Thursday, April 05, 2007

Or The Egg...

The chicken or the egg.

Which came first and how do you choose among Paris' bounty?

This egg basket is from Gerard Mulot..

The egg is the oldest, most universal symbol of fertility and re-birth.

In 18th century France, taking an empty fresh eggshell and filling it with chocolate became the custom.

A big lacy egg from Dalloyau waiting to be filled with chocolate goodies...

I loved this fully developed rooster exiting a big egg, with friture/little choco fish applied.

Fun-painted chocolate eggs with bunnies from Cacao et Chocolat.

Classic chocolate eggs - the pastel soapy ones come later.
The bumby egg (
Les Oeufs "Amandes") has an almond coating...
A nice demonstration of the size of eggs you can buy in Marquise de Sevigne's window.The foiled covered little eggs on the far right would go inside the bigger hollow eggs.
I wish I knew the height of the big egg on the left, but a baby would certainly fit inside...

A very serious gold leaf limited edition egg from Pierre Marcolini.

This egg comes with papers - identifying it's credibility for those seeking rarity and snobism.

The "COQUE EN CHOC" is from Jean-Paul Hevin...

The egg cup is Harcourt glass not chocolate, made to suit this refined egg filled with hazelnut cream.

Chocolate eggs for breakfast anyone?


  1. Anonymous12:22 PM

    What a delicious adventure into the Parisen world of chocolate eggs!

  2. Anonymous12:25 PM

    I've never seen such elaborate chocolate eggs like these..
    They make me want to rush over to Paris tout a suite!
    Do those thin French women really eat all these?

  3. Thanks for sharing everything!
    Eggstra special.
    Hoppy Easter!

  4. All far too beautiful to eat. Every time I try to photograph a Paris window all I can see is me holding the camera.


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