Friday, January 25, 2008

Mini Macaron Boxes

#144 Mini Laduree Boxes Mini macaron boxes.Laduree So I've tryed to figure out how I could make some miniature boxes from the mini Pierre Herme Collection.LadureeIt's causing me MAXI-headaches! I can't really use the backside of the PH boxes. Hmmm Should I use out-sourcing in India and China to get what I want?Plus another mini-headache. I Crazy-glued shut the box of Pierre Herme macarons so I have no loose macs for still life setups. Laduree To the RESCUE -Priscilla of NRFBQueen will sell me the one box I need out of the set of 8. I've been torturing myself - Do I order another complete set from Hong Kong? Would Lauren of Maitress, who's currently in Tokyo, to go mini-shopping for me. Do I go back on ebay? Then thanks to Google I found Priscilla.
You too can get the pastries of your dreams. Someone asked me if I knew where in New York they could find something like Pierre Herme pastries? N'existe pas.
LadureeSince I'm on a silver painting kick, I'm getting just the silver tea set circled here. And a few other essentials like ice cream cones
Laduree Priscilla was telling me that there were so many miniature toys for boys in Japan, that Re-ment and MegaHouse decided to come up with sets especially for girls. In fact adult women have turned out to be their biggest customers. Here's what Re-ment has to say about their products:
Lovely and cute!
Intriguing fun concepts!
Nostalgic! Nostalgic! Nostalgic!
One heartwarming piece after another!

LadureeAre you into gardening?
LadureeAre you a working girl?
This is the after-hours part of the set. Lesley Shepherd not only explains all the ins and outs of collecting miniatures, she has How-to make your own, like these adorable mini vallentines boxes
To-die-for non?
Photo ©2008 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.


  1. I think they look like Laudree boxes to me. Really am liking these tray paintings. The reflection of the pink boxes in this tray gives it a nice warm feeling. Do love that candelabra! What will you come up with by Monday? :)

  2. Don't know if you know about this, but somewhere in the south 14th (east 15th?)is a very good store for us larger ladies. It's called something like Belle-Dame, but isn't called that. Would you, or anyone you know, happen to be able to give me the correct name? I can't seem to track it down.


  3. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Laduree Boxes or Pierre Herme boxes..who cares?
    I'll take either one
    And I'll have a watercolor as an entrement as well!

  4. Anonymous1:24 PM

    I'm dying to make one of those vallentine heart boxes!
    Thanks for the link.
    I hope you're going to make them too and then paint them for us!!!
    More heart boxes Plz

  5. Anonymous1:25 PM

    I'm addicted to your minis and your silver tray...
    Please don't stop with the minis!

  6. Hmm, who knew this mini world was so HUGE! Alice has fallen through the looking glass and of course comes up with Ladureé et Pierre Hermé.
    And silver settings...itsy bitsy dreams.
    All best, Jan

  7. Anonymous1:50 PM

    These are so tempting...
    I am ready to fall into the mini maddness addiction..

  8. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Dear Carol.
    Please...COME BACK from "Liliput"...I miss your stories,your"talkings"about that green or this another yellow,your travel experiences,your life-experience...

    All those tiny madness is making me crazy ;D

    But you´re still a charming lady (even though a tiny one;D)

  9. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Thanks for the link and the credit Carol,

    Interesting blog (and project!)
    I don't think you will have too much difficulty making the boxes.
    I try to set up most projects for beginners. Your blog is making my mouth water for pastries.
    I lived in Delft for a time, and miss my trips to France!


  10. Yes, you are right there is no Pierre Hermé pastries in NYC, and I do not understand why. Next time I go to Paris, I will have to ask him!!! Really nice sets!

  11. Anonymous10:41 PM

    I admit my heart began to beat a little faster when I saw the gardening set, but on closer inspection, I found it seriously lacking. It has no RABBIT TRAP!

  12. Anonymous2:36 AM

    Thanks so much for your lovely blog entry that mentions I really appreciate it. Since I, too, love Paris and have been there several times, I think your blog may become required reading for me!


  13. Anonymous2:37 AM

    Another FABULOUS tray!
    I love the colors . . .
    so beautiful!!

  14. Anonymous2:53 AM

    Hi Carol,

    I know what you mean about miniatures allowing you freer rein in the creative process.

    There is something about them that makes them seem less threatening and more toy like.

  15. Who'da thunk?
    My world is opening up in miniature!
    Your blog is very fun.

  16. LOL @ "Tiny & Co." bag.

  17. those minis look totally addicting! ;)

  18. Anonymous5:45 PM

    I love these miniboxes and your trays are magnific!!(I'm looking at TV and your friend Christophe Maé just wins an NRJ award!)

  19. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Sorry, I make a mistake with the line! May be you can erase it?

  20. You know I am a mini I am in lurve with your series. Keep it up!!

  21. Hip Hip Hooray for Priscilla!! NRFB QUEEN and for all the Tiny's too!

    Happy Sunday PB!

  22. Anonymous2:27 PM

    I love the floating illusions in your first drawing.
    Imagine this tray in your lap in a gondola in Venice.......

  23. Anonymous11:44 AM

    What is it that's so fascuinating about miniatures?
    To be huge and have little friends among small things, to be a small child in a small childlike world, or to just be fat up with all these huge things in the surroundings? A small fragile figurine of a young girl standing alone is used as symbol for a feeling of being left alone in the world, when animals become extinct for different reasons, in one of the texts we use in "Une contrée sauvage appelée Courage".
    Hans Christian Anderson (Danish fairy tale teller) wrote of the love-relation of Thumbelina and the swallow.
    I remembered what it meant to me as a child when my grandmother read it and later when I found a baby-swallow and helped her survive last summer.

    I do not know whether your paintings are also miniature to be put on small walls next to a tiny table with a tray of sweet stuff and a cup of tea..?
    Old religious scripts had miniature-images - illuminating calligraphy and book-art. Probably a bit like illustrations today. The Byzantine school set up certain rules for creating such images. Persian Art has a long tradition of miniatures. One of the most renowned Persian painters of all time, specialized in the miniature, with a preference for naturalistic subjects. Today some of these works can be found in many of the major museums of the Western world, such as the Smithsonian, the Louvre and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
    Take a look!


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