Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bonjour Baron Haussmann & Daisy

 Have you wondered what goes on behind the grand doorways of Paris?
 Yesterday I entered
 And found out
 I was meeting a friend of a friend, Daisy
 The moment I entered I felt like a Second Empire grande dame.

 I lift my petticoats or I'll trip on the stairway, ahem
 Daisy's background is in Art History, so she filled me in on the architecture. The building is of course classic Baron Haussmann. Once all private apartments it's now a corporate headquarters. Still the remaining original details are exquisite
 Lovely curved shapes repeated over and over on windows, mirror frames, doorways creating a sense of classic balance
 The white-washed ceiling reliefs were formerly painted full-color.
Off to lunch, we lift our petticoats as we go.
What a stairway!
 Through the inner doors
 And out the front door. If you don't know where to look for the door buzzer, you could be a prisoner here for life. I can think of worse things...
Off to another grand building for an Italian buffet
 La vie est belle non?
 Bonjour Baron Haussmann!


  1. Lucinda5:14 AM

    Gawd you do lead the good life!
    What an experience to remember.
    Bon chance!

  2. Oh, merci beaucoup, Carol,
    that was an exquisite tour of a grand building!

  3. Loved being able to go behind closed doors. What a great job to go with that great name!!

    1. Yes, there certainly are mysteries hiding behind closed doors in Paris that delight.

  4. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Carol! How very lovely of you to write our lunch up. So glad you liked my office, I certainly was pleased as punch to meet you after all of our online visits!

    What movie is that lovely, liberating Audrey Hepburn photo from? You've inspired me to want to see all the movies I can think of that have scenes in the Louvre -- Godard's Bande a Part will be the first I look for, with their 3 minute chase scene through the Italian section!

    Such a shame you're missing the next Treasure Hunt, but next time!

    1. FUNNY FACE!

      A movie-related scavenger hunt in the Louvre would be terrific!

  5. Is it possible the location has been used for movie? i could swear I saw it on Netflix. a doctor worked there? i forget the name..
    Regardless.Love the building..
    Must be such a creative job .. fun..

    1. 450 sq meters of glorious Haussmannian space!?

      WOW I definitely need that!
      Here I am looking for a 'studette' for 15 mt...
      quelle dommage

  6. I love the idea of a race/hunt in the Louvre. What a great playground, what a fantastic obstacle course (dodging all the tourists, evading the guards). As of today consider me in training for my Louvre Run: if you see me dashing around Costco on Long Island with a shopping list and a stopwatch, that'll be me, practicing for my next trip to Paris and the Treasure hunt.

  7. Could that possibly be the Jacquemart-Andre where you are having lunch? If so, I didn't know that they had outdoor seating.

    1. the resto's name is ANTE PRIMO!
      Sadly it is closing end of the month so hurry!
      Someone bought thte building and is kicking them out
      Daisy will have no place to eat..
      vraiment triste :(

  8. Geri, NJ11:10 AM

    Oh! Those interiors are exquisite perfection. What lovely spaces to live/work in. Thanks for the Haussmann glimpse. What a fun idea for a business...I still remember the excitement of seeing Winged Victory for the first time. I would definitely join a Louvre scavenger hunt, or anywhere "A Paris" for that matter.

  9. Oh, my goodness, those buildings are soooo beautiful!! It sounds like you're having a wonderful trip. Hope Bear's enjoying himself, too. (Note to self: start saving money for a trip to Paris!)

  10. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Where is that beautiful courtyard where you had lunch?. I want to add it to my list of Paris courtyards you can visit without trying to sneak through a half open door!

  11. Carol, popping in to say bonjour and glad to see you're having a ball. Great to read about Daisy - she does sound so much fun and great idea with her tours. My girls would love a Louvre tour!

  12. Anonymous12:34 PM

    I've been reading your blog all this time and had no idea you were friends with Daisy! I have lunch with her all the time, I recognized those doors instantly :) Small world.

  13. How inspiring to work in such a beautiful building! And I love the new script font on your blog titles.

    1. Oooooooo
      you have VERY sharp eyes darling

      You R an ARTISTE for sure mon amie!

  14. Thanks so much for these posts.
    I have become addicted.
    We were just there a month ago and caught the Fete du Pain in front of Notre Dame.
    A real treat for me as an amateur bread maker.

    Keep up the good work.

  15. The pics are great - I'd love to see that in person!

  16. That was SO fun, Carol!

    Walking around Paris have wondered what's behind all of those imposing 'Alice-in-Wonderland' immense doors. I was told that one of the reasons for the fortifications (besides the obvious that WWI and WWII was fought on French soil, etc) was that the nosy taxman would peer in olden-day windows to make assessments!

    When my son was in grad school in Paris in International Relations...their program was housed in a gorgeous donated mansion like I recall over near or on Avenue Foch and evoked that sweeping feeling....and the more gracious manners that went along with them.

    Great post!

    1. AUO is like that -American University.....
      forget the rest of the name of it...
      AOU American Overseas University perhaps?
      Gorgeous too

  17. It's a far cry from my old office! Quelle dommage!

  18. I have always wondered........
    Now we know!! What treat for you see 'behind the scenes'.

    That courtyard for lunch looks incredible or shall I say 'incroyable'??

    I've been to quite a few apartments like these but it always amazes me how beautiful and grandiose they are.

    Great xx

  19. Carol, you do find the most fun & interesting places in Paris. Just when I think you cant possibly find something else new to show us you post it.


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