Tuesday, February 05, 2008

New York Breakfast

#155 Bacon N' Eggs Sunnyside up A tiny surprise today-a New York breakfast.Wayne Thiebaud Bacon & EggsWayne Thiebaud Bacon & Eggs hangs on the wall planting a visual seed.#154 Raison Toast Lite After all breakfast is breakfast. Merisi said:
Past 7 AM I am getting worried. No Parisbreakfast today?

My studio is full of mini Rement breakfasts.You want croissants? I've got them. You want baguettes? I've got them. Confiture? Just name it.For the Paris-lovers out there the tiny surprise is:
I booked my flight yesterday-I'm going back to Paris.

Though we're still playing with mini-food here in mini-land, in 5 weeks we'll be back playing with Parisien food. I'm ordering a special mini-suitcase to take some stuff with me. Hasn't that croissant earned a chance to visit Paris too?

 Petit dejeuner is served.ParisBreakfasts made it into lovely Somerset Artful Blogging quarterly magazine.Artful Blogger Magazine It's a magazine that focuses on artists publishing creative blogs online.France Today onlinePB was interviewed by France Today online for Frenchie-oriented blogs. Now where is my mini waffle set with the syrup?
Bonne Breakfast!


  1. Barbara10:51 AM

    Dear Saucy Pumpkin~

    Your adorable breakfast just arrived with the good news that you are returning to Paris! Fantastique~~!
    And! To be featured in not one but two
    magazines...you are on the map! And fully
    worthy of a cover of your own....perhaps TIME Magazine next ~

    big hugs,

  2. There is nothing in the world that compares to that feeling just after the tickets are booked....hot cha cha cha...Pareee, Pareee....nice crunchy bacon and a little jam...perfection....love the glass with circles...gosh all these delicious breakfasts, where else can we dine with such delight? You know WE will be as excited as YOU by the time the trip rolls around! Happy dance all round!!!!
    All best, Jan

  3. loveitaly11:03 AM

    Congratulations, Carol! You deserve the recognition, and these PB sightings look wonderful. And back to Paris--good for you! Happy days.

  4. Congrats on the magazine coverage. Way to go. And.... She's got a ticket to fly. Paree here she come's. :) What a difference a day makes!

    Again great paintings. or should I say Breakfasts?

  5. Yeah! Good news about the coverage in both publications! Also, great news about returning to Paris...I really have had some lovely times there, too. I know you will enjoy your trip...working and playing!

    Great paintings today, by the way!

  6. You're going in five weeks?! That's when I am going! :)

    How long will you stay this time?

    How exciting about all the media! Congratulations!

  7. Paris Breakfast:
    I see, instead of painting eggs, you have been down to New Orleans to fetch some Mardi Gras spirit!
    Merci for everything. :-)))

  8. emily q.11:47 AM

    Congratulations on your notice in France Today, and on your planned return trip.
    I am lonesome for that city.

  9. Paris again
    (a jealous sigh...)
    Do you need a secretary :)

  10. Congratulations on all the publicity and recognition!

  11. Congrats Paris!!! Now see.. Breakfast simply IS the most important meal of the day! Vive la Paris Breakfasts!

  12. Stephan12:51 PM

    Congrats on going to Paris.

    If you happen to go to Cafe de Flore or Dolloyau, see if you can get their recipe for chocolat chaud.

    I'd even pay for it.



  13. Were do l find the price of the water coloure's please,

  14. Oh yay I'm so excited that you are going back to Paris :) Can't wait to see all of your new photos and watercolors

  15. WOO WOO!
    THANK YOU All for your very kind words.
    I haven't actually seen the Artful Blogging article yet...
    Constance of Rochambeau sent me scans.
    BIG MERCI Constance!!!:)

  16. Are you going to The Ham Fair??
    Congrats on featuring in Artful Blogging and on France Today. Very deserving I think

  17. lvetopaint2:48 PM

    The Artful Blogging article is beautiful, congratulations on that & France Today! I just love the paintings they featured, especially the sweet Valentine. Sigh...back to Paris. I'm volunteering to come along to carry all the mini luggage.

  18. Would I be telling tales out of school by letting Barbara know
    your art actually WAS on Time's cover...way back...in another of your mini lives...?

  19. here's to your recognitions...well deserved my friend...love the yummy breakfast art...and may i tag along with you to paris...i need a break...rebecca

  20. Congrats on the media coverage, well done!!! Two very nice articles.
    And off to Paris in 5 weeks time, how wonderful.... what a happy girl you must be :-)

  21. Some New York breakfast! No bagels and lox! I begin to wonder if you really do live in New York and paint about Paris - or do you live in Paris and paint about Paris? That would make your "trip" in 5 weeks suspiciously easy.......hmmmm.
    Can't believe the mag doesn't send you an advance VIP copy! Rest assured, you show to best advanatge, and you are the 2nd one in the mag! I felt like a proud mother when I opened it up and saw you there!
    And why am I always last to find and read your posts? I must get a life!

    You're the end of day cherry on the cake!

  23. Cynthia9:59 PM

    I have enjoyed every minute of reading your wonderful blog, and have even laughed out loud occasionally (like the small flower vase episode).I really appreciate your sense of humor.
    I wanted to tell you that your obsessions have even invaded MY dreams!
    Last night I dreamed that I found two miniature signs just right for teensy writing, and thought to myself, I will have to send those to Carol...

    Congrats on booking your next trip to Paris--wish I could meet you there and sketch together!


  24. Yeah! Paris again, whoo hoo. Enjoy and congratulations on the articles :)

  25. I just found the blog via Artful Blogging... are you aware that it lists your site as: www.parisbreakfasts.typepad.com?

  26. Merisi's Vienna "Bitte mit Schlag"7:07 AM

    Oh, merci, you are so sweat (with bacon on the side, oh my!), and besides, you are giving petit breakfasts a whole new meaning! What comes next, the "ParisBreakfasts Mini Diet", subtitled "Eat the whole thing, and still loose weight!"?

  27. SJ BOY9:40 AM

    I LOVE that comment about your Paris Breakfasts Mini-diet...
    "You can eat the WHOLE THING!"
    The more I think about it, and consider ALL the subjects you've painted, photographed, written about, and PUT OUT THERE on your blog...you've got a TREASURE TROVE of SOURCE MATERIAL, just boiling and bubbling, waiting to be taken to the NEXT STEP!
    MOVE OVER MARTHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I love all that you share.
    Love Jeanne ^j^

  29. hurrah, hope to see you there this time!
    xx L

  30. Anonymous1:06 AM

    your blog is beautiful.

    I wish that I could be one of your close friends, they are lucky to have you as theirs.
    I've lived in Paris many years, now I live in a small town in NJ. I miss my Frenchy things...


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