Saturday, July 07, 2012

Mood Paris

 Paris overcast is just fine with me.

 Raining cats and dogs doesn't bother me a bit...
 Sunny at place de la Concorde - pas mal.
 Cute shoes at Concorde...
 A YSL Moujik look-a-like...
 Social networking at BHV...
 Moi, I wish...
 Moi, oui dans la cafe Etoiles Manquante in the Marais...
 Petals de rose au nom de la rose...
 Macarons individuals at La Grande Epicerie...
 Shooting in hotel windows on rue de Rivoli...
Bon Soiree (pas bon nuit)!
All shot yesterday IN Paris.


  1. It still amazes me how many still enjoy smoking..Not judging...just amazed.
    (I did it .. 100 yrs ago..)Not judging.It's just that this is one thing you can control health wise.So much is beyond one's control.

    Love her shoes..
    Love les pots de fleurs.
    Ru there?

    1. YES I AM HERE in Paris!!!
      enfin/at last :)
      I see a lot less smoking than in the past.
      Really the shoes were so cute...sometimes you have to just let it be.

  2. Great shots, Carol. I hope that all is well there.
    I guess you are getting the rain system from the British?

  3. We have had a month's worth of rain, fall today. With some of the villages nearby, here in Dorset being cut off. Just love those french pooches !

  4. A beautiful moody day! Love those summer showers when the weather is warm enough to get out and walk in the rain.

    Aren't those the cutest pails of roses!

  5. Carol, it's grand to see your first Paris bulletin. I am so looking forward all that will follow.

    (Hereabouts is horribly hot and humid...we long for the temperature to drop below 90, and for a glimpse of some blue in the sky above.)


    1. I am SO happy to be away for NYC heat!!
      Pouring buckets (& it did briefly yesterday) is a delight after that nonstop heat.
      I hope the temperature drops soon Frances.

  6. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Very nice! How do you get over jet lag?
    Its so nice you just get going and hit the sidewalks and fit right in.Its also nice of you to show Paris how it really is, not just always sunny and bright. Very beautiful. merci~

      1 week before I depart my body decides to go to bed at 7PM and get up at 1:30AM
      No kidding!
      I have nothing to do with it. It has a mind of it's own.
      A day after arrival I'm back on schedule getting up at 5:30AM (late for me)like today.
      But going home is Hell. It doean't work in reverse. It takes me TWO weeks to re-adjust. It's why I have to move to Paris to avoid the jetlag!

  7. Paris is still beautiful even in the rain. Merci.

  8. Bonjour Carol. I just came back from my annual vacation in France and left Paris three days ago. Interesting comment you left about jet lag. My family has the exact opposite problem. We have the hardest time re-adjusting to French time when we land in Paris (strange, since our bodies and minds should remember they are... well... French :-) but we hardly have any problem when we come back States side. Bizarre, non? Anyhow, I am happy for you. It sounds like you have a fun itinerary lined up. Already hard at work I see :-) Good thing most Parisians are used to street photographers... Loved the French bulldog shot. I swear I saw that pooch near rue St Honoré just last week :-) Have fun! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. so funny!
      I guess 'home' for you Veronique, is now the US.
      Everyone is taking pictures with their iPhones these days so it makes it easier for me & my Canon is tiny

  9. Hello from Australia! thank you for this glimpse of Paris. Monika.

  10. NO comment on those sneakers and the long formal looking skirt? I'm thinking an American tourist but most tourists wouldn't have their dogs along...

  11. I am officially sick of the rain!!!!!
    Wow, you have arrived... willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!!!!

    You sound so happy when you're there. I agree, to avoid jetlag, move to Paris! xx

    1. No rain yesterday at all
      but I just turned on the shower by mistake and wet the floor here.
      French showers!! :(

  12. So will you be over there for as long as you were originally going to be? I hope the weather clears up. I love the flowers on the table photo and the girls above it shot. I guess its hard to tell the tourists now with no cameras slung around the neck, or maybe you still can by all the 'phones' pointed at things. :))

    1. I don't look for the tourists
      but I can HEAR them for sure :)


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