Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fraises Angelina

In July Paris becomes Berry Town.

 Angelina is putting their best strawberries/fraises forward in their vitrine.
 Strawberry jam/confiteur
 Nectar Fraise, which Karen Wheeler introduced me to, added to Perrier makes a refreshing summer drink in the hot weather.
 Have you tried Angelina's macalon?
A macaron elongated - so more to love.
 Tarte au fraise under glass.
 Don't you love how French pastry chefs take an old-fashioned classic like strawberry-rhubarbe compot and turn it into an elegant dessert/douceur?
 This strawberry concoction had me wondering...
 Was it related to Charlotte Russe?
 Usually made with lady finger biscuits?
 Keep researching and the answer comes to you - a variety of strawberry. La fraise Charlotte est très appréciée pour son goût très aromatique et parfumé, sur des notes de fraise des bois.
 What did I taste at Angelina?
Just ONE macaron (fraise bien sur).
 And a petit pot de glace
Want a bite?
If the sudden hot weather keeps up and I keep eating like this I'll have to head for the Paris Plages a toute a suite!


zz said...

Carol, they all look so delicious ! Adore your painting of Charlotte Russe, it is just DEVINE !!

Amy said...

That strawberry delight displayed on an upside-down wine glass under a cloche - I love it! Harry The Large Cat would have it knocked over in 1.5 seconds, so I can only dream about having this at my house...

Manda said...

Looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing & making my mouth officially water. :)
Eat Cake

Tiina A said...

Angelina looks like a perfect place for me!

Raids Pâtisseries said...

Angelina strawberry jam is excellent

I didn't know they made a charlotte aux fraises. I am eager to try it when back to Paris !

Not Just Another Milla said...

The desserts look so delicious! I've been to Angelina's twice and much preferred the Galeries Lafayette branch. How about you?

Parisbreakfasts said...

I went for the 1st time to Angelina-Galeries Lafayette and many times to the original..
I think I'm inclined towards where both Audrey and Coco got their chocolat chaud on rue de Rivoli Milla

Parisbreakfasts said...

I think it's Angelina's 'whoopie pie' version of a Charlotte. It has nothing to do with the variety of strawberries at all.
I had it tonight in a moment of temptation..meant for tomorrow's shoot.

Nikon said...

Everything is so colorful and bright in the post today. Red is always a "grabber." The light backgrounds and the reds look so summery to me...
I love your watercolor!

Frances said...

Oh Carol, merci for these beautiful strawberries. In a few minutes I'll be completing tonight's dinner with my own simple, but so delicious strawberries and cream.

Isn't berry season wonderful around the entire world?


Parisbreakfasts said...

yes indeed it is Frances
Though I think Paris makes a bigger thing of it. I saw giant strawberry earrings yesterday in celebration.

I hope the heat wave has stopped in NYC!

Anonymous said...

mortice lock

Strawberry invasion. lol
Oh My. These berry recipes looks divine. I just want to get my hands in all of them.

Judi said...

Your watercolor is gorgeous! I LOVE the way the present their food, flowers, .... everything. The artist eye is everywhere!

B said...

I love your blog, always so interesting!

Lori Lynn said...

Elongated macaron, like that!
Love your Charlotte painting, so sweet!

Anonymous said...

A macalon or a macalong !!
I know a bakery here that makes a macagéant but it's not very good.
However there is a MacDonalds in Ballarat, (Victoria, Australia) which offers macarons in 5 flavours for $2 each (1 euro...)!! But they are made at a local cake shop I believe...very good too!
How wonderful are your photos of patisserie in Paris. I should have lashed out more on the times I was there!
Gwendoline in Australia

Parisbreakfasts said...

Don't worry Gwendoline,
I'll 'lash out' for you!!