Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pascale le Glacier

 On Saturday Louise of Raids-Patisserie took us for a grand parcours/tasting of ice creams - 5 flavors!

 Have you heard of Pascale le Glacier?
I bet not.
17 rue Bois-le-Vent 75016
Metro: Passy

 Yet he provides the best ice creams to many, many restaurants and has won prizes for the special quality of his fruity, fresh seasonal sorbets.

 Over 60 parfums!

 Not cheap and you can't buy just a cone here

Intense fruitiness is guaranteed.
 Louise chooses our flavors to taste.

 Enfin we make a picnic on a banc/bench in jardins de Ranelagh. Chocolat has an almost mousse-like mouthfeel
Vanille is full of vanilla bean and exquisite - not too sweet either
Framboise could not taste more fresh or like real raspberries
Abricot is a bit 'farinee'/floury Louise declares..
Peche/peach is superbly peachy with a soft delicate mouthfeel

 Being in France is a constant challange

 To all the senses


 Hugo and Victor feeds the eyes and the tastebuds.

 Guerlain parfums are delicious for the nose...

 A feast for the eyes awaits in most vitrine/window

You feel constantly like a little kid.
Fresh and spontaneous.
Just open your eyes and enhale!


  1. I see that you have made a new tour of the 16th arrondissement! Things to discover everywhere! Waiting for your discoveries in the 19th, 20th...! :-)

  2. J in Danemark6:13 AM

    I LOVE your blog
    Such funny observations
    And hilarious candid
    pictures make me log on daily!

    1. Hahahaha
      so much ground to cover in Paris..
      Who knows when I'll get to the 19th or 20th..?
      Maybe I'll move there to find out?

  3. So much color! Love the pink and red roses together...and the scarf.

  4. That is so true! So many fascinating and beautiful things and food to discover in Paris! It is truly a feast for all of the senses.

  5. You're having way more fun than I am:) What a treat..It doesn't take much to enchant me so I can imagine what I would be like there.
    Un jour~

  6. Someone is having way too much fun in Paris ;-) These ice cream flavors sound wonderful. I spotted "la Fraise des Bois" on the menu list. It was always a favorite of mine chez Berthillon, on Ile St Louis. Bonne journee dans la capitale, wherever your Parisian adventures may take you, Carol. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  7. Bravo Carol, this looks like another good "tour" for the books! I have to agree with you about Paris being a feast for the senses! I don't usually do the food all that well, but the visual and the tactile are amazing! I wonder what you will find for us tomorrow? Have Fun! Kim

  8. Looks like your having a good time exploring - and Bear, too.
    I detect a touch of "Bringing Up Bebe." Be like a child & let your curiosity roam. (I like the dance show :)

    1. I am a child in Paris...
      completely undisciplined :(
      I need a good spanking

    2. Anonymous10:46 AM

      Bah! Go with what Nikon is saying and have some fun! :)

  9. A challenge to all the senses - too right!
    When it comes to ice cream I'm a slave to chocolate - your mousse-like tub has got me slavering.

  10. Oh yes. I want the Chocolate please. :)) Looks wonderful. So... are the tastings free or is there a fee? Look forward to more fun tomorrow. :)

  11. Geri, NJ10:43 PM

    Ooh la la I would take these challenges any time over my mundane challenges here at home!
    Lovely pics.

  12. Next time, try pamplelmousse, pomme verte, pave de Passy, Aramanac pruneax, poire, wait a minute! How about the whole left side of the menu?

  13. In fact, please don't post any more menus. I have spent the last hour choosing my flavors!! :-)

    1. I'm so glad I didn't have to choose the flavors!
      Louise said the PISTACHE is outstanding..I must go back!

  14. Another great post! Thanks for sharing!


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