Monday, May 02, 2011

The Wedding


Comes the bride...


Mr & Mrs!

Le gateau...

Table for two...

My job as Auntie, was to create the 'Sofre Aghd' - a traditional Persian wedding table. (The bride is half Persian). I had many little helping hands mostly doing hand-to-mouth resusitation...

Everything on the table (always facing east the direction of the sunrise) is symbolic. The mirror and two candelabras are represent light and fire. A tray of 7 multi-colored herbs and spices to guard the couple against the evil eye...

A book of love poems, a bottle of rose water to perfume the air, a container of honey to sweeten life and a bowl of gold coins representing wealth and prosperity. The red rose petals and red heart confetti were my addition to the recipe... 'sustainable' dress by popular request. Merci H&M! The bride wrote a sustainable cookbook...




  1. Anonymous7:36 AM

    All gorgeous! What a treat. You also look stunning my dear. X

  2. Carol, your 'Sofre Aghd' table looks gorgeous and so does your dress! B:-)

  3. beautiful day, beautiful you!!

    I knew you could not resist doing a post on this very elegant, and just as I imagined it to be, very Texas wedding. That house looked like part of the set for "Dallas."
    And you looked sooo beautiful.
    It seems to run in the family.
    Congratulations to the bride and groom.

  5. Darling Carol,

    Wonderful wedding!!!
    Did the bride presented the guests with a souvenir?

    I hope you have a great week!!!

    Paula K.

  6. Congratulations to the happy couple! Love learning about the Persian wedding table.

    My favorite sustainable dresses are secondhand. :-) That one is quite nice!

  7. Justine9:25 AM

    They look SO HAPPY!

  8. Paula K.
    The souvenir the bride presented to the guests was their L O V E !

  9. Alison9:29 AM

    Great table!
    Great wedding pics!

  10. Charming, Carol! It looks like it was a beautiful day. I'm glad you got a photo of you in there, too! Congratulations to the lovely couple.

  11. This lucky couple chose the right "auntie"!!! Gorgeous details throughout - and lovely photos to remember them by! Such a lovely, lovely wedding. I heard there was another wedding this weekend, but it could not possibly compare to the intimacy and beauty of this one!

  12. Everything/everyone looks gorgeous! The house too is perfection! So unique. It looks edible!

  13. Oh Carol, what happiness your photos show!

    All the light, the colors, the peonies (!) the smiles, that lovely table with all its symbolism, the obvious love amongst all who were there.

    Wow! xo

  14. OH, so glad y'all had good weather. Today (Monday it is in the 50s...crazy Texas weather). I agree with everyone that you looked springy and lovely. Whata very handsome bride and groom and what a attractive and meaningful table you presented them. Is that a their home? because oddly enough I think I have been to that place for a friends wedding I wrong? Thank you for giving us a look and sharing this family time with us.

  15. What a beautiful wedding! And the table you created was a real gift - so artistic and so meaningful. Love your dress, too. That would be a dream to wear when playing the harp at summer weddings!

  16. Oh, Carol - I wish you had a better picture of you up there... you look adorable! Love the dress and hair and happiness. Love the table you created and your niece's dress too. And the peony bouquets. And the setting. What a fabulous and gorgeous wedding!

  17. Gorgeous bride, gorgeous table (I'm in awe - you are seriously multi-talented!), love your dress, and your concise description of the marriage process got a loud cackle from me! Great to catch up on your posts after being away, and to re-live Easter in Paris and Venice. Thanks!

  18. How swank! love the attire! love the cake! what a beautiful table and perfect weather! Much happiness!
    Jennifer aka Gigi

  19. THANK YOU for all your kind comments!

    The Wedding was held at The BARR MANSION in Austin where everything is ORGANIC not just the strawberries.
    The bride provided most of the items for the Persian wedding table - I got to set it up and add the rose petals...

    Amy, I wish we'd had you playing the harp...

  20. Foodwalker3:38 PM

    Beautiful job on the table.

    Your niece is gorge!

  21. What a great series of shots!
    I love the house and the outdoor setting - everything looks so American! It's beautiful and "dressed up," but not pretentious.
    Everybody looks so happy, too - I hope that they have a great life together.

  22. Looks really nice all this, but where are the macarons? :-)

  23. Peter I did find some MACARONS in Austin but not enough to add to the Persian table.
    Still it was a surprise.

  24. How lovely and beautiful indeed♥

  25. Lovely symbolism and ceremony. You look stunning!Your table turned out so creative and amazing looking, so thoughtful.

  26. I loved this delightful wedding! and your sustainable outfit is just gorgeous! Thank's for sharing the wonderful day with us. xx

  27. what a lovely Bride. Congrats to the Happy couple. Looked like a fun wedding and reception. You did a great job on the table.

  28. OH My God !! its Beautiful Wedding really fantastic this post for wedding. nice flowers and beautiful pair. perfect posting i love it .....

  29. What a beautiful wedding. Carol, you are so talented. Loved all the pictures and what a table you prepared. Cute dress, too!

  30. The sunlight on the beautiful stone work (dentil moulding, brackets, floral medallions, etc.) surrounding the quinticential gorgeous Parisian blue door is just stunning, Eric. This neighbourhood always reminds me of Bel Ami...with Georges prowling the streets formulating his plans to secure fame and fortune.


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