Friday, September 02, 2011

Ice Cream at Tiffanys

End of Summer Tiffanys has the right idea.
Their windows are filled with plain old-fashioned ice cream cones with fancy names - very cool.
What'll you have?
Cravin' Rum Raisin, Belle of the Ballberry, Rococo Cocoa, Diamond Dish Delish, Metro Melon, Schlumberry or Fifth Avenue Freeze?
Behind me I heard a woman say,
"Nice ice!"
Her kid said,
"Mom, can I get an ice cream?"
In Paris you find dixie cups that cost a menthe.
  You also find plain old ice cream cones on most blocks like this giant poster. Parisians adore ice cream.

A sky-high cone at Tiffanys.

And a wall of sprinkles.

What flavor would you like?

I'll take chocolate bien sur!

More sprinkles piled high.

I'll take the 'ROCK'-y road please...

During hurricane Irene I nervously wolfed down dixie cups.

I couldn't find these.

During the holiday weekend I'll be thinking about baguette ice cream.



  1. Baguette ice cream? What's next? Pretzel with seasalt sprinkles? ;-)

    Diamond Dish Delish sounds like something that's going to last a bit longer than your average ice cream.

  2. Those Tiffany displays are fabulous.
    So playful.

  3. Lucinda3:00 PM

    Colorful, lovey way to end the summer!

  4. I am intrigued by the Fifth Avenue Freeze. The displays are so fun and colorful!!

    Come and join my new fashion Giveaway from Fresh Produce!

    Art by Karena

  5. Baguette Ice Cream?!

    Extraordinary idea & grandios sketch.

  6. Miam-miam! I'll take a Rococo Cocoa, s'il vous plait.

    You know, I'm starting to think I should forget about Europe and just come to New York instead. Macarons, gelato, ice cream, and even Maine lobster. Hmm....

  7. i like the cute little ice cream cups from expensive are they???.....check out Paris Daily Photos today........a macaron interest over there........

  8. NYTimes said4:09 PM

    Ice cream and sorbet (6 flavors of each) garnished with a macaron is $8.50 a serving.

  9. Gives a whole new meaning to ice cream craving...

  10. "Hello, I'd like a Fifth Avenue Freeze topped with a diamond cluster ring thanks."

    "That'll be $10,975 Maam."


  11. Anonymous5:53 PM

    I love this idea---x

  12. Love those Tiffany displays! And, of course, I love ice cream!

  13. Tiffany's is certainly creative! Love the names. The wall of sprinkles is inventive, too.
    Your photos are great.
    Have a very good long weekend!

  14. Ma Penquin6:55 PM

    Now Penquin,

    How many times must I remind you not to gulp down your ICE cream..

  15. I managed to get my Ben & Jerry's obsession under control. But yesterday I had a sweet little dixie cup of peach ice cream at Je & Jo. Hopefully the change of seasons will finally put me off ice cream for real.

    Bonne weekend, Carol!

  16. I used to eat ice cream almost every single night until I met Joe--now I hardly ever eat it since he doesn't like it. I'm a HUGE ice cream fan. How does someone not like ice cream. sigh. Love your painting, Carol! Baguette ice cream?? Now I've heard everything.

  17. I've mentioned in earlier comments the pleasures of working in my parent's country store in S. Jersey. In those long periods between customers coming in, I'd take a little wooden spoon and have an orgy of dipping into all the many flavors of good old Breyers Ice Cream. It wasn't and still isn't as classy as what's on your post today...but oh my goodness it was still pretty darn tasty.

  18. I am loving ice cream at the moment (I've finally tasted Ben and Jerry's..yum!) I can't believe they've got icecream cones in Tiffany's now! As if they needed to appeal to us girls any more..

  19. Cassy5:34 AM

    Wow! Ice cream at Tiffanys...

    Nice ice requires ice cream.

  20. Thanks Gawd I do not love the idea of cookie dough in my ice ceam Amy
    I'm a straight-up girl whatever that is...
    Unadulterated ice cream is best.

    But I don't dip my lobster in butter either...

  21. Uau!!!!!!! This pictures are amazing! And your painting is something, as always! Kisses and hugs!

  22. oula que de gourmandises!

  23. I love Ice Cream but dont eat it anymore.. So this is wonderful. I can drool over the photos. :)

  24. Love Tiffany window displays!

    ...and thanks for visiting me over at the Ginger Parasol. :)

  25. Hmm, I'll have the one with the diamond 'cherry' perched on top please!

  26. Thick, gooey chocolaty chocolate - that's how I like my ice cream! I just discovered that they carry Ben and Jerry's at my grocery store. Everyone else must have discovered it too because the chocolate fudge was sold out the last time that I was there. Who says that the French don't like American food?!


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