Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bonjour Paris!

A quickie post from Paris!
I overslept!
I can't see straight either - a bit fuzzy here...
And I'm running to the St.-Germain piscine.
Now AirFrance displays arrival in Paris from a camera on top of the plane (TMI/too much information in my humble opinion) but the ride over on a 380 Airbus was smooth as silk if sleepless.
I reccommend highly taking Roissey-Opera bus into Paris. You'll get acclimated more quickly and you'll catch up on sleep you missed the ride over. *Must remember: prep pre-trip next time by sleeping upright in a chair two nights before. First goofy French stuff seen immediately upon exiting the bus at Opera. First amazing pastry I bought at Lenotre (spotted exiting Ecole Militaire metro). Disasterously ruined by bad packing malheureusement. First Metro.
Excellent lunch at the Canteen downstairs at Merci.
First Eiffel Tower (seen on a cup on rue Jacob)
A quick whirl around the new FAB Left Bank Hermes (more to come)
Vitrine at Pierre Herme.
Tomorrow is MACARON DAY!

It's always Spring at Au Nom de la Rose on rue Cler.
Patisserier Gerard Mulot is ready for Spring - but it's raining and I left my umbrella at home.
Yellow duckies at Bonton.
Stripes as always at St. James.
Older French Girls wear RED shoes (as always)
BEAR (who I almost left sitting on the living room couch eeek) is busy bear shopping.


  1. Boy, you were busy!!
    Great shots of the chocolates and pastries, and the museum, and the girls, and everything :)
    It looks great there.
    (BTW, doesn't the woman in the "Merci" look like someone out of Rembrandt?)
    (You almost forgot Bear......?)

  2. Anonymous5:31 AM

    Oh I am going to be glued to your posts now...not that I wasn't before. I can and can't believe you are there!!!---gleee. You must be loving it -- how long?

  3. What a whirlwind tour already, Carol!
    Jet lag should be a bit easier, only five hours time difference (Europe has not changed to Daylight Savings Time yet), but you act as if there were none at all. Wow!

    May Paris be full of macarons and fabulous sights and surprises!

  4. Nicole6:25 AM

    Wow Carol, I am soooo jealous and hanging on your every photo. Was there this time last year and can through your photos can live breathe and smell it again (all the way from Australia). Thankyou so much and enjoy xx

  5. Welcome home Caroll ;) I hope that the weather will get better during your journey here!

  6. When will I ever be there for Macaron day?
    PS. try the butternut squash soup at the book cafe the next time you're in Merci, its swooningly delicious!

  7. What beautiful pics! I feel like I'm in Paris with you, but sadly am not. Is there really an official macaron day? Tres bien! Enjoy!

  8. What a fantastic post!! I felt myself visiting Paris!! I can't believe: macarons day?? I woul be crazy!! And that Pierre Herme...stunning!!! Have a marvelous trip!!! Enjoy it!! Beijo!!

  9. Everything looks lovely, even in the rain! Was hoping to get to NYC tomorrow for Mac Day but not to be...will be seeing Mr Big on Wednesday on the rain! Enjoy yourself!! :)

  10. I was thinking Vermeer Nikon...
    It's cloudy today and chilly
    Of course I left my winter coat at home..
    c'est la vie :)

  11. The streets, windows, people--amazing as always! Love your firsts.

  12. I love each and every post!! So excited you are in Paris!! I am counting the days (weeks) until I will be there in May... until then I hang on your every word (and picture)!!!


  13. I woke up this morning and the first thing that popped up on my computer was a calendar reminder that today is Macaron Day.

    I have had it on there since your trip last year. Unfortunately with an unavoidable conflict (damn work) I will be there in spirit only. By now you are dashing from one PH to another with Bear by your side to reach the finish line with all of the little shops checked off. You will soon have that precious stash of victory.... more macarons!!

    Be safe, be quick, be crafty.... may the force be with you!

  14. Anonymous10:52 AM

    WoooHoooo! You've landed with a big splash!

  15. What a lovely sight to see this morning, all of your beautiful pictures of Paris! I particularly love pictures of that city that also have a bit of whimsy and yours sure fit the bill! Thanks for sharing :-)

  16. Your post always bustle so happily with life, especially in Paris!

  17. Bienvenue à Paris! Hope to see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Yay--I do hope you and Rick visit. Hav a blast, Carol: "...and she's off!"

  19. Oh lucky you...back in Paris. And tomorrow is Macaron Day. Can't wait to see all of your adventures.


  20. Love, love LOVE hearing from you.......via Paris Breakfast.......especially while YOU are IN PARIS!!!! And I am sitting at my dining room table with piles of books and detailed lists of Patisseries, Boulangeries, Cafes, Brasseries, Markets, Museums, Shops, Walks, Monuments, and all wonderful things Paris! We leave in 4 weeks to stay in an apartment in the 16th for three whole weeks, and I am READY!!!! I am doing all this prep work now because when we get there I know we will be overcome with the beauty and excitement of Paris.

  21. Bravo! Sounds like Day 1 was brilliant. Can't wait to hear about what you do tomorrow!

  22. Your pictures make my soul smile :)

  23. Michelle11:19 PM

    J'adore your post! I really felt like I was arriving in Paris myself, but goodness! You covered a lot of ground your first day. Special thanks for the Laduree vitrines. It doesn't seem like I'm in Paris until I see those beauties. Not going myself this Spring, but your post is the next best thing. Have a blast and I certainly hope you made the best of Macaron Day. Hurray for Pierre Herme!

  24. I'm so glad you're there! And just in time for macaron day. Macaron day. I'm going to declare one of the days in my life Macaron Day. And soon.

  25. OK I want one of those mugs. It has the Eiffel Tower on it and a paint pallet. Pretty cool.

  26. I can and can't believe you are there!!!


Love hearing from you