Thursday, January 10, 2008

Velvety Chocolatey...

Yesterday I thought there was going to be a mini-tragedy!
I opened my mini-box of Pierre Herme chocolates and found it empty!
I lost the mini-chocolates from dragging it around showing it off...
Then the postwoman/person showed up with the 2nd order and saved my life :)
A mini chocolate map is even included!
Your comments have been influencing me something terrible.
Joan said: Oh la la, a steaming bowl of hot chocolate with croissants - the best way to start the day. I had to have a SECOND cup of hot chocolate!
Something I NEVER do!!!
And Cakespy said: Le chocolat YUM! Thank you for the delicious and velvety chocolatey post!
And I went searching everywhere for a little bit of chocolate - but the cupboard was bare! So I went out to Trader Joe's and got a Valrhona 56% bar = and SAVED THE DAY!
I started looking at those pictures I took at the Pierre Herme shop pre-opening...
Sadly I never bought one of these boxes of PH signature chocolates.
I know I can't trust myself around such dangerous goodies...Ahem
Pierre Herme reccommends you drink thé de Chine noir (Ceylan), café, chocolat chaud et eau with his chocolates.
I did try the Carrément Chocolat.
The interior is Chocolat noir, gelé de chocolat et croustilland de chocolat.
Purely for research and still life purposes of course.
And as a shining example of Pastry Geometrie!
We must never forget the almighty cacao bean from whence all these divine goodies spring!
I saw this T-shirt at the NY Chocolate show...
It says it all :)


  1. I was thinking about your work, a few days ago, while going to Pierre Hermé's shop near St Sulpice. I had a delicious " vinaigre balsamique" macaron...
    And I get today a very nice card, thank you Carol!

  2. Melissa's Cozy Teacup9:07 AM

    Good morning, Carol. When I read your posts and saw the photos, I thought the minis were 'fake', made of plastic for kiddies and doll house enthusiasts to play with. When I saw today you wrote the box was empty! You can eat them?So they are not just toys but actual consumables?

  3. loveitaly9:25 AM

    "Purely for research, and still life purposes..." Mais, bien sur. Cracks me up--all for the better good.

    And what a lovely still life here, too!

  4. In Looking at those cocoa beans it brought to mind the story of the Ugly Duckling. From those ugly little beans comes all that lucious looking creamy melt in your mouth to die for out of this world chocolate morsels. sigh. Oh sorry forgot myself there for a moment. Did I mention I was on a diet? ;)

  5. That t-shirt is hilarious.

  6. Your paintings are Gorgeous!
    Sandra Evertson

  7. Love the tee shirt!!! Hmm. Sudden screaming urge to have tea and chocolate!! Makes this apple and tea look a little pathethique! (I hear you cris) These are fabuliscious pieces! Brava!
    All best, Jan

  8. Wait, what, Carol? You've never tried PH chocolates? How could you? They are the most wonderful and I still dream about them!
    And really, if you're going to eat his chocolatey pastries you may as well just eat the chocolates!

  9. When I left Paris about a year ago I brought back like...8 (small!) boxes of those PH chocolates. -__- THEY'RE SO GOOD! Get one next time! A giant one! :)

  10. Delphine r2m - a " vinaigre balsamique" macaron... LORDIE! I've never had one of those! Thanks so for sending the red ribbon for my beautiful cerise necklace from you!

    Melissa's Cozy Teacup - Oh the mini-chocolates are not EDIBLE! They are the size of a bit of broken off tooth anyway. I lost them carrying them around showing them off - I forgot to Crazy Glue them into the little candy box :)

    loveitaly - don't you know, EVERYTHING IS RESEARCH!

    Cris in Oregon - Yes the cocao beans are quite ugly and don't smell very nice either - pretty amazing that so much good stuff comes from them!?

    wendyb - I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for a good chocolate T-shirt. It's ALL research!

    Sandra Evertson - THANKS so for dropping by! Your artwork is GORGEOUS!

    Janice - Do not say another word or you'll have me screaming for more chocolate! Not a word.

    Anita - Yes I must confess I did not eat the PH chocolates. But I can't eat EVERYTHING can I? What's a girl to do...sigh Next time I promise.

    robyn - same story...OK OK I will definetely try the PH chocolates. I'm outnumbered here.

    marie-noelle - THANK YOU for the FAB mini-ardoise site. How about you go taste the PH chocolates for me and report back. You are my TOP researcher!!!

    sara - I'm glad you like all these minis! They certainly are fun to paint though I really need a better camera for closeups. I wonder where I've been all this time? I've been missing out that's for sure. I even thought of making my own when I first saw the PH mini collection. I was all set to buy some Epoxey and a how-to book. But I think I'll stick with my paints thank you very much :)

  11. susan6:34 PM

    Hi Carol,

    Love your new paintings. . .

    wish I was in Paris . . .


  12. I love your watercolor sketching style.

  13. Oh I want that T-shirt!! Somehow it reminds me of Cookie Monster's voice from Sesame Street! ; )

  14. ooh a chocolate map! I really should open up my set...

  15. Fabulous
    There is that old saying
    For some money talks
    but for many
    chocolate sings..........
    Thanks for your sweetness and joy!
    Love Jeanne ^j^

  16. Anonymous11:26 PM

    Well, you were wise to abstain. I bought a box of "Marquise De Sevigne" chocolates while in Paris in Oct. (because I liked the box with the Belle Epoque hot air balloon soaring over the Tour Eiffel) Once I got home, it lasted about half a day before I ripped into it and devoured every last morsel. That chocolate was just singing too loudly to ignore! :)


  17. "Purely for research and still life purposes" ????? I fthat is true, I am afraid you have taken leave of your senses!

  18. just discovered your blog and OMG do i LOVE two FAVORITE things...Paris & chocolat...ooooooo la la


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