Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gummi Bear War

First of all THANK YOU! for all your get well wishes!!!
And all of your kind cold remedies as well.
I know I said I would spend the day sleeping and watching the mini battle between the birds and the gummi bears over the Pierre Herme dessert collection. Instead I found myself doing battle with the beastly bear and my paint brush.
Dare I say it...These dear little bears are a BITCH to paint!
A gummi bear's anatomy is elusive and slippery.
And luminous as if lite from within.
In addition, resisting their tempting call to be eaten immediately requires great resistance, something I'm not famous for.
Once a gummi bear enters your mouth, you hesitate only a moment..thinking perhaps you might make it last for a bit...
Involuntarily you chomp down instantly and dear gummi bear is gone gone gone.
The best place to find the greatest selection of gummis (and please correct me if I am wrong) is Dylan's Candy Bar in New York at 1011 3rd Avenue.
Talk about temptation beckoning... The lollipop tree!
Here! Caught red-handed with her hand in the candy jar...
Forgot to read the sign I bet.
Yes the prices are high...
OK ridiculous, but well made up for the ginormous selection.
Gummi everything from everywhere in every flavor and color and shape.
Plus a very festive environment!
Here is my tiny bag of gummis - why I must find a way to replenish them today!
Here is your brain on too many gummis...
I'll take another nap and head out briefly for a fresh supply to paint of course!
Research purposes don't ya know...


  1. Oh thank God...candy and a workout!!! Love it!.They are a bit of a B...to paint aren't they? But great to eat. Lollies in shops. ..had to smile. Thanks for brightening my morning!
    Hope you feel better.

  2. Love this post today. Glad you're doing better today. Looks like the Gummys are getting you up and going just by being there. The paintings are adorable. and The candy store is wonderful and has me singing the good ship lolipop song that Shirley Temple sang. Fun fun post. ;)

  3. Anonymous11:40 AM

    You crack me up--I love those gummies, too. I saw you also had pics of Swedish fish, another big fave of mine. And red licorice...And those red "coin" chewy candies are also good...you're making me hungry.

    Hope you feel better, Carol. Your paintings are adorable! I admire the sacrifices you make for your art...;))

  4. http://aiko-sumida.blogspot.com/

    Thank you inspiring me to create my first blog of sketches. I'm addicted to the lovely sweets you deliver each morning.

    I've been your faithful reader since May. Found you through Danny Gregory.


  5. I want a gummy brain! Besides the one in my head, that is.

  6. Anonymous11:47 AM

    She eyes the trembling bears with disdain for they have proven more of a challenge than she is willing to tolerate in her weakened state. Finally, unable to tolerate their insolence any longer she shouts, "Off with their heads!"
    Now, she must walk to the store to replenish her supply. Perhaps the fresh air will help and the next generation of gummi bears will fair better.lol

  7. Ever tried a Jelly Baby?

  8. I love these candy bears! I should you to this store; it looks great!

  9. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Regarding the last photo-
    How much is that Gummi in the window?
    The one that is gold for retail.
    How much is that Gummi in the window?
    I do hope that Gummi's for sale!

  10. Anonymous4:01 PM

    I do hope you feel like getting up and about soon. The Paris photos of the candy shops were lovely. The paintings were outstanding!

    Thanks and keep your head covered (a must to stay healthy anywhere cold)


  11. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Wow, loved the video...I never saw a gummi shake its tushy before!

  12. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Yorur paintings are so full of fun and luminosity.
    They make me happy.
    Thanks and feel better.
    By the way, going outside with wet head does not give one a cold. Germs do.
    Wash those hands often!

  13. Your paintings are beautiful. AND I'm really jealous you went to Dylans....Dylans Is my favorite.

  14. Anonymous6:54 PM

    I knew you wouldn't let a little sniffle deter you from your "research" duties! Forge on! Stiff upper lip! And try the Haribo gummy grapefruit slices while you're at it: everyone knows citrus is good for a cold!

  15. What a great store. I would have pounds to carry home if I entered the door.

  16. The giant lollipop tree is very nice, well temptation comes often on a tree !!!
    I am on a diet, but your gummi bears are "irresistibles"

  17. Anonymous1:42 PM

    I understand the gummy bear,
    yes it's very difficult to paint because is translucide...
    Je m'appellegummy bear j'ai un petit ventre mou et un slip kangourou ....
    very interesting !!!!!

  18. Anonymous1:43 PM

    I think all the stuff you paint is hard, such as cups and saucers and spoons.
    I can't imagine gummy bears.
    Get well, stay warm.

  19. Anonymous1:48 PM

    I love love love receiving email from Paris Breakfasts! It just brightens up my day from the wonderful sights, macaroons of Paris to the mini battle between the birds and the gummi bears!!!
    Get well and stay well!

  20. I am glad you're doing better today. Only to get a fresh bag of gummy bears, don't eat them, paint them, it's better for health.

  21. lol :) Oh what's $11 for a pound of gummy bears? What's money when you can have that soft, chewy madness in your mouth?!

  22. Ah, don't you love reseach? :-)))
    You caught that Gummibärchen nicely!
    Like you, poor Gummi B. takes immediately a turn for the worse, as soon as he passes by my teeth, chomp! Can't help it, head off immediately, every time.

    "Gummibärchen had to suffer while creating this painting!" - Oh, Carol!

  23. Ooohhh love your fresh illustrative style!

  24. #134 Gummi bear contemplates Ispahan B is my favorite so far

    i know the feeling 'bout something that feels hard to paint yet so many people like "that" effort :-)

    i enjoy doing nature landscapes more than bldgs (see an example, but people really like when i combine the two in an image, like you've done w/pastries and gummy bears

    you mentioned maybe if you did more of them it'd get easier; i think that's true to some extent, building and bridging the creative synapsis' in our minds and body so to speak, or in theatre, creating body memory; but still seems like it requires that little extra umphh :-)


  25. We have easter chicks and eggs all over the store's and its not long since christmas also have the valentine hearts, can just amagine the heart candys and maybe roses,gummy bear's with a small rose, am dreaming again


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