Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bonjour Paris Spring!


 And shortie striped skirts.

Whilst eating some red berries... I got berrie thing at Gerard Mulot to paint... But I ate it :) I wanted to buy anemonies from my favorite fleuriste
On rue Vavin, but I'm off to VENICE TODAY! The trees were busting into bloom in the Luxembourg jardins
People were even wearing sunglasses!
Why not take a gardening class or arrange flowers at the gardens?
Why not write a letter in Spring green ink?
Or wear a floral hat...
From hat shop Marie Mercie...
Why not tie a pink bow around your waist like at Eric Bompard?
Even if you have no waist at all yet, wear a red bow for SPRING!
The Easter chocolate chickens are wearing them...
Everyone was out in the Paris cafes...
Even the Eiffel Tower poked it's head out from the clouds yesterday.
I decided to try my luck and get the best waffle/gauffre in Paris yesterday.
Well Le Figaro says L'Avant Comptoir has the best so it must be so. When I tried on Sunday I waited on line 45 minutes. Then at the take-away window they said it would be another 10 minutes! Well they only have ONE waffle/gaufre maker! I gave up and went away. But yesterday with Spring finally arriving with a blast I hit lucky and didn't have to wait at all.
YES it was well worth coming back for.
But perhaps I'll post on PB at a cyber cafe...qui sait?
I'm taking a petite vacance. Please excuse dearest PBers.
I'll be back onboard the 30th of March.
Patience et courage...ahem
Why not combine both with striped ballerinas?
Look! Yesterday the ballerinas were out in Paris.


  1. Beautiful photos, Carol! I especially like the Eiffel Tower shot with the streaks of light from the stars.
    The pastry that you ate looked fabulous, too :) All of the food shots are perfect....
    Have fun in Venice!!

  2. Beautiful!
    I did notice all the sunglasses yesterday, too....
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Justine5:38 AM

    A lovely taste of Parisien printemps!
    merci PB

  4. The city looks much better with sunshine! I love ballet flats, they're feminine and comfortable, but they seem a bit too expensive over there in Paris!
    Have fun in Venezia! I was there last June and was very hot and crowded. Probably this time of the year will be better?!
    Enjoy the beautiful city.

  5. Enjoy your break. Hope the weathre holds for you.

    Bonjour printemps!

  6. Many thanks for showing us Paris in early spring, Carol!

    Enjoy having a break from posting, while you explore the beauty of Venice.


  7. Have a fabulous time in Venice, Carol! I'll look forward to reminiscing when I hear what you've done. Safe Travels! Enjoy some gelato for me.

  8. Have fun in Venice!
    I'm going to Paris in less than two weeks, are there any spring fashion trends worth noting? I love your little compilation "French Girls" posts.

  9. Venice? No posts? Are you sure you're not sneaking off to the kitchen to make macs?

  10. Have a wonderful Venice holiday! Paris in spring is beautiful with the sunlight and gardens.

  11. Thank you for sharing with us, Carol! Have a wonderful break - looking forward to hearing about Venice when you return!

    (P.S. Bear loves those striped ballerina flats, right?)

  12. I'm sooooooooooo glad you're going to Venezia. Yes!

  13. Enjoy Venice! (I hope you're going to take Bear on a gondola ride to celebrate his first birthday.)

  14. Have a wonderful time in Venice! You are so good to your dear PBers. We will be happy to be here after the 30th.

  15. Pamela in the UK12:45 PM

    Thank you so much for the beautiful photographs which really convey the spirit of Paris this spring and so sensitively observed. For those of us who can't be there just now it really puts us 'in touch' Have a lovely time in Venice and thank you again.

  16. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Love ur pics! Have a wonderful time.

  17. Happy vacation. Take time off and FORGET blogging for a while.....there is more to life than Le Blog!
    Have fun.

  18. Sunshine at last! Lovely, lovely pics, thank you. The waffle has me drooling - how have I missed these in Paris? Have a fabulous time in Venice, bonnes vacances!

  19. Everything looks amazing!! I can't see your Paris photos without hardly wanting to be in every single place. I love Paris...and I love your blog too, 'cause it let me too the Paris's best things! Thanks!! Beijo!!

  20. Hi Carol,

    It was lovely to discover your wonderful blog.
    I love Paris and we were there in January and seeing all your photos, makes me want to go back soon.
    I love your sweet Bear.

    Have a fabulous time in Venice.

  21. Great photos. Have a fun time. Look forward to the photos you take.

  22. Your stories with photos are so very clever. I enjoyed today's tremendously from Northern Canada (where Spring is nowhere to be found). You certainly deserve a few days off!

  23. Whaaaaat!!!
    You ate your still-life?
    Didn't they teach you in art school to never eat the still-life? must have been excited about heading to Venice.
    I know I would.
    Have fun and share!

  24. Are you sure that was a hat? Well, I guess in Paris they can call it whatever they want. By the way, I would have eaten the pastry, too.

  25. Wonderful spring in Paris!
    Bon voyage,
    tante belle cose a Venezia,

  26. Anonymous4:26 AM

    It's snowing here in NYC as I type this!!! So jealous of you, Carol!

  27. Please tell me where I can find the chocolate chickens! Thanks.

  28. Love the bows! I just rewatched Umbrellas of Cherbourg and my favorite part of Catherine Deneuve's outfits were all the bows.

    Have a fantastic time in Venice and thank you for sharing all these photos with us. When I think of your site I think: joyous, colorful, sumptuous!

  29. Anonymous12:50 AM

    ahhh---Venice. This is the pace there is no need for distraction. Enjoy enjoy enjoy and we will catch up on your return. How exciting!! x

  30. What a really fun post, Carol. Made me laugh with the ballerinas: looks like they're still in fashion this year! Hope you're lapping up life in Venice and enjoying to the full!

  31. Fernanda Scagliusi6:08 PM

    Dear Carol, I tried to read but I was not able: what is the label of the stripped flats, please? Thank you very much!

  32. Your post was a true breath of Spring for this soggy, grey Atlanta day.

    Wish we could be in Paris or Venezia with YOU!

  33. AM

    I love all of your posts , it feels that im taking a tour of paris from my living room. ive been to paris once and planning returning soon ...

    i also want to know about the striped ballerina flats, please give more information :)

    enjoy paris, its raining in california , spring is so far away

  34. mais oui! spring in paris and spring in paris is divine. thanks for posting delicious photos!

  35. This was so wonderful to see. I arrive in Paris on March 30. I was wondering about the blossoms, and what was blooming. It was so exciting to hear about the trees in bloom. I love the photos and they make it very difficult to wait four days until we arrive. Thank you for the great photos.

  36. Tuesday, March 29, 2011

    Thinking of you!
    I hope your Venice spring is at least as beautiful as it is here in Vienna: sunshine and temperatures inviting you to spend time outdoors.
    Can't wait to see your impressions of Venice,
    big hug,

  37. Ouuuuu!!Your blog is so, so, so, wonderfull!!!!

  38. Carol, I hope you are having a wonderful trip.....xv

  39. ... and I didn't hear from you while you walked around in the nice spring weather! :-(

  40. Are those cherry blossom trees in Luxembourg jardins? Asian cities are also beginning to bloom with them.
    Thanks for your wonderful posts.

  41. I love ballet flats, they're feminine and comfortable, but they seem a bit too expensive.


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