Tuesday, February 22, 2011

La Croix Verte!

Have you also wondered why ALL pharmacies in Paris are green/verte?
Have you too found taking pictures of them addictive?
M. says they are green after La Croix Verte during World War I - assistents to la Croix Rouge. I used to always find chic reading glasses at this rue du Four pharmacie 75006.
Along with the plethora of boulangeries on every other street corner are the pharmacies. Parisiens are well provided for...
Of course most of the products are in matching greens, even hair stuff..
Have you ever tried Caudalie skin products extracted from grapes green or otherwise ? Excellent!
A GREEN girl in a pharmacie vitrine...
Green teeth not WHITE!
How convenient to have a pharmacie nextdoor to La Maison du Chocolat...
All the more reason to eat up your greens in Paris...
Then you can leave room for DEL-MON-TEL's green dome...
Cherchez la grande croix verte!
If the pharmacie is closed, look on the door for another that is open (if you are in need).


  1. Very interesting post!

    I have to pay more attention to the Green Cross!
    I may be wrong, but it seems to me that I have noticed the one or other green cross, the same as I was in Italy last week.

    Happy greens to you! :-)

  2. Well, with your recent ailments, I'm glad you know where they are and what to look for, Carol! I've never seen the green cross before. Tres interessant!

  3. Bonjour PB~
    The "green" cross is so easy to see~it stands out from everything else!

    Qu'est-ce que c'est DEL-MON-TEL green domes??

    I love your color theme days!

  4. Parfait!!! ... Now you have answered at least one question I had ... if my reading glasses break, then I WILL be able to find new ones LOL! Yay !!
    Merci, encore, for a lovely post !
    Checking out your Etsy:)))
    Hope you are feeling better SOON!!

  5. I am green with envy if what you say is true and you can find CHIC reading glasses!!!! I own at least a half dozen pair and not a one is chic!

  6. Ooo, it seems that you like cakes and cafes too! I love them! :)
    Thank's for visiting in my blog.

  7. Yes! My good friend Gwyneth Paltrow (er, goop.com) recommends the Pharmacie for cosmetic items!

  8. Thanks for the info - I never knew about that!
    Great photos, as always - and the food..........:)

  9. Robin2:44 PM

    In Los Angeles the green cross is the symbol for the medical marijuana pharmacies, There are parts of town where there are more medical marijuana pharmacies than Starbucks!

  10. I found the perfect little shoe inserts at the Pharmacie so I could continue stomping around Paris in cute shoes. And they foot-savers are nowhere to be had this side of the Atlantic.

  11. How wonderful to write a vert/green blog just as we are thinking about St. Patrick's Day coming up!
    I love your blog, Carol. You always make me smile.

  12. I didn't know! The green is quite beautiful!

  13. Ah! yes I have had reason to visit the green cross place - they sell everything!! love the green cross..

  14. Tres important if you should stub your toe in Paris Bill!

  15. It's obvious that the French health insurance participates to inecrese the number of pharmacies! It seems however that times are getting tougher also for the pharmacies ... and some will disappear. Anyhow, when I compare to may native country where there is about one pharmacy for every 250 000 inhabitants ... and colour-less!

  16. You should save this post for saint patrick's day perhaps! I have always wondered why pharmacies are green... I wish they'd replace those flashing green crosses with something a little more soothing!

  17. Its interesting how a gray city can be so colorful if you only look. You do find lots of interesting theme colors.

  18. I really hadn't thought about it...but now that you've mentioned it, it's good to know! Love the Parisian pharmacies, and always kick myself for not bringing enough home

  19. I can't say I even noticed the pharmacy greens when I was in Paris, but this post did bring back a memory for me: a very nice pharmacist helped my companion discern what was bothering her eye. It turned out to be her contact, which she had thought lost. It hadn't fallen out but had rolled toward the back of her eye. We were grateful for Parisian pharmacies that day.

  20. Carol, I am going to have to check in with some folks about this green light, cross, etc. for French pharmacies.

    Meanwhile, no matter what color the light might be, I hope that you continue your recovery.

    Best wishes.

  21. This is a familiar sight to see and yes there are loads of them. I have heard it said that the French can be a tad on they hypocondriac side. ( no offence intended)
    Perhaps this is why.
    I know where to go if i need a band aid for my blisters :)

  22. MELISSA: I am sure if you were desperate for some medication that green light would be very soothing indeed.

  23. Haven't been in one of these pharmacies--love your color theme post and the nighttime reflections.

  24. I love my pharmacie on Rue Vavin! Whenever I visit Paris, I always visit there once or twice...a great place to purchase my Caudalie cologne spritzer and hand lotion, not to mention the luxurious Darphin skincare line!

  25. You are so right! I didn't even remember that..You, in the USA, don't have these green crosses!

  26. I love the green cross! I'd forgotten about it after our first trip to Paris, but loved it all over again on our second visit last year. It makes it so easy to glance down the street and find the chemist. So practical, and still so pretty.


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