Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rement Bakery

Paris Breakfast Now what is she up to you must be wondering...Hmmm

New wonderful stuff! New minis. This is the Bakery set from Rement in Japan. A ParisBreakfast still-life painter's dream in fact.Yellow Bird has his petit dejeuner Yellow Bird gets into the act and has a proper sized petit dejeuner sitting on a red-checked tray.

Et voila!These cuties are larger than yesterday's dollhouse treats.
1 : 6 is the ratio.
The box comes with an assortment of 10 boxes inside, each holding themed goodies. Organic bread! Weeee
I'm now the proud owner of 2 French style Vichy red-check trays. I could open my own cafe in just a few days.

A sample still life setup with honey in this case. Perfection non? I found this treasure box in a Japanese store on 2nd ave. More about that tomorrow.

Meanwhile I'm flirting with more stuff. Don't I need a proper fridge to put the desserts in?

 The tea sets could sit here when not being used. I think I've joined the mad addicted adult collectors of Japanese minis.Mega house and Rement are the two top mini makers I've discovered so far.

Oh! must not forget a proper tea table for Yellow bird.

And these ice cream minis have me melting.


  1. OMG!!! What a treat! I LOVE the yellow bird painting. I'm so amazed at this mini madness...super sleuthing going on here...what will she discover next? Meanwhile, bird and I must have our favorite honey with our croissants...munching virtually here...Wow!
    All best, Jan

  2. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Too funny--love the checkered trays!

  3. Anonymous11:47 AM

    these are sooo adorable--
    and realistic

  4. I knew the Japanese were masters of plastic food models, but the minis put an entirely different spin on it.

  5. Come one come all to Carols madness. Is she mad or just plain fun and clever? :) I Too love yellow bird with the checkered tray. He looks like he's delighted with his new size to fit mini's.
    One never gets bored reading this blog. :)

  6. Ah, wait until you have to dust all those Japanese Minis.
    Always love those birdie paintings

  7. Anonymous2:44 PM

    You are a woman of obsessions! The yellow bird/red checked tray painting is the sweetest.

  8. Anonymous2:45 PM

    I think you have entered *very* dangerous territory!
    Better steer clear of kittens and puppies--
    You're pretty vulnerable to cute little things at the moment, it seems to me.

  9. Paige - The FRENCH are very BIG on Puppies!
    Hmmm...Thanks for the fresh ideas.

  10. Anonymous5:02 PM


    I'm in mini heaven!

    And I love the way you incorporate them into you watercolors!

  11. Anonymous5:04 PM

    The way you painted the pattern on the tray is in your words very "edgy".
    Keep going they look
    The cropping works to your advantage as well.
    One can almost feel like they are in a showcase in front of the still life.

  12. OMG! you are hooked!

  13. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Wow...those make you want to be a kid again! So cool!

  14. I read an article a few years ago on these Japanese works of art. So interesting! And CUTE!

  15. Thanx for these nice things, before work, I needed to feel a kid, before I start working :)

  16. oh oh! What have you done Carol? Have you gone over into the mini-me world?? :-D

    These are all adorable. Of course you must get them all!

  17. Perfect size breads for a painter in a New York apt!
    I like all these Chinese stuffs!

  18. Like your painting too!!!

  19. This combines so many wonderful things and so much great art! Thank you for the early morning sweetness!

  20. Anonymous10:21 AM

    where's your store?
    or do you know where i can get rement or megahouse miniatures in nyc?

  21. I love the little ice cream set :3

    is there anyway you'd be able to show the size of the miniatures in the future? maybe with a quarter next to them or something?

    I'm always looks for new miniature but I have a hard time figuring out wether or not certain sets would fit my figures :3


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