Monday, January 14, 2008

Sick as a Dog...

Dear Paris Breakfast readers,
So I'm sick as a dog, just like everyone else, down with a rotten cold. But I did not "catch" this cold!
All the POMEGRANATES in Spain, Morocco, or California or my refrigerator are not gonna cure what ailes me no matter what I've said in the past! If I happen to be an idiot and GO OUTSIDE WITH A WET HEAD AND NO HAT after the pool..well then I haven't got a snowball's chance in HELL of avoiding a cold have I?
It's called tempting fateFortunately my roommate returned from Baden-Baden with the ORIGINAL GUMMIBAR made from REAL FRUIT JUICE! Bet you didn't know gummy bears were invented in 1922 by HARIBO? Now I have something new to paint. And the birds are having a fit! Gummi bear is mooching in on their Pierre Herme goodies as well as a recently acquired mini-cupcake! I think I'll spend the day sleeping and watching the mini battle here. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be in fighting shape with some new watercolors for you dear Paris Breakfast readers. Please forgive! xxxPB


  1. I knew something was wrong!!!
    Please get well soon!!!

  2. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Feel better soon! I fought a cold for two weeks before the holidays & I didn't even have gummi bears to get me through it.

  3. Anonymous11:15 AM


    Really enjoying your daily emails, although I'm currently missing Paris!
    *Just a note: you get colds from germs (via contact) and not from drafts or wet heads in the cold (our mom's were totally wrong). Of course it is a little crazy to run out into the winter air with an uncovered wet head girl!
    Take care of that cold.....
    LOTS of tea and chocolate should do the trick!

  4. Frankly Sam, I've always thought that was an old wives tale about drafts and cold air NOT causing colds...
    But if you let your so-called "resistance" get down by running around outside wet-headed and then have to take a New York subway..
    Et Voila!
    This town is crawling with germs just waiting to pounce on those who tempt fate, she said as she munched a few more REAL juice gummi bars...

  5. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Oh, Carol, sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Hope you can rest up, drink some warm soothing drinks, and feel better soon. Stay warm...did you all get snow in the City? Sorry you're feeling bad. Gotta' love gummy bears. ;))

  6. The worst part about colds (or bronchitis as I currently am recovering from) is laying off the dairy. So unfair!

    Those gummy bears look like heaven right now...

    Feel better!

  7. Cupcake with bird and matching gummy bear is the cutest picture ever! Feel better soon! (Pomegranates are not always the answer, as you now know!)

  8. Chicks and bears oh my! Let the battle begin! Sorry you are sick. Being very lazy is a good way to go...watching an old movie while wrapped in a favorite blanket also good while sipping something warm. Love Haribo. There is no other. Chick is looking very territorial there...I sense an oncoming chocolate food fight! Does anybody remember the children's poem, The Land of Counterpane ?

    As I was sick and lay a-bed,
    I had two pillows at my head,
    And all my toys beside me lay
    To keep me happy all the day...

    All best for feeling better soon,

  9. Even in sickness you come up with cool photos. So sorry your under the weather. Get plenty of rest and chicken noodle soup. :)
    Just think of all the things your mind will come up with to paint while resting. Get well soon.

  10. GATA!
    I must respond immediately to your comment.
    This is so true.
    why do I only want to eat grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup.
    And no milk in my morning hot chocolate? This a sacriledge!
    I sinned yesterday and had grilled cheese...
    Well heck I had if for breakfast too :)
    There's something about a cold that gives you a terrible yen for dairy.
    And I've never been one to resist the call of temptation.
    Or else there would be no PARIS BREAKFASTS!

    Plus they say drafts and cold air will NOT give you a cold, but once you've got one, everyone says to keep warm!?
    Go figure...
    So there!

  11. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Sorry you are so ill! But, since I've been sick with this cold/flu bug for 2 weeks it is good to know that I am not alone. Seriously, I am sorry, I wouldnt wish it on anyone!!! Go ahead and eat your poms, chew on some GummiBears, stay warm and enjoy the battle. Get well!!!!!

  12. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Does mini Gummi Bear need a Maxi Gummi chum ?

    gummi bears

    Plenty more to feast on at yayachou!

  13. Anonymous12:57 PM

    is the little black dog a figurine? or something edible?
    either way...cuuuuuute.
    feel better.

  14. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Dear Carol,
    I´m not sending you a ton of Spanish oranges but maybe a new Chocolate map would help you to turn into the healthy Carol we love ;D
    I received for Christmas some chocolates boxes from Godiva alors,here you have another Chocolate map just don´t go naked while riding a horse through New York streets or you´ll have a new flu...

