Hmmmm...
    I thought this was a color story, not an men's underwear post :(

  5. What wonderful greens!

    I continue to wonder about your watercolor palette. May I ask what colors you have in your palette? Do you ever use tubes, or always pans?

    The colors you blend are always so soft, but vibrant & clear.


  6. What wonderful greens!

    I continue to wonder about your watercolor palette. May I ask what colors you have in your palette? Do you ever use tubes, or always pans?

    The colors you blend are always so soft, but vibrant & clear.


  7. Please pardon the double post.

  8. Anonymous9:19 AM

    This color always reminds me of Spring. I Like the sample mixture's on your watercolor pallet.
    How do all these merchants come out with the same theme through out Paris? Do they get together and pow wow on what to display? I notice if they have something in one store it is everywhere. Who mandates the themes?
    Cris in OR

  9. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Oh yes.. forgot to mention that that Green gateau looks like a large Tonka toy to me instead of something to eat.. ;-)
    Cris in Or

  10. You truly are an inspiration....I SO love your blog.
    I looked back at previous posts and all our comments...what a nice place to vist

  11. Love all the green - so full of spring! And yes, it's everywhere!

  12. Anonymous7:01 PM

    OK... in order to follow you on that "vert pomme" tour, let me put my shoes on first...
    Carol, which ones do you prefer?

    Now, in case some readers do not fancy walking, here are useful articles for them:

  13. lovely greens! pastel. I love your "palette"

  14. I know exactly what you mean. I carried a hair band all around Paris with me trying to find paint that colour for my furniture range - to no avail. I came back to the UK and found it a Designers Guild it's called moss and it is working a dream. Lovely post, just hope it doesn't go out of fashion before I get this stuff finished.

  15. Emily I make my own watercolors from dry pigment, so the colors are very rich. But you can buy a boxed set at Kremer Pigments.

    Cris I do think this apple green is the same as "Spring Green" don't you?

    bearuhug I'm not sure I would want my Pomme Granny a la mode?! with ice cream on top right?

    Tongue in cheek you are Adam's worst fear. Never give apples to strange men!

    Marie-Noëlle you are a Fountain of links! Your discoveries never cease to amaze :)

    THANKS EVERYONE for your comments!
    I wish I could type this in Granny Smith Apple Green :)

  16. Anonymous5:12 AM

    One of my links didn't show properly... trying again:

  17. Anonymous5:43 AM

    Green is beautiful.

  18. such a pretty green!

  19. Gorgeous
    I love the colour green in Spring........

  20. Anonymous11:34 AM

    I like the chairs, too. I've always kind of liked that green--very fresh. And that's a great teapot!

  21. Spring green!
    Paris Green, Apple Green,
    put it on linen, and I shall wear it this summer ... again. :-)
    As far as green cakes are concerned, I was thinking the same as you when I saw those "pistacchio" cakes in Venice: please, forgive me, but I shall go without. The "greenest" I go, is with Key Lime Pie. :-))))

  22. I have been toying with a color palette for my office. I recently received a plant in an apple green basket and found that it matched a couple of pictures I have wanted to have framed. Literally, these are on my kitchen table right now as I am brainstorming. To think I am in sync with this current Parisian trend... Fun. Thanks for your lovely watercolors. I love them all! - Suz.

  23. Anonymous10:14 PM

    Yes Carol the apple green and spring green do seem the same.

    Not far from us is this Huge tree out front of a house we go by when going to town. Every spring it starts out with masses of the prettiest spring green or apple green leaves, soon to be followed with oodles of cotton candy pink flowers opening & mixed in with the green.. It is a breath taking sight for about two weeks. My favorite combination of colors. I finally found out that it's a crab apple tree.
    So What ever you call that green...Paris isn't the only one showing it. Nature has been showing it off beautifully for ages. I guess thats why I like painting... to be able to capture that beauty on canvas to look at over and over again.
    Cris in OR

  24. Anonymous6:05 AM

    moi qui n'aime guére le vert, je suis servie!! ;-)
    mais la collection de photos est fine!!!thanks!

  25. Anonymous11:15 AM

    I guess you are totally right about this green.. A good thing I love it!

  26. Did you buy out Au Petit Bonheur La Chance or is there something left for me?

  27. I love green, I love Paris, I love breakfast and coffee!
    But I will never be able to make a watercolour like you, I'm afraid. Nice!

  28. Anonymous9:12 AM

    j'aime le gâteau lego !! entre autres choses ...
    merci pour tout, et mille compliments !


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