Monday, January 21, 2008

Tiny Doll House

#139 Doll tea set with Pierre Herme macaron box In the name of research I went hunting for forks and spoons to go with my tea sets.Tiny Doll House was sold out but I found them on Amazon. Still I thought, I must see what they are up to. Tucked away on 314 East 78th street on the upper East side, this is a haven for dollhouse lovers.Here is the elaborate gabled affair you can see through the front door...Both walls are lined with room tableaux with highly detailed furnishings. If Chippendale is your fancy you've come to the right place. Tiny Doll House will build your dream house with no detail neglected.An example of their attention to detail... A cat's tea party...
Everything is on a ratio of 1" to 12" =
Look at all their china sets!
And this is just a tiny sampling.
Here is the VERY TINY tea set I bought at Tiny Doll House for $13. The Pierre Herme gateaux were not included. And here is a comparative analysis of all my tea sets size-wise. Including what now looks gigantic, the doll tea set from the Provence flea on the left...AhemI went back to the 99cent store and replenished my tea set supply.
A girl never knows when extra company is coming.
I wish I knew how to get rid of those dreaded decals...
On the back you are kindly reminded:
We reccommend that you wash this tea set thoroughly before use and after use.
Of course! Who needs a reminder?


  1. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Try goo-gone or nail polish remover on those decals. I have a real envy of your ability to paint silver. This painting is gorgeous!

  2. What a fabulous store. How fun. But your painting is Wonderful. You capture Silver trays VERY well.
    Hope you find your silverware somewhere. What is a Tea set without a spoon?

  3. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Those are fun, Carol! I love the little polka dotted set you bought--I'd like a big set like that!

  4. Unbelievable. I always wonder who is making these things and wouldn't it be fun to see that. Love the tiny detail and the new set! A cat tea party! You have so much patience to tackle that silver..Bien fait.
    all best, Jan

  5. What a magical place, CArol! My granddaughter and grandson (ages 4 and 3) absolutely LOVE tea sets -- I can't tell you how many cups of imaginary tea I've imbibed!!! I adore your wc teaset too -- beautifully done!

  6. Anonymous11:35 AM

    You would love the Thorne rooms at the Chicago Art Institute!


  7. You say Doll House, we say Doll's House - WHY?

  8. I want to move in!!
    Thanks for the tour.
    I have one of those tea sets. (the last one, you know from the fancy store) ;-)

  9. The whole post is so darling. Your painting is wonderful, especially the reflections on the silver tray.

  10. I love the pictures of the tea sets. I have a doll house that my grandfather built for me. It is a repleca of Mt. Vernon. Right now it is in storage but when I bring out...oh when I bring it out. What fun I will have.
    Love you blog!

  11. I LOVE that store. I sometimes wish I could go back to childhood and have a mouse dollhouse with a cute mouse family living in it.

  12. Anonymous6:45 PM

    HI - try a product called "bestine" available at hardware stores and home depot. It is pretty smelly so don't use it in an enclosed space but a little goes a long way. We use it at Paper Source to remove the price stickers off of delicate paper. it never stains and removes beautifully. A Q-tip works well.
    Good Luck - I enjoy your site

  13. Oh! c'est mignon le service à thé miniature. You always find fabulous things. that's really great!

  14. Anonymous7:51 PM

    If you like dotty teapots, my daughter bought me this one, with tiny matching teacups:

    It looks perfect with cupcakes!

  15. /anne - I LOVE your Dotty teapot! Now if only it was a miniature...

    Thank you PARISMAVIS - I know BESTINE from my rubber cement days! That stuff is LETHAL! but I wonder if it would work? The little decale is not sitting on top unfortunately but BAKED in :(
    Quelle domage.

    WendyB - I thought of you when I saw the mini purse collection and Vuiton luggage sets...

    Madre-terra - a repleca of Mt. Vernon! WOW WOW WOW Puleeze get it out of the attic or where ever! Give it some love and attention.

    Thank you Lori Lynn. I think I've entered my "silver tray" Picasso's "Blue" period?

    Rochambeau - I'd no idea there were so many tea set collectors out there..but then I'm new to the game. Wanna come for tea?

    Di - you Brits say everything wrong. That's all there is to it! Lift instead of elevator?
    Give me a break.

    Thank you Robin for the Thorne room tip...

    Thank you Lin, but why drink imaginary tea when you can have the REAL thing. As long as you rince before and after...

    Janice, I do wonder too who is making these tiny things...very hard to imagine - 7 year olds with tiny hands?

    Cris in Oregon I'm awaiting my silverware from Amazon. It comes with a matching candlelabra. Now where will I get the darn candles for that thing?

    Thank you lvetopaint - the silver tray has suddenly become very easy to paint...or else a magic spell has been cast over me...Hmmm

    Loveitaly I bet you have a gazillion beautiful teasets from your Granny!

  16. Anonymous11:04 PM

    Hmmm...I could use a spell like that. Mind sharing your palette for silver? Ultramarine?

  17. Anonymous4:56 AM

    What a afantastic shop! I could stay hours and hours dreaming and watching these little houses!
    You watercolor is realy great!Please, do not wash it with the cups!!!

  18. I really like the left-out-blank spaces in your paintings!

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  20. How lovely and divine!
    Truly marvelous!

  21. My daughter would LOVE that store! She's been playing with tiny stuff since she was 2 years old, SERIOUSLY. Ever so delicately, never putting them in her mouth.
    (Can't say that about my other kids) lol

  22. I am a miniature lover from way back. There used to be a marvelous museum, the Carole and Barry Kaye Museum of Miniatures, on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles...I would visit often and was very sad when they closed down. Their collection has now been donated to the Naples Museum of Art in Naples, Florida. It was truly fabulous and could spend hours and hours perusing. I see many similar items in your post.


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