Friday, March 11, 2011

Bluebelle and Pebbles Go To Paris

The Year of the Rabbit, 9" x 11"

~Rosie in the UK contacted me, saying she wanted to send her 2 Bunnies to Paris I was thrilled. Visions of Peter Cottontail danced in my head... When at last Bluebelle's photo arrived I was a little taken aback. Who knew not all rabbits have up standing ears?
Or that a very fine rabbit like Pebbles can legitimately have one ear up and one ear down? Meet the Lop Eared Rabbit!  Some bunnies are quelle ordinaire.Paris is full of lapin it turns out.
Surely it's the perfect place for Bluebelle et Pebbles to spend their Easter vacance.
They will be in very good company.
Do you have a bunny begging to go to Paris? Or a chicken perhaps? Why deprive them?

Once they've had their fill of macarons, what's to stop them high-tailing it over to Au Lapin Agile to down a coupe with Picasso.
Lop Eared Bunnies have quite won my heart. What about you? They're ever so friendly. Just watch the video and you'll be smitten.



  1. Oh's totally cute!!! xx

  2. I'm sold! But the bigger question is........Does Bunny 'go' in a litter box inside the house?

  3. Justine4:09 PM

    Are bunnies allowed in Paris cafes?
    You didn't say...
    The deciding factor..ahem

  4. Ohhhhh, Carol--I am laughing out loud. YOu are a riot. That painting you did of those two is hilarious--too cute. I love the lopsided ears all askew. You are the best: you'll take on anything. These bunnies are pretty funny...but I'm not sure the Mistress is going to approve. Hahaaaaaa.

  5. Wonderful blog! Stumbled upon it in search of Au Petit Bonheur la Chance (as seen in a magazine) and there you were! And, yes, bunnies do indeed "go" in a litter box. My two do and every other house bunny I know do as well. But do be aware that buns are delightful pets lovers have interesting couches, bunny lovers have...ahem...ruffled wooden baseboards...

  6. Bumptious bunnies!
    That's for sure.

  7. Anna-Maria A.12:47 AM

    Adorable little critters
    Almost like kittens...sort of
    Who knew?

  8. Hi Carol...visiting your blog is one delightful experience! Lovely watercolours and beautiful pics :)


  9. My two do and every other house bunny I know do as well. But do be aware that buns are delightful pets

  10. I love it - this is so cute!
    Great watercolors and all the bunny pics........very cute, Carol.
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Love the one in front of laduree. you paint so well! i have a new online boutique with a giveaway if youd like to join. Fiona

  12. So lovely bunnies! And also those Alice's cafe photos earlier are so interesting!! =O)

  13. Bonjour PB~
    This is a change and SO-O-O cute!
    Love les lapins!

  14. I have a bunny begging to go to my mom's - I bought it at the Philadelphia Flower Show where the them is Springtime in Paris! Love your array of Bunnies - especially the painted ones you did!

  15. OH there have been many 'lapin' posts at PB
    Just click the links...
    but no other live lapin before.
    I hope more will now HOP forward Suzanne.
    xxx Carolg

  16. Thanks for the bunny blog....reminds me of my dear departed Mocha, a chocolate angora rabbit....what a sweetie. I actually have lots of his fluff to spin and knit. And, yes, he was housebroken....hopped into his crate to go in his plastic box full of hay.

    I also enjoyed your Alice's Tea Cup post...I've been there and it is fun for lunch. Great desserts and cookies; I plan to check out their cookbook.

  17. It warmed my heart to see that video. The pure happiness of that gorgeous lapin. I'm yearning for one of those soaps, and I love your watercolors!

  18. Julie - those rabbit 'soaps' from Laduree are really chocolate - they do look a lot like soap though...

  19. Such delightful rabbitery going on here!
    I think I would go for the real thing instead of chocolaty ones that look like soap. ;-)

    I did not know that the Lindt Golden Bunny is available as a Plüschtier (look, girl, no calories!).

    Btw, spring has arrived in earnest here, almost 70°F!

  20. CUTE! Some days I feel like I have one ear up and one ear down.

    I don't have any bunnies wanting to go to Paris, but Harry The Cat is all packed and waiting for his plane ticket to arrive to accompany you!

  21. Merci, now I know what a Lop is, I kept seeing a handmade sign hung out in front of a house on my travels back and forth to Hobart 'lops for sale' and I was continually mystified. Found you blog because I am Francophile who travels to Paris every year. PS like your illustration style tres bon. Roz (currently in Brisbane, Australia)

  22. Those rabbit 'soaps' from Laduree are really chocolate - they do look a lot like soap though..

  23. Bluebelle & Pebbles4:54 AM

    La peinture,c'est arrivee
    I just wanted you to know that the painting arrived today and I'm absolutely delighted with it. It's arrived just in time for my birthday so I/m doubley pleased.
    Thank you so much and also for all the beautiful little souvenirs of Laduree etc. I'm chuffed.
    I'd never heard of 'Laduree' or the famous 'macaron' until I read your blog - so I'll be checking them out when I next go to Paris

    anyway thank you again

  24. Bunnys are so kilt!!! and your paints too!

  25. Found your blog 'cus you've linked to my Bunny-youtube-video. I think my bunny looks a lot like the one on your very cute painting. :)

    And I can tell you, that yes, my Bunny uses a litter box and runs free in my apartment. Just like a little cat.

    Thanks for linking and have a lovely day.


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