Thursday, January 24, 2008

Silver Tray Period

Pierre Herme Ispahan on a silver tray Every artist has their obsessions.

Picasso's Blue PeriodPicasso's “Blue Period” spanned the years of 1901–1904, and was followed by his “Rose Period”. That lasted from 1904 to 1906. Things have speeded up a bit with the internet etc.

Mini cupcake on mini silver tray Would it be presumptuous to say I think I'm going through my "Silver Tray period"? So far it's lasted a week. Keep your fingers crossed 🤞

The "Tray period" is coinciding with the "Cupcake period" (1 week).

This is just to show you how mini the cupcakes are - about the same size as a piece of sushi and maybe even healthier if you listened to the news last night.

And here is the scale of the tray - 5 1/2" x 3"
The mini period" has lasted more than 3 weeks! I lay full blame for the mini obsession on the little Eiffel Towers I bought near the Paris Opera.

Both the "Pierre Herme period" and the "macaron period " are ongoing. Don't worry.

As is the "Angelina period" once I can get a seat by the window with some good light!

Yesterday Cris in Oregon said...I am totally confused at what is real & what is mini here. But I do know your paintings are taking on a really charming look with all this mini 'clever' madness. I can't wait to see the mini silverware and candlelabra in a painting.
So the mini silverware and candlelabra are for you CRIS!
I'm hoping eventually to get back to some adult-sized objects. Just don't hold your breath for the time being.


  1. Ooh...the money shot at the end...very surreal Manet if you ask me...How cool are the inside of the David Burke boxes too...muses and masters come from all kinds of places I have always said...and aren't we glad of that!
    Tray Chic.
    All best,

  2. I think I'll start making Ghost Furniture from doll's house stuff. It would be much quicker.

  3. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Oh my...
    what a delicious Blog...and you live in my dream city...I was in New York in 1995 and have dreamt of going back ever since..I am a South African, living in Ireland...and trying hard to fit in..
    anyway, I just love your blog, its interesting, unique and I hope to be stopping by often!
    love it!

  4. Oh please stay with the minis and all the phases you are in right now...I am not ready for you to move on! You keep us in our little girl dreams...

  5. Anonymous1:09 PM

    oh my is raining cats and dogs in SF today and the sight of Angelina's hot chocolate is almost too much to bear.
    Paris in the rain is still lovely, here it is just a bit of a nuisance.
    love the trays too...did you see the book which came out around Christmas, My French Life, by Vicki Archer?
    makes my little heart ache to be there again...

  6. I am loving your Tray period.. Those are awesome paintings and I love the candelabra on them. Love the bottom photo too with the refection in it. Keep em coming.

  7. Anonymous1:28 PM

    If your tray period lasts more than a week, I think that you can call it your 'tres tray' period.

  8. Anonymous1:29 PM

    OMG, I HAVE a candelabra thingie that looks JUST like that, Carol. (Only I guess mine is full-sized. ;))

    You did a beautiful job on this one! I love how you've painted some of the negative spaces on these trays and some the positives.

  9. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Love the GIANT cupcake ;o)

  10. it's really cruel to come and see your articles!!! Tomorrow I'll talk about you in my blog!

  11. I'm obsessed with your mini obsession.

  12. ooohhh....

    in that last shiny, silver tea-pot photo
    i think
    i saw your face reflected
    with a tiny crumb waiting
    to the right
    of your smile...


    i could be wrong
    i am correct about the smile,
    aren't I?

  13. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Where to start?? The candelabra and silverware: to die for! The scale shot: eyeopening! I had been picturing your minis quite a bit larger! As for your mini/cupcake/macaron period, you are TRAY, TRAY chic! (Stop me before I pun again).

  14. Anonymous9:32 PM

    Love all of these pics/paints. You are so so good.
    I always tell you that.

  15. Reflections of...the way we used to be...sorry, a little Diana Ross there for you. Lovely work as usual!

  16. Anonymous4:04 AM

    your paintings are so delicious! I love them very much. :)

  17. Glorious as always.
    Love Jeanne ^j^

  18. Carol,
    Please Google Jungian+sand+tray or Jungian+sand+play. I think your obsession for miniatures and trays could come together in this one practice.

    I love the depth of your frosting. Yummy painting--as always!!

  19. My absolute favorite tray is the one with the cupcake and candelabra. The surface of the tray is incredible!


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