Thursday, April 26, 2007

Les Blancs...

Les Blancs, watercolor, 9" x 11 1/2"
I noticed "Les Blancs" or whites much more in Paris this trip,
since I was searching for the perfect French plain yogurt!
Les Blancs can mean a bunch of things in French...
Just a few:
Les Blancs de echecs / white chess piecees
Les Blancs de poulet = white breast of chicken
Les Blancs Mouton = white sheep
Les Blancs = referring to white wines
You would Battre Les Blancs if you were making a Bechamel sauce...

Les Blancs des Quimper
Les Blancs = a play by Lorraine Hansberry
Painting les blancs objets is no piece of cake.
I need more practice...
The last time I showed you this shop window it was full of bleu cafe bowls.
If you can find the post you win a prize... I can't find it :(
YAY! I found it!
No was called, "Not Macarons"!!!
They seem to always have a theme to their windows...
The shop's name is PORTOBELLO on 56, rue Notre-Dame des Champs in the 6th eme...
Close to rue Vavin
Everytime I pass this shop it's closed :(
Next time I can check their hours here :)


  1. That's amazing what you've done with just the whites, there.

    You know, I lived in Paris for years, but you have such an eye for things you keep making me discover new places. I hope I will look at Paris in a different way this summer, thanks to my time visiting this blog!

  2. Anonymous8:51 AM

    I had fun looking for your bleu bowl post. Would August 18th be the post you are looking for? Your blog is such a treat! Merci! Susan

  3. Sorry Susan,I get the prize.
    I found the missing post..
    Now I forget how I found it :(
    I get a prize if I can remember..UGH
    I need these Portobello people to come and set up some still lifes for me.
    Hmmm, next time in Paris I'm actually going inside!

  4. Anonymous9:41 AM

    I love color. I love certain colors better then others. But you always seem to capture a feeling in your paintings and photos and then I like that color too. ;-) Amazing how you do that. Love the painting and the whites.
    And yes it IS a great still life.

    Cris in OR

  5. We must be on the same wavelength. You are a commenting whirlwind. If it is LES Blanc does that mean more Dark?

  6. What a beautiful still life. I used to know a professor whose favorite challenge for his students was a still life he would create entirely out of white - white china, white cloth, white bones...if it was all white it was in there. It is some of the most difficult subject matter to capture and you have done such a lovely job. You would certainly have gotten an A.

  7. Anonymous4:29 PM

    That still life has my heart! I adore white, and kitchen pottery to boot!
    WOnderful painting!!

  8. ... and sometimes the french are wrong with their translation of "Blanc":

    When we were in Colmar (Alsace) last time, we were searching a restaurant for dinner and were looking at the menues outside the restaurants. Colmar is close to the german border, and so they had also a menu translated into german.By reading the menu, our girls asked: What is "Hähnchen-Leertaste"(= Chicken-blank-key)?
    They had translated the menu automatically and so in German it made absolutely no sense. Now every time we find blanc de Poulet in a restaurant, we are laughing loud.

  9. Glad to see you had an amazing trip! I've missed the soothing, french-inspiring posts of your blog...but I am back!

  10. I'm new to blogging and you are one of my favourites - I love the colour, the style, the beauty of your photos.
    New York and Paris are in my top ten dream destinations (as is Iceland)- And if I can't get to those cities yet - your blog is the next best thing! Thanks

  11. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Wonderful white still life. I appreciate the difficulty, because I have often challenged myself in the same way. What are these cups with the holes in them? Do you know what they are used for? They look very interesting. Thank you

  12. I think you paint white beautifully. More please, I love white in paintings

  13. Anonymous4:01 PM

    I walked past Portobello for months wishing for them to open, so I could at least find out the price of a pair of beautiful gold earrings in the window. Miraculously, the week before I left Paris the store was open and I was able to buy some great gifts for my family. Great store.

  14. I can only echo Laura's sentiments above. I am astounded that we did not take more detail shots in Paris last time, but we will this time.

    Two weeks!!


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