Wednesday, July 04, 2012


 If you're in Paris you might be in dire need of some strawberry Jell-O to properly celebrate the Fourth of July.

 The place to go is:
20, rue St-Paul 75004

 American marshmallows!

 Giant boxes of M and M's

 Duncan Hine's cake mix!! woo woo

Bunnie cookie cutters

 The devine Jell-O framboise

 Regarde vintage Lawry's Seasoned Salt.
Does any one still use this stuff?

 Junk food galore at Thanksgiving

 A Parisienne dreams of Twinkies...

 While I dream of guimauve in New York...

 On Friday I can eat this guimauve de fraise.

A fun red, white and blue sac from Barbara Rihl 29, rue de Juillet 75001
Perfect for the Fourth!


  1. Ha! What a site for sore eyes in Paris when the American gets a little home sick for some processed junk. Actually, funny thing is that I do use Lawry's Seasoned salt still....esp. good on sliced avocado! I also use their garlic salt to season roasted vegetables before placing them in the oven. Happy 4th and Bon Voyage, Carol. xx

  2. I stumbled across this crazy store when I was in Paris last time. How funny to see it on your blog! I mentioned the watercolor you did of Rose the Rat Terrier today on my blog. She and I both send our regards and a Happy Fourth of July to youuuuu!

  3. This is awesome! Everytime I studied abroad I always got sick of the local food. This would have been a sight for sore eyes! Thanks for sharing and Happy 4th:)

  4. We have a similar store here in Vienna, Bobby's Foodstore, serving American and British expats. I try not to go there too often, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are way too tempting! ;-)

    Happy Fourth, Carol!

  5. It's a very timely post..this being your July 4th holiday..
    Very cute Carol!

  6. Just love Twinkies, always had them on the many trips to Florida ! Happy 4th, Carol !! Hope you enjoy.....

  7. I think that's agreat idea. I know I was missing American junk food when I was in Italy.
    After three weeks,I wanted a peanut butter & jelly sandwich on white bread!
    Heve a great 4th, Carol, and a safe trip!

  8. Ha! When we lived in England I didn't miss American food at all, isn't that funny? I think what I did miss was southwestern food, though. A couple of larger European cities have these shops and I thought they were pretty interesting. I think it was in Stockholm (although I may be wrong about that city) I found a tiny little one - nothing this size!

    Carol, I prepared a post for you on my Creative Influences blog.

    Bon Voyage!

  9. Hard to appreciate Thanksgiving...with all the access I have to that stuff now, I never buy any of it! :-) well, almost never!

  10. Geri, NJ5:40 PM

    What a funny store and probably an expat's welcome oasis of shamelessly ordinary American stuff smack in the middle of the cuisine capital of the world. Mmmmm....raspberry Jell-O with a little Cool Whip and some M&Ms on the side.

  11. Where was this place when I needed to make a pumpkin pie? I had to cook a French pumpkin, very different type than the American pumpkin, and the pie was good but rather brown & grainy. I just wanted a good old can of pumpkin puree. I know. Merci :)

  12. Oh Carol, this is so funny. Viva la difference and all that. Or is the grass plus vert in one place or another?

    I think all these ex pat shops are a testimony to the comfort we all find in visiting familiar sensations.

    Happy Fourth!

  13. I was a 20 year-old ex-pat in Paris in the Winter of '76 and I got a gift package from my boyfriend back in Philadelphia. It was a box containing three bags of Doritos. I decided then and there that I had to marry him.

    As it turned out, we didn't tie the knot (he said no, thankfully) but I'll never forget the pure joy I had from every bite of those Doritos.

    Now I'll have to go see Thanksgiving with my own eyes, just so I can say that I went to Paris to gaze at boxes of Jell-O.

    Have a wonderful trip Carol -- bring us back lots of "Carol" stories!

  14. Like Kim, I would miss southwest cuisine, especially posole. But can't think of any junk food I'd miss. It could be fun to visit the store anyway. I do still use seasoned salt, prefer McCormicks tho , on French fries. I do like the that cute bag!

  15. Does anybody use Lawry's anymore??????? Lawry's is practically a religion here in Southern Minnesota...

  16. Anonymous11:05 AM

    You know, of course, that the talented Barbara Rihl (of the cool handbag)is the wife of the brilliant Paris patissier Pierre Hermé. What a couple!

  17. When I lived in Paris a decade ago, I went way out of my way to the one salon that carried Aveda hair products (which cost about 3 times what they did in the US) to buy my shampoo!?! Now that I'm back stateside, I use French shampoo. Go figure. I guess we like what we like.


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