Thursday, March 03, 2011

Del Posto

Printemps Daffodils, watercolor at Etsy, 9" x 11"

Printemps thumbnails...


I has a Spring lunch at Del Posto yesterday at 85 10th avenue...
They have one of the best prix fix lunches in town ($29! for 3 courses)
Bowers of orchids greet you in a gracious, airy space...

My first course was a mini jungle of roasted winter vegetables...
Whoops I forgot the amuse-bouche - little cups of soup and risi bisi/rice balls with gold dust sprinkled on them...
My niece had a lobster thing first...
My main was sea bass with droplets of Campari/blood red orange and sauted radiccio. Verdict = Out Of This World!
My niece's fiance had the Artic char with truffles and chestnuts. But we were not allowed bites. Suffice it say it was divine as well...
Well heck EVERYTHING was divine. The desserts were perfection - delicate and light.
The Butterscotch semi-fredo is reknown at Del Posto but the fiancee ordered it, so it was look but don't touch...ahem
Isn't this a great way to serve a pistachio chocolate cakelet with a slice already cut out? It was perfectly accompanied with a dollop of tart yogurt gelato.
And not to forget the tiny little caramels, popcicles and truffles post-dessert.
I was walking on air post-lunch at Del Posto...
But these 'green' cats and dogs in a vets window brought me down to earth quickly...


  1. I love that opening water color - the blues are great!
    Del Posto seems like a bargain, the food looks great & the price is very reasonable. (As to portion size..........:)

  2. Wonderful job on the Blue Willow pattern of the cups. I recognized it immediately. I can't wait for spring either. It's so brown in Denver :(

  3. Lovely watercolor. Lovely lunch too. I want that chocolate goodie the Niece's fiance ordered. :-)

  4. I really like how you simplified the BW dishes--my grandmother gave me a tea set of BW dishes and a matching tablecloth,too. It's one of my prized possessions, because it reminds me of her...

    love these wc's, Carol.

  5. Oh, such bounty! Never would I have imagined that simple risi e bisi of my youth (rice and peas). one day would come sprinkled with gold!

    The painting is exquisite, it sings of spring.

  6. Just how attached to the fiance is your niece? I'm not sure he sounds like family material with that no-bit policy.....
    painting of Kitchen Aid and new batch of macs coming right up. Bear's wish is my command!

    The main was really BIG.
    I cleaned my plate
    Well several times over :)
    Yr truly
    The Plate Cleaner

  8. that's pretty amazing for 29.00 for lunch.
    Looked lovely.
    Good ideas.

  9. Monica C.12:55 AM

    I love your blog!
    I just love your work! Congratulations!

  10. Anonymous2:09 AM

    What a gorgeous post! I love the water colour, I LURVE the food ...and the food and the food.

  11. Now I am hungry...what a meal!! I loved the first picture! It's great! And what about that cat?? Cute!!! xx

  12. Another delicious post, Carol.
    Love it when you include your little studies (works of art unto themselves, for sure) showing how you and your brush think, leading up to the painted entree. Yummy.
    Maybe someday I'll get to meet the fiance?

  13. Jealous...
    of your lunch at Del Posto...
    looks devine.
    Love your iris paintings.
    xoxo Pam

  14. I loved, LOVED the watercolor of the blue porcelain! Beautiful colors and details.
    We need more of that! Great work.

  15. I have yet to get here as I know it is wonderful and the lunch is a great way to go. Glad to hear you are feeling better with your back. Just saw the Phillie Flower Show yesterday and it was wonderful. Springtime in would be painting like crazy!!

  16. Mmmmmiam! $29 lunch special? Sign me up - looks wonderful! (good practice for Paris, n'est-ce pas??)

  17. Hi Carol - that is some lunch! Every dish looks so delicious, what a terrific deal!

    Nice to connect with you again. Thank you for all the kind words on my blog photos.

    I think of you often because I have your paintings hanging in two of my rooms, and enjoy them as much as ever!


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