Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bonjour Bunnies...

I'm back to report on the bunny situation in Paris. The Lindt Gold Bunny as a soft toy in Paris - mignon/cute !
Here she is with his brood. *Note all the bunnies wear bells in Europe so you can hear them making deliveries...
This was the FIRST bunny I spyed in Paris. Half and half white chocolate/dark chocolate - unusual non?He was sitting in Amorino's window - the Paris gelato chain.
These handsome lapins/bunnies were sitting in Dalloyau's window. They're hollow and full of assorted fritures/ chocolate bits..
 This unidentified dark chocolate bunny was grazing in a bookstore window full of kid's Easter books at , 13, rue de Sevres Librairie Chantelivre.

Not to be overlooked green chocolate bunnies.

I barely took a picture of this unusual chocolate bunny by Daniel Mercier in la Grande Epicerie. If the guards catch you photographing it will be the guillotine.
This Gold Bunny watercolor now graces the cover of ChocolateZOOM. In reality, he's sitting in Switzerland at this moment. Many more Parisien bunnies, chickens, eggs, fish etc to come before Easter is over.
I better hurry!


  1. This is a real art to catch all theses bunnies! Bravo!

  2. Anonymous7:21 AM


    Welcome home! All those wonderful bunnies...who would have Paris! Amorino and Laduree...2 of my favorite places!

  3. Anonymous8:03 AM

    How fun to hop all over Paris with you! I hope the Easter bunny brings for many good things!

    Fantastic cover for Chocolate ZOOM! They know the best don't they!

  4. Anonymous10:55 AM

    More bunnies! Love it!

  5. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Love your painting on the Zoom cover. Wow! Congratulations! Beautiful!

  6. Well, welcome back you. Now those Laduree Bunnies I can't decide whether they are in the bath or on the toilet. Which is it.
    Seriously - those are all fabulous pictures.

    It's nice to be back and share my Paris Easter goodies:)

  8. I can't wait till Sunday!
    These are too beautiful

  9. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Very nice , Thank you for sharing.

  10. you take me to a gorgeous place .... Merci!


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