Monday, July 09, 2012

Hermes Sale!

 The quest for orange is relentless in France.
 The orange bird of happiness is twittering away.
 Hermes had their semi-annual sale last weekend at the Palais des Congres. Today is the last day.
The details c/o My Little Paris.
 Ex-pat Mary Kay is our Hermes Sale expert.
 Are you champing at the bit?
 Hermes provides horsey set photos as to gaze at longingly at while you wait in the line.
 Once inside the drama begins. You may wear orange anything as long as it's NOT an Hermes items. L'orange homages going on right and left.
The price of the silk scarves is 175 euros marked down from 300 (or 305?) euros c/o Mary Kay.
 Mary Kay says women fly in especially for the sale.
 The vendeuse demonstrates the wearing of l'orange.
 You are only allowed to buy 10 scarves. The scarves are the hot items. Racks of clothing and menswear barely get a glance.
 The Hermes bag from the sale are white not the signature orange.
In fact all the solde/sale bags in Paris are white. No fooling anyone you paid full price, ahem.
A happy successful shopper.
That's an orange box/boite not an orange bag/sac she's shlepping.
 Bonne Shopping!
Sadly no orange macarons were served at the sale.  
Today I painted my nails orange - that's my homage.


  1. Carol, Come to think of it, maybe you should get a pair of orange glasses - now that would be truly distinctive! I'm so pleased that I had the opportunity to meet you at the Hermes sale on Friday afternoon. You're an intrepid woman to venture into such a place only hours after your arrival in Paris. I admire your stamina!

  2. Omg! I would love to have been there.

  3. Thank you for clarifying the orange box! I immediately wondered how she got an orange bag :-)
    Such a shame I have plans for today and can't make the sale.....:-(

  4. Just read this fun story and am wondering how discounted the famous Hermes scarves are, at the big sale? Did you find out, Carol? I am guessing prices are attractive enough if these women are willing to forego the unique experience visiting the Hermes flagship store [and potentially leaving with their amazing orange packaging] truly is... Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. it's terrible but I forget the price!
      How can this be
      Perhaps it was like 163 euros instead of 250 but I'm guessing.
      I have a very old one so I'm set forever.

  5. Paint the town orange! :-)

    Has anybody ever studied the psychology of discount sales at high end stores? One would think that stores like Hermès sell exclusivity, i.e. why would they ever discount anything? Are they discounting what was not attractive enough for the discerning customer?

  6. It's not Hermes orange, but I bought some bright orange ankle pants and a matching ruched t-shirt a few weeks ago. A la Marilyn Monroe, my latest obsession...

  7. .. love the Hermes scarf ... trying to keep away ... I have enough, been a bad girl in my earlier years ... I do like those orange/coral ones I saw in the back though .... that's he problem, always something new. Yes, how much you think discounted? .. thanks Carol, wonderful trip .. enjoy.

  8. My friend has 2 orange bags..a big market bag and a leather messenger one..I think they suit her so well:) A bright splash..The only orange I have is in the it's own spot..far from the pastels:)

    1. Yes ORANGE is very much IN this season are on the button.
      I now have transparent orange finger nails...

  9. Anonymous3:19 PM

    hello carol just a few questions where does the "Hermes" sale take place in well what wld be the cost of sale scarf???


    1. Just click on the invite for the vital information.
      I didn't bother checking the price.
      Shame on me.

  10. hmmmmmm. that's a tough one. do i really want a discounted
    "carre" if i don't get the bag and box to go with?????

  11. Geri, NJ4:10 PM

    Lately they've been advertising those very large scarves on the back of Elle Decor ~ I think the designs are lovely but seems like you would have to be very talented to wear them. This is, I think, the year of orange/tangerine, apparently, according to Pantone, the color authority, Hermes must be loving that.

  12. Very humorous - especially the second-to-last pic!
    I'm not fond of orange anything :) Obviously a sale I'm not going to be flying to....

  13. I too am not fond of Orange. A white bag would just show how smart I am to be finding such a good buy. :))I am behind in your blogs. Took a little time off for company last week. off to check the rest.

  14. Carol, you have made me smile yet again, with your lovely carrots photo leading into a great tip off about a sale at Hermes.

    As a former silk screen printer, I truly do admire the magnificent Hermes scarves, and always pay a bit of attention to their department at Bergdorf's. My own Hermes allegiance is to the scent 24 Faubourg that I have worn ever since its creation.

    Hoping that you will soon see blue sky over Paris...perfect contrast to orange. xo

    1. Who knew?
      You must miss it Frances?
      I'm sure you've seen the Hermes scarf book of all the designs...magnificent!
      I used to be addicted to that perf too.

  15. Anonymous8:52 AM

    The horse show at the Grand Palais must be GRAND! Have always wanted to go, thanks for the reminder!

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