Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Buon Giorno Venezia

 Bear is back from Venezia today and wants to share his adventuras with you!BEAR adoro San Marco. What's not to love?
And Italian gelato! Absolutemente perfecto! Ahhhh pistache Bronte... BEAR, being French (permesso Parisien) has expensive tastes it seems...ahem
So we go to Caffe Florian...
BEAR is crazy for Italian fashion.

The 'wrinkled look' is perfect for the traveler.

Non e vero?

BEAR spots his first Venetian dog...
On the vaporetto #1 Bear spots his first true Venetian...

You can tell by the complicated boots.
Venezia te adoro!


  1. Justine6:10 AM

    Io adoro BEAR!!!

    Grazie tanto

  2. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Oh my dear it all looks divine. I hope you had the best time and I can't wait to hear. Venice is a world apart.

  3. Mamma mia,
    che viaggiatore quel Bear! :-)
    Venezia, bella come sempre! :-)

  4. Hi!! What a great trip!! I was missing your wonderful posts!! Venezia is marvelous, I agree!! Enjoy it!! Beijo!!

  5. Bellissima Venezia.
    Grazie di amarla. ciao ciao

  6. I love Paris....but I adore Venezia!!

    Carol you are so right about the 'complicated' boots that Venetian women wear.
    So glad you had a wonderful time in Venice.
    What was your favorite Venetian experience??

  7. I'm so sorry we weren't able to meet in Paris, but it sure looks as though you had a magnificent time in Venice. I will add it to my bucket list! Rose the Rat Terrier sends her regards to you and Bear!

  8. Bear in the scarf is just too cute.

    looks like the weather was great as well.

  9. Thank for taking us along! I wish I was having a pistachio gelato too (and not sitting in a cubicle!) I adore my memories of Venice, and all of Italy.

    Steve and I just took photos at Caffe Florian. ;-)

  10. Geri, NJ9:01 AM

    Welcome back Lucky Ducky! My first laugh of the day...bundled up Bear looking very chic, then, complicated boots...thanks!

  11. Italian ice cream is the best in the world!

  12. Ciao

    That photo of Bear in the scarf is priceless.

    Naturellement, now that you're back in the City of Light, the rain has come back and it's brrrrr cold. I think Bear is going to need the scarf.

    Ciao ciao

  13. Hi Carol - such a darling post. Bear looks too cute in the scarf :)

  14. Oh, how wonderful - Bear did get to take a gondola ride! I was so hoping he'd do that.

    Delightful pictures. I spent one day in Venice a few years ago and this brings back wonderful memories.


  15. Oh Carol, lovely post I adore (as all French women do), the scarf in the first window!!

    I have a Giveaway from The Zhush I know you will love! Come & join!

    Art by Karena

  16. Ahhh, Venezia.
    So happy you and Bear are accessible once again. I agree; Bear looks like quite the gentleman in that scarf.
    Did you paint while in Venice?
    huh? huh?

  17. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Bear, swathed in his Venetian scarf, certainly brightened my morning! Ah! Venice - one of my favorite places.

  18. Yay! You're back! That photo of Bear in the scarf cracked me up. Venice looks amazing. Did you hear music in San Marco?

  19. Great photos of a great spot. You had sunshine, too! (Three days of rain for me.)
    Bear looks like he had a ball :) I hope that you did, too!
    The gelato is fabulous in Italy.
    I'm glad that the "rumpled" look is in style - I will be fashionable now....

  20. You are so fabulous - I love that you're in Venice & can't wait to hear all about it!

  21. I hope you post some Venice watercolors. Love your work

  22. So glad you guys had a great time. I was just planning to go to the big Canaletto exhibit here & thought to pop over & see if you had a post. Ecco.


  23. Bonjour Carol- I just knew Bear would love Venice - he is really loving the class and style of the Venitians and he looks so contented -perhaps that's all those little trips to posh eateries!! Non!

  24. marilyn5:59 PM

    bear has exquisite taste! i love venice & in may i am excited to say i get to find out just how much i love paris!

  25. Carol, it is delightful see how much fun you and Bear have had in glorious Venice.

    The photo of B with his stripes wrapped up in various designs is very charming. How did you get him to sit still long enough for that pose?

    I look forward to hearing more about your journeys.


  26. Charming signs and gelato shops...and the flavors! Looking forward to your Venice and Paris posts.

  27. Oh Bear, I want to travel with you.

  28. My heart skips a beat every time I see photos of daily life in Italy.
    How I wish I could live there!

  29. Love the vision of Bear wrapped in a n Italian scarf!


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