Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tout Biff

 This is Biff PB readers,
just in case you haven't read previous tales of Monsieur Biff...

 Biff prances around town with Karen trying to keep up. Biff lives in central western France in the Poitou-Charante region famous for it's chevre/goat cheese.

 This is Biff's chateau.

 Biff relaxes on imported Laura Ashley pillows only.

 Biff's terrasse.

 Biff has quite the green paw you might say.

 He's also expert at rooting around in my bag plus stealing shoes. A dog of many talents no doubt.

 Biff only eats Lilly's Kitchen, proper dog food imported from the UK.
He has his own passport too.Who knew?

 The adults eat a Persian salad I've been making at the chateau. My cooking skills have kept a roof over my head in France so far.

 Biff does not drink but we have some deliciously light Cremente from Chateau du Petit Thouars.

 An after dinner stroll takes us on a visit to Maire Martine...

 She plays Madame le Maire D. in Karen's books and could not be more welcoming

Photo from Amazon
 Here is Karen, Biff's adult

 Biff thinks nothing of jumping onto the guest room bed and letting me know he owns the joint just in case I get ideas.

Biff will win your heart in all of Karen's three books.
The latest out is Tout Soul, which isn't just a dog story but full of passion, French pastures, French perfume..oh all the adventures of an English girl who has the nerve to pick herself up, move to a small French village and make a spendid life for herself. Totally engaging and tremendous fun.
Read the first chapter on Amazon if you don't believe me.
Cheers, Carolg in SW France


  1. Biff is the perfect host...leading you around town to see all the sights, with impeccable taste in food and bedding, willing to share his toys, and handsome....! He could not possibly be more handsome. Well, maybe if he had a bit more tan fur on the face and legs. And longer legs. Yes! But that would be asking too much....gvie him a big hug from me!

  2. Alison in Australia2:07 AM

    I found your lovely website by chance on the internet. My name is Alison and I come from Australia.
    I love your watercolour pictures of dogs in Paris.
    Biff would make a GREAT addition even if he lives in rural France..
    Loads of character has Biff

  3. Quel sacré personnage, ce Biff! I was starting to worry when I did not read updates for a couple of days, but I knew you were somewhere in the heartland, generally having a blast, while preparing your next "French vignette." -- Maire Martine seems really cool. Is she planning to run for Préfet; Présidente de Région, or - who knows? - Présidente de la République, one day? The French have apparently started electing "normal presidents" lately. I'd say Maire Martine stands a good chance to win. Bon séjour, Carol. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. A girl has to have her weekends free Veronique, though I did post on Saturday but don't get used to it.
      I'm a 5X a week bloggeur

      c'est comme ca

  4. Oh my goodness, that look, sitting on the guest bed! It melts anybody's heart, even those who sleep in that bed, I suppose.

    Any chance you'd share that delicious looking Persian salad recipe, svp?

    (Your special Saturday post was received with delight!)

    1. Shirazi (Persian) salad is so easy to make.
      4 chopped tomato or cherry tomatoes
      (2) chopped cucumber (do scoop out the seeds)
      1/2 a sweet onion chopped
      salt a bit and drain
      then add the juice of 2-3 limes
      finally 2 T DRIED Mint(spearmint) rubbed between the palms
      And add salt and pepper to taste.
      The dried mint is more savory than fresh and used throughout Persian cooking.

  5. Love reading about Biff and enjoyed your previous tale. What a delightful post !!

  6. Oh,my! Rose the Rat Terrier has a crush on Bif! He's quite a handsome boy. I'm enjoying your posts, as always, and wish you a wonderful summer. Can't wait for my France trip in October!

  7. Biff is a star! A Lucky dog too. I will definitely check out those books. I enjoy reading books about starting over again and overcoming challenges especially in a foreign country setting like France.

  8. Dear Carol,

    Love, love, love your pictures of me – especially the one of me with my favourite toy, Tigger. I think you have expertly captured my lifestyle in rural France! Too bad you noticed that I was helping myself to that macaroon from your bag, but as you rightly say, I do like to establish who is boss! love (and licks) Biff xxx

  9. Carol, What fun to read a post about, and see the real Biff! I love Karen's books and enjoyed getting to know Biff better through your post...Thank you!

    Flora Doora

  10. Love his terrasse..and the packaging of his food..
    Your book recommendations are always duly noted!

  11. Hello Biff! I loved reading Karen's books and meeting you. Those books are so inspiring as I write my own French memoir-story (but I have cats, not Biffs...)

    (P.S. Biff - did you find anything good in Carol's purse???)

    1. hi Amy,

      Carol had many good things in her bag – I almost got away with a pistachio macaroon.

      Biff xx

  12. Oh Biff is adorable and looks like a wonderful host. What a lovely place you are staying. I will have to check out these books. I've loved the books you've recommended so far.

  13. Geri, NJ11:15 AM

    Sweet little doggie. Lovely post. How you must be enjoying this part of your stay in France! I love the view of that very cozy room with the requisite gold mirror and the red accents. This seems like the perfect place to while away a beautiful summer day.

  14. My favorite kind of book! And fun to 'meet' some of its stars! Thanks Carol--you're always a treat.

  15. BIFF, tu es TRES adorable and cuddly and I am so anamoured by you!!!! I love you your eyes, your sweet spirit, your kindness, compassion, welcoming presence and, OH, just EVERYTHING about you --- WOOOOOF sweet baby!!! It appears that your maman takes 'very' good care of you also because you ARE so happy. That makes me happy little one. So glad you loved Carol. She's such a sweetheart and she 'loves doggies you know'!!! I'll bet you both had many sniffs, snogs and cuddles yes?? Betcha Bear loved you too. Please visit more often. MWUH baby!!!!

  16. I love the photos, Carol. Makes me wish I was over there walking in the countryside soaking up the scenery. The dog is priceless :)

  17. Biff is so cute I want to give him a big hug! It looks like I need to read those books.

  18. Anonymous6:09 AM

    Looking forward to reading this book! I have read Tout Sweet..I didn't know Karen has written two more books..thanks for the info :)


  19. Biff is so adorable!Ouah!Ouah!
    Did you see any goats there? I would love it there for the chèvre !
    I have ordered Tout Soul too.

  20. Karen M3:12 PM

    How fun that you met up with Karen!
    At your suggestion, I picked up Tout Sweet. Couldn't wait to get my hands on the next one and read them all over a weekend. Is she doing well? I was devastated by her loss and wish I knew that she's now ok. Does she plan to write more? Sorry, but you got me into this one.
    Always love to tag along on your French visits. BTW, I think you should go for it and move to Paris. You already have so many contacts there.
    Bonne chance!

  21. Susan Mc3:54 PM

    I am a faithful reader and devotee to your post - Love France, love dogs, love croissants, love patisseries, love la peinture - so
    PAris Breakfasts is a morning must for me.

    I am wondering if Biff is a Bouvier or a Briard or some other breed? I can't tell from his photo.
    And bon séjour en France!


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