Monday, July 16, 2012

Chateau du Petit Thouars

 I've stayed at a few chateaux in the name of research.
 I stayed overnight at Chateau Beaumont, Bordeaux in the broiling heat besieged by buzzing insects. I couldn't wait to leave that turret - not so romantic.
 But visiting Chateau du Petit Thouars
 In the Loire Vallee was an altogether sublime and serene experience.
 Painting onsite with a view of the vineyards...
 Even if I have been painting macarons
 Or the 30 acres of vineyards
 Or the Cabernet Franc grapes has been a sheer joy.
 I met Sebastien du Petit Thouars through the net. He asked me to paint the church he was getting married in and the rest is history.
 Speaking of history, Sebastien's ancestor, Georges Aubert, a consular under Cardinal Richelieu, bought the chateau in 1643. Sebastien's father replanted the vines in 1975.
 If you visit the views are superb
 The cellers produce up to 70,000 bottles of wine per year
 Château du Petit Thouars wines  have won many, many prizes
 Over the years including being cited by Decantor magazine in 2011
 Cremente de Rose:
Best enjoyed end of the meal with dessert tartes
eye - pale salmon pink
le nez - small red fruit aroma
in the mouth - small bubbles, good balance between acid/sweetness 
 Cabernet Franc Reserve 2009:
featured in Decantor 2011
'robe'/look-shiny, red garnet color
le nez/nose-ripe red fruits and raspberries
in the mouth- fresh balanced structure, light and delicate
 If you're into cats and dogs there are plenty of to keep you fascinated.
 Chateau dog, Dimitri will happily play ball with you between tastings
 Château du Petit Thouars is located between Chinon and Saumur.
Do stop in for a degustation/ a tasting. Or check out Argonaut Liquor in CO. Find Chateau du Petit Thouars on Twitter
and here.
A La Votre!


  1. Absolutely LOVE Walter-Mitty-ing this visit at the chateaux....till we get to the part where Dimitri wants to play catch between tastings....and my eyes have to follow the bouncing ball! I try valiantly to perform my half of the game, but "tasting" seems to have put me off my game!

  2. Painting and wine tasting - sounds like an artist's paradise!
    Beautiful castle and location.

  3. Magnifique! And your French language must be flowing like the wine! rita

  4. Haha it's the bottled chateaux that are the best kind, non?
    What a wonderful experience you're having, and a rare one for us since you've swapped Paris for gargoyles and turrets in the vineyards!

  5. Cool castle. Lucky winemakers if they live there, they'll have a long and healthy life:)

  6. "All in the name of research." mmmm-hmmm...

  7. Love your studio:) What a fantastic trip you are having!

  8. Many Thanks for the post, it's great !
    I really feel that you captured the atmosphere of the domain
    D and I look forward to seeing you again soon
    Have a great summer!
    Sébastien du Petit Thouar

  9. You've really outdone yourself on photo essays with this post.
    I love your artwork, the historic art, the maps and your photos! Great post!

  10. Simply gorgeous wines
    Larry Walker loves them

  11. Vivian S.10:42 AM

    who could not be creative painting in The Red Room?


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