Thursday, March 25, 2010

Premium Voyageur

Last morning in Paris.Bear happens to be traveling Air France Premium Voyageur. He knows as deluxe as Premium V. is, the food is economy, so Bear will grab a few petit sandwiches for the trip. Bien sur, Bear would really love to stay behind and forgetabout NYC.C'est la vie. Bear goes one last time to Fauchon to say his goodbyes to Fauchon Bear.
Au revoir a bientot!
A last stop at Printemps just to check. We've discovered there's a new promotion every 2 weeks on the ground floor. Remember the Mad Hatter's Tea Party a week ago? This week it's the new Miss Dior Cherie promotion and we get a scented pink ribbon souvenir. miamAt CDG duty-free there's a beauty shop.
Bear, traveling Premium Voyageur sailed through check-in as a V.I.P. passenger, so he walzes in, tests a few French purfs before boarding. Bear is very busy testing every $$$ purf in sight -
all for parfum researche bien sur.Bear is a tad dyslexic and reads this sign as EXCLUSIVE TRAVELLER. He's feeling his oats definitivement!
BEAR boards via the special VIP entrance and drools over the waiting bottles of water. These bottles are so worth the extra $$$ Bear paid for PV seats without a doubt. The giant movie screen is nothing to sniff at. Plus no one's head can flop back into your lap - the seats are stationary. WOWZA! Fancy headphones, extra nice pillows and thick blanket, special reading light... Bear is one happy clam, ready to knuckle down and do a little inflight sketching.YVAN MIGNOT Little does Bear know that his seating companion, mysterious Monsieur Up-In-The-Air will distract him from getting a lick of work done. The AirFrance head burser knows frequent-flyer, M.Up-In-the-Air and offers us 1st class wine in real glasses, Grand Cru Bordeaux Chateau Pichon-Langville
YVAN MIGNOTBear can't help notice the bracelet of big BLACK PEARLS(!) Monsieur is wearing. What?
Monsieur brings out his i-Phone (Bear instantly covets) and shows off his collection of hand-made black pearl jewelry he sells. Bear is confused. Which does he covet more:
The i-Phone or the stunning black pearl jewelry?
The jewelry is available at Urban Zen, New York, Donna Karan's consept store.
 Also in M.'s shop in Saint Tropez and at exclusive St. Barts. He gets the pearls from Tahiti.
No wonder he has all this extra milage.
Bear is drooling like crazy. Monsieur's shed in St. Trop.
Rusty the dog, on Monsieur's boat in St. Barts.
Instantly love.
Hence forth, Bear will never travel anything but AirFrance Premium Voyageur. This has been one big Premium adventure!
BONJOUR AirFrance Premium Voyageur!
Hello New York
Bear wishes to disclose that he didn't receive a free trip from AirFrance nor any black pearls from anyone. Bear's email is on the right just in case.


  1. Looks great! I'm trying PV this week-end thanks to Air France :)

  2. Justine9:36 AM

    Oh to be in BEAR'S shoes...
    How swell can it get?
    Keep up the good work Bear!!!

  3. Lawrence9:36 AM

    Absolute heaven from start to amazing finish!
    What a trip Bear had in Paris! ! !

  4. crack me and Bear are the must go back soon bien sur!!!

  5. Brigitte9:59 AM

    Perfect ending to a perfect trip to Paris!
    It's been great fun traveling along vicariously with you and Bear.

  6. Oh, SWOON. What a way to travel!

  7. Oh, good for you flying that way! It's a long trip and Bear certainly deserves comfort. By the way, I like your striped nautical top and navy jacket. Very au courant.

  8. So did Monsieur get your phone number ;)

  9. Looks like this whole trip was premium. Wowza!

  10. Foodwalker10:42 AM

    Monsieur looks pretty WOWZA himself!
    Confused over which is more WOWZA-Monsieur or the Black Pearl jewelry...miam miam

  11. Yowser, what a way to end the trip.

    Please tell me he isn't married.


  12. Nice pearls...I infinitely prefer them to an iPhone. I hate my iPhone!

  13. Shelley11:26 AM

    thanks to your blog, ,my daughter went to the Jour du Macarroon last weekend and had a BLAST!!
    Thanks for doing what you do!


  14. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Oh, it was wonderful reading your story of being on the plane and meeting the Monsieur.... I felt like I was there, sipping wine, looking at pearls, relaxing. Oh, how wonderful to forget the crazy world we sometimes live in. Thanks for the fantasy!!!

  15. that bear knows how to live......and that monsieur up in the air. wasn't there a movie along these lines with rock hudson and doris day....called "the tender trap". oh man! me and that bear (and perhaps carol?) could FALL RIGHT IN!!!!!! course i'd already fallen in at the duty free parfums!

  16. I'm going to spend AGES in your blog. This afternoon, when I should have been working, I went from link to link to post and back again. So gorgeous!
    There's nothing, but nothing, like Paris and you do it proud!

  17. Bear is one sophisticated and cute traveller.....xv

  18. BTW, what's your favorite from Laduree?

  19. Love Laduree's caramel macaron au beurre sel!

  20. I think I just drooled on my keyboard...

  21. Hmmmm, now just how did you end up knowing so much about pearls :)

  22. Monsieur...5:32 PM

    It was a pleasure to travel in your company and thank you to quote me on your blog.

    let's have some macarons sometime soon

  23. We bumped into your blog and we really liked it - great recipes YUM YUM.
    Vincent /Petit Chef

  24. Anonymous6:07 PM

    you and bear in striped shirts and monsieur in striped socks!

  25. Striped Bear6:22 PM

    VERY OBSERVANT Anonymouse!!!
    Everyone is striped for Spring!

  26. I'm the editor over at Titans & Co. and just wanted to drop a note to say I adore your work!


  27. Foodwalker6:31 PM

    Love the mini still life of Fr chocolate fish, purfume ribbon and touche cards and of course the Premium Voyageur billet!
    It tells a story on it's own...

  28. Bears adventures just got better and better as the days rolled on.....any chance Bear will ever get back to Paris?

  29. WOW, it all looks fabulous! Have you tried the "French Kiss" at Laduree? I just saw that on the travel channel.....Bear is one lucky stuffed animal ;)

  30. Bear- shame on you! You haven't even give NYC a chance yet! Reserve judgement s'il vous plait! I may just have to go to NY to see that Mlle Carol is treating you right and introducing you to all the best places.

  31. OH!!! I was just in Paris in January and it already feels like six months ago. I wanna go home now. I was lucky enough to fly on the new Air France 380-800 in Business Class. I thought I was in heaven. It wrecked me for flying anything else ever again. Oh well, I may be seeing Paris a little later than I thought....LOL

  32. I really enjoyed all your posts from this trip, especially the one where you sampled all the free macarons (bliss..), and this last one of your trip home.Never mind the black pearls, lovely boat, dog etc of your seat-mate Monsier F.F......what about how cute he was????
    Hope you enjoyed the flight.
    Thanks for keeping me entertained on a rainy day.


  33. That was a better plane flight and setting companion then the movie "French Kiss" they argued the whole way -- mais amour gagné à la fin

    Great story, I wonder how this will end? ----macarons - black pearls and red wine..


  34. You should be paid by Ladurée, by Air France... Nobody could give them better PR than you!

  35. William Ternay, Jr.8:31 AM

    Oh-my-goodness, Carol.
    The perfect ending to a seemingly perfect trip.
    And you, my dear, are an absolute "trip" unto yourself!
    Welcome home.

  36. Hi Carol. The big question my friend and I are asking is how did Bear manage to only pay $100 more for PV? We need to know this trick!


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