  15. fell better soon...blessings today, rebecca

  16. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Poor Carol~

    You are so faithful to send our breakfast even when you are feeling under the weather. Tea and toast, and then lots and lots of blankets, a mountain of blankets to "cook" out the cold bugs is the best remedy.


  17. J'espere que tu vas etre mieux bientot :)
    I'm not sick and I'm having a hard time getting a post up....good job keeping up even when "malade".

  18. Ah bless! I hate to have a cold. I have no cure other than to keep hanging your head over a bowl of steaming water - it works for me anyway. By the way you look a plight throughout this regime as it makes your hair go flat.

  19. Anonymous4:35 PM

    I'm sorry to hear about your cold. I'm not a doctor, and I don't even play one on TV, but my book says a cold comes from a virus, which is essentially a germ (a microscopic infective agent).

    Our mothers told us not to go outside in the cold with a wet head. But that would not give us a cold -- it would just make us feel chilled (as you probably did outside after your swim).

    So go ahead and blame someone else for your cold. Someone with a cold left germs somewhere (maybe in the locker room of your pool); and you picked it up.

    So you see, you are largely off the hook (Of course, you're still stuck with the cold).
    Get well soon.

    Your positive outlook and optimistic approach to all things beautiful are cheerful balms to all of us.

  20. Thank you all for your kind advice and thoughts!
    I'm going to try Di's suggestion of the hot, steamy bowl of water.

    Sleeping also seems least one is unaware of the annoying symptoms while dozing....

  21. Haribo gummy bears are THEE best gummy bears.
    And now I want a pomegranete.

  22. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Yes you did get it from someone else...those germs are everywhere! It's been proven scientifically (don't ask me how) that you don't get a cold from going outside in the cold with a wet head. Even with fastidious hand washing I have been undone by the crud, too. I blame journeys on airplanes; I got back last week from a trip to Israel/Greece. You just got back from Paris. Those airplanes are flying, bacteria laden, enclosed spaces.

    Get Well Soon!

  23. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Hope you feel much better soon! I adore Haribo gummy bears and I am sure they will look wonderful in your lovely watercolors ...

    You know what they say about getting rid of a cold. If you take something to get over it, it should be gone in about 2 weeks. BUT if you DON'T take something, then it will take 14 days!
    Guess you'll just have to (hee-hee) grin and "Gummy-Bear" it!

  25. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Oh, too, too bad! When I get a cold, I always miss the good old days when over-the-counter cold medicines like Dimetapp were available. They dried up the drips, cleared out the stuffies and made you sleep like a baby till the whole thing passed over. The Feds made them obsolete, claiming that the working ingredient caused an increased likelihood of having a stroke. Now, I ask you, is a stroke such a high price to pay for a little relief? Moi, I'm willing to take my chances!

  26. Take care! I love Haribo and, now, I'm a new fan of your pictures and your blog.

  27. I have the sniffles too but I hope you feel better soon!!

  28. I am so sorry you are sick. But, if anyone can take sick lemons and make them into a pretty still life--it's you. You could paint Nyquil, Kleenex and a half empty glass of OJ into a delightful painting and we would all swoon over it (well, I would :-). Feel better soon. Hope this sickness is a miniature and not a full-sized bug.

  29. Love your blog!
    It's wonderful!!!
    And, I hope you feel better very soon!


  30. I would hug you if I weren't afraid of the "Big Bug Exchange"!
    I am so sorry, I hope you get well soon.
    I have one question:
    Why is it that being sick with a cold gets so romanticized? I never ever enjoyed staying in bed with a head the size of a pumpkin, not able to read or watch TV, just feeling miserable. I must say I'd rather work then having that stupid "little cold".

    The Gold-Bear with the chix makes for a lovely picture. I hope they Gummi bears help you get well fast.

  31. Get well soon.
    Healing wishes!

  32. Sorry you are not feeling well! Actually, I recently read of a recent study wherein it was found that germs do thrive/survive best in certain temps/conditions (yes, colder temps) and I have to think your defenses are also down if you have a wet head in the cold (body busy trying to get warm as opposed to protecting against these villianous germs!). Bad combo! 8^) At any rate, hope you get well soon! I enjoyed your little black dog in particular and that yellow gummi bear staring on in your last photo...cute!

  33. Get better and comme back soon.

  34. Anonymous1:35 PM

    I like your compositions with the food and toys.

    Last year I went down hard with a cold and the only thing that saved me was Virastop by enzymedica. If you can't shake this give it a try.

  35. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Help ~ help ~ help!
    I can't stop listening to the gummi bear song.
    It's in German on Youtube.

    I hope you are feeling better.


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