Sunday, July 08, 2012

Shoes dans le Metro

 Repettos dans le Metro...
 A.P.C. Store makes the perfect little flesh-colored ballerinas. Here they are chatting up a pair of beige Converse.
 A closer look at those velvet ballerinas at Concorde...
 Une copine dans le Metro...
 Classic striped espadrilles in the Metro.
 A fun stripped bag in the Metro line.
 Someone trying on orange suede loafers at the Hermes sale.
 Every single time I put on my red suede Repetto ballerinas it pours cats and dogs!
Nine-year-old Scarlet's Hello Kittie polka-dot bag (back view) would go perfectly with my dotty scarf...


  1. Wow! Two posts in a single day! Don't forget to get some sleep too, now, Carol :-) As your post demonstrates, la ballerine is still going strong in Paris these days, rain or no rain (my Repettos almost got destroyed in a big puddle by l'Opera Garnier just last week!) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. Everyone says you MUST get your Repettos resoled instantly.
      They have a very short shelf life...
      shorter than a macaron!

  2. Ballerinas are here to stay, if the many pairs my girls own are an indicator! Your scarf and that bag really seem to be cut of the same cloth. ;-)

    Enjoy Paris! xxx

  3. tres adorable. I love pictures of shoes! bienvenue a Paris!

  4. Aww, having hit the soldes on Friday (including shoe-shopping) I now feel I urgently need to get back for more (I'm lusting after both pairs of black ballerines above)!
    And re yesterday's post: how funny that I sat having a glass of wine late thursday night at almost the same table at Etoile Manquante, across from Amorino! Sorry to have missed you this time, hope the Hermes sale was good, & lets hook up for some ballerina shopping next time :))

    1. That is sooo bizaar
      How did you know to go to that cafe?
      It's rather odd ball to end up at the same cafe on different days...

  5. I am wondering if maybe a spare pair might be good in Paris when you want to wear your red Repettos??? I hear from Andrea at ParisDreamTime ( www. it is raining every afternoon in Paris these days. Rain or Sun, Paris sounds wonderful! Enjoy and thanks for sharing your lovely experiences. Kim

    1. Ahem, Kim...
      A spare pair of red sequinned Repettos is not an option when you bought the 1st pair on sale for way too much $$$.
      I suppose I should carry rainboots or just gaze at the Repettos and leave them in the closet...

  6. I'm always checking out other people's shoes. I love that you're helping me out. Your Repettos are so cute.

  7. I remember when the ballerinas started to become a fad - I guess they are here to stay - like the Converse.
    I hope that the weather improves for you!

  8. I have tons of ballerinas and espadrilles--I got some striped espadrilles thru soduko for $36 that are so comfy--so much so that I got red/white stripes, blue/white stripes and grey/white. Love 'em. Cute shoes. Get some of those and save your Repettos for good weather.

    1. There is almost no consistently 'good' weather in Paris.
      It changes minute to minute...c'est comme ca.
      And this is a BIG shoe city.
      It's a shoe-wrecker IMHO :(

  9. hahaha Like this post;)

  10. Connie P4:28 PM

    I recently spent a week in Paris.
    As a devoted fan, I visited your favorite TShirt shop - Anne Maisonneuve.
    It was crowded when we arrived and crowded when we left! We bought many presents (some were presents for us)!
    Angelina asked me to send you a note saying "Hello.". She is a lovely woman!
    We stayed at Hotel Powers!
    Yes, it was a bit pricey but the experience was worth every penny! Having Maison du Chocolate next door was an added benefit!
    We also took the Paris By Mouth tour of Montmartre! Fab!
    Keep up your great blog! It is the next best thing to being there!
    A devoted fan,

  11. ooh! Love the orange loafers.

  12. Carol~
    Ages ago one of your blogs (you were in Maine with a watercolor workshop) talking about a sporty shoe that you and several of your classmates were wearing. I can not find the blog! And I wanted to find the name of the shoe? Do you remember the name of the shoe? I hope you still have them and love them and having nothing but good things to say about them.
    Thank you !!

    1. Arcipedicos!!
      Yes I still wear them like crazy Bugs.
      One thing - I now put a thin foam liner inside them - much more comfortable that way.
      cheers Carolg

  13. Oops--Soludos, not sodukos--that's the game! duh

  14. For some reason I have never had a pair of those shoes. Never liked my foot in them. Might have to rethink that idea. :)) Hope your shoes aren't ruined.

  15. Gosh, that sale looks amazing and I'd be there just to look at these crazy hungry women for an Hermes scarf... I LOVE everything about this x

  16. ooh really amazing...It is very nice,,,Like it so much..Its color combination is also so perfect...


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