Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Mini Chocolat Chaud

More minis! Fasten your mini-seat belts!
Are you fed up with all this mini nonsense?
Oui or NON?
mini cafe Yesterday doudy said: In France you'll find many mini things -
One of them is cafés with mini tables, and mini chairs.(With NO mini smoke these days I might add...)
Ann (MobayDP) said: Well Carol, I suppose the only sensible thing left for you to do is to find a mini-Carol to sit in her mini-cafe on her mini-chairs sipping her mini-Pierre Herme hot chocolate in her mini-cups as she nibbles on her mini macarons!
Pierre Herme Bernadaud chocolate set So how could I resist painting Pierre Herme's Chocolat Chaud powder...?
The special Bernadaud chocolate set Ms Longears was referring to...
And the cups have fancy gold handles...Ahem
Here's a vintage brass chocolatier in Denise Acabo's chocolate shop window.The REAL thing!
She has this vintage chocolate poster too...
Meanwhile in L'Epicerie I saw this liquid in a bottle hot chocolate!
HMPH, though I shouldn't judge since I haven't tasted it-next trip

The tradional hot chocolate powder is what I go for and there are plenty of these to try in France. PLENTY!
A chocolate cafe on boulevard Beaumarchaise awaits you...
Here's the chocolate ardoise/menu to peruse...
Please take a mini-chair.

Your mini-hot chocolate is coming right up!


Janice C. Cartier said...

Brrr, it is chilly this am. Sign me up for some chocolate chaud.Mini cleverness...what fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh more MINI-FUN!
Oui, I'd be happy to put my spare change into your mini-cup..
As long as you don't spend it on those gold PH cups!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE mini anything.

Anonymous said...

Oui to minis! I am facinated with your minis. Sign me up for a donation!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

It's hard to tell what is mini and what is regular size here. The detail is mind boggling. You've got my oui for Mini's.
Le Chococafe looks a place I would HAVE to go in and sit awhile. :)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say your Paris Breakfasts blog is absolutely wonderful. I've been a follower of your daily posts for a bit more than half a year now. I first came upon it when I was researching Paris when I was planning for my first Paris trip (and Paris really was as wonderul as what you've been describing in your blog). Anywayw, keep up the wonderul work, I look forward to continue reading your daily posts!


Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding fresh, how about a self portrait of you in a mini skirt at a bistro table sipping a mini chocolate chaud!

Mr. Darcy

Anonymous said...

very funny this idea of mini chocolat chaud powder, a kind of "dose"
Ha Ha I can breath in the cafes now !!after 46 years!


Cakespy said...

Le chocolat YUM! Thank you for the delicious and velvety chocolatey post!

Cassoulet Cafe said...

All my spare change is going to our France trip in two months...since the Dollar is so Mini!!!!

J M said...

Oh la la, a steaming bowl of hot chocolate with croissants... the best way to start the day. In Spain we prepare chocolate very thick... your spoon can remain upright in the cup!
Those figurines in a terrace are very nice. You should try a tilt-shift photo with real people in a Paris terrace. It's so funny!
And Carol, as usual, your watercolour is superb!

Anonymous said...

Dear Carol,
Anything you want to do with 'chocolat chaud' is fine with me. I had my first experience with it at Dolloyau in Boulogne-sur-Seine.
To make a long story short, I had two thoughts after my first sip.
1. I could live here
2. God wears a beret



somepinkflowers said...

a mini-chair
for mini-hot chocolate


go give me 7 mini-cups,
or 9.

K and S said...

chocolat chaud, mini or not...delish!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Jan - You made me do it!
I went and had a SECOND cup of hot chocolate today!

Zoe - thanks for the mini-change :)

Dawn - I never knew I could become addicted so fast to anything mini!

LvetoPaint - BIG MERCI!

Cris in Oregon - I agree - the detail on these minis is pretty astonding. I'm in love :)

Rebecca - Thanks - it really tickles me that I've become a Paris "Expert"!

Mr. Darcy - Watch yourself here!!! Hmmm....

M. - Dosing myself with choco powder sounds like a lovely idea!

Cakespy - You have inspired tomorrow's post with your "chocolatey" comments! Stay tuned.

Joan - I have deep reqrets that I never tried the hot chocky when I was in Espana. I MUST return just for that!

Stephan - a chocolate beret...Hmmm...bonne idee!

somepinkflowers - 7-9 mini-cups is equal to a very LARGE cup with mucho calories!

Unknown said...

As one who has been in your presence on more than one occasion, I must tell Mr. Darcy that that mini vamp in the mini-mini red skirt is the ABSOLUTE mini image of you, Carol, having a Paris Breakfast.
A mini visual metaphor...?

Anonymous said...

I am new to your blog came across it by accident and I am now hooked. I look forward to my email each day. Everything is sooo yummy and beautiful. I also love everything about Paris. I love your Paris street scene photos. I imagine myself looking into those beautiful windows. Paris breakfast gives me a chance to dream a little before the day begins. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Would you fancy a mini-croissant or a mini-pain au chocolat or ven a mini-religieuse with your chocolat chaud ?
see that journal, page 8 !

Anonymous said...

PS- information :
"Sortez vos agendas, voici les prochaines dates à ne pas manquer :
20 janvier : "Si mini, si joli !" Salon de miniatures à Paris 20ème"

Soon !!!

Naturegirl said...

It is always delicious coming here for a MINI indulgence of CHOCOLATE without the feeling of guilt!!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

My heart and soul have always had a major fascination with minis - I say more minis, please!

Anonymous said...

But I'd prefer non-mini macarons! ;)

Merisi said...

Thank you, mini-size sounds good to me. :-)