Monday, March 21, 2011

Jour du Macarons 2011

It's March 20th so it must be MACARON DAY!
It’s already 10:15 and we're late.
The FREE macaron party began at 10 am. Of course there is a donation for a worthy cause, 'Autour des Williams'.
BEAR studies Pierre Herme's map of 8 places to visit for FREE macarons(3 chaque fois)!
1st stop Pierre Herme 72, rue de Bonaparte - une grande ligne already.
 Temptation dans le vitrine.
What flavors to choose?
Many new exotic flavors of the 25 macarons on offer:
Asperges verte & huile de noisette
Metisse:carotte, orange & canelle
Depayse: The vert Matcha, haricot rouge azuki, citron vert & gingembre
Infiniment Jasmin
Coing & rose
Figue, eglantine & foie gras
I am collecting for French Girl so I'll get all new strange flavors.
Instant gratification dans le rue
A baby gets the best view
BEAR looks inside
Carefully orchestrated pandemonium on rue Bonaparte
So much so that we get to sneak some photos
Of the prized macarons - miam-miam
BEAR is quietly humming, "Oh Happy Day"
Off to P.Herme 185, rue de Vaugiraud- here calm reigns supreme.

So many PHs line the walls they're reflected in my watch.
Nice design! 
11:15 am
Une figue macaron svp.
Next stop P.Herme Publics drugstore - 133, Champs-Elysees.
We are joined by many fellow macaron seekers.
Everyone in Paris shows up for Jour du Macarons including serious bikers.
At P.Herme 4,rue Cambon the line is short and fast.
No Parisian dogs are waiting for maybe on rue de Rivoli.
Les macarons Pierre Herme wait for Fr Girl.


  1. Dear Carol, I see you are having fun exploring every food place! I am sure Bear made you do it!
    Is Bear gonna get a girlfriend in Paris to bring home?
    Hope the sun will shine soon. I see a lot of people still wearing their Winter clothes!
    Enjoy every minute my dear, we will be following you.

  2. Ah, Carol's wonderful World of Macarons (CWM)!
    Merci for taking us along,
    a bear hug for both, you and, er, Bear,

    Pushing a huge piece of blue sky from Vienna towards Paris!

  3. ong! i adore macarons! what a nice day!thank you for sharing!
    take a look at my blog and my first giveaway if you want!:D

  4. Oh my! Macaron Day! This should be a must for every country in the world! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Amazing! I love macarons:)

  6. One of the best days of the year I'm sure. Those macarons look so delectable - enjoy and have a few for me too!

  7. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Fantastic! They put on a special day just for you!
    And... I looked at the weather report it looks decidedly fantastic with clear skies.
    Lucky lucky you.
    Save some for me !

  8. Geez, I'm really hungry for a macaron after reading your play by play of the day!

  9. Knowing you are once again in your beloved Paris, and enduring long lines for macarons, makes me very happy, Carol. Especially 'cause here in Philly it is cold, and rainy, and
    no way would I consider leaving my house this day...even for a macaron.

  10. Je marche sur les pas de Harriet - she took the words right out of my mouth.

  11. Thanks for the excellent reportage, Carol. It's 3.25pm in Paris as I type this & I expect you are having tea (& goodness knows what else:) I hope you're feeling well. Have a great aft/evening. Looking forward to tomorrow's update.


  12. One can only guess at the flavor of the asparagus translated to mac.....perhaps the filling is hollandaise?

  13. Thank you for the tour des macarons, Carol. Apparently, while I was working yesterday, there was a similar celebration here in NYC. (I read about it today in the NY Times. And learned that one should eat a macaron the day after it is baked. Vraiment? How is it possible to wait?)

    Best wishes to you and M. Bear.


  14. Bonjour, YUMMY! I hope you ate a lilac one for me...

  15. So exciting! Too bad I missed the events in New York City since I'm only here for work during the week.

    I still dream about a cappuccino macaron I ate in Paris! And the honey lavender ones at Macaron Cafe in New York City.

    Thanks for letting us eat vicariously through you! :-)

  16. Sounds like a fun way to spend the day--eat s few for me, Carol!

  17. AyyyCarol! Bellísimos, apetecibles y envidiables macarons! Estoy tan lejos y me enloquecen!!!! Besos, Gloria.

  18. I am completely jelous!!! You are a very happy girl, with your lucky bear!! Tell what about those diferent macarons it good?? Beijos!!

  19. Marina, Wait until tomorrow!
    I spent today with Jill Colonna of MAD ABOUT MACARONS book
    I think I will try to make them when I get home at last!!!

  20. PS
    Suzi, Macaron Day has been going on for SIX years now.
    I've done 4 and BEAR has attended TWO!

    Frances, it's true that macarons need to set/sit a day for the flavors to deepen or so they say...

    Jeanette, I am curious about the asperge myself. I will report back soon.

  21. Well done, Carol! I'm sad to have missed Macaron Day, but with Pierre's expanding empire, I'm afraid it's all but impossible to get a free boite at the end of it all. Sadly, I didn't get out for NYC's version.

  22. Bear must have had a great time with all the macarons! What flavors did he try?
    Enjoy sunny Paris!

  23. Hope the sun will shine soon. I see a lot of people still wearing their Winter clothes!

  24. Great photos, Carol.
    You really captured the essence of the day.
    Great to see that Bear is in the lead for you!
    I've still never had a macaron!!

  25. Yummmm those macarons look amazing!!
    Have a fantastic time in Paris with Bear! I always enjoy your posts.

  26. *NEWS ALERT!!
    (For Sweet Freak)
    There was a change this year..ahem
    Last year if you got stamps from EVERY PH shop on the macaron 'card' in the end you got a free box of macarons (36 macs!!).
    This year instead there was a drawing for a tea at Le Royal Monceau (they only serve Pierre Herme desserts).
    c'est comme ca.

  27. Billie1:27 AM

    I can’t believe you’ve been posting since 2006 and I didn’t discover you until today! You’re postings make me want to go to Paris and eat pastries, and your paintings are like jewels. I’ll enjoy catching up on all I’ve missed these past 4 years.

    Kind regards,


  28. This should be a must for every country in the world! Thanks for sharing.

  29. Enjoy every minute my dear, we will be following you.And I see a lot of people still wearing their Winter clothes!

  30. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Always a joy reading your blog. I've added it to my blogroll so I can read it everyday :)

  31. Ah, oui. You may not have the most spring-like weather as we do in le sud, but we do not have le jour du macaron. Hmm, a perfect Spring day, or a perfect PH macaron? Difficult choice!

  32. I adore your blog and drool in anticipation, waiting for each new post. Come visit soon, when you are out" bon vivanting" around new york. Macaron smooches.

  33. Bonjour Carol! New to your blog and i was immediately drawn to your macaroon photos/adventures. You paint beautifully and have exquisite taste.


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