Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Gelato Diet!

The Gelato Diet (or dieta) requires you... To eat THREE gelatos a day... Preferably in a conno or cone. And you MUST be in Italy. This regime works no where else. Where to get started? Look for giant colorful triple cone displays.
It could be a sign...
You will want to get to know your sizes:
Piccolo (small)
Media (medium)
Grande (BIG)
Gigante is also on offer. Doing a bit of comparison pricing is fub but as a rule this dieta will not break le banco Please note sizes can often be displayed diagramatically...
If the cone is chopped off at the bottom not to worry. This will not effect weight loss.
Getting to know your flavors is hard work - there are many!
Have your Italian dessert and eat it too.
Don't worry.
Be happy.
If you are Viennese, non problemo.
There is Sacher Torte gelato especially for you.
Who knew 'Galak' was white chocolate?
Some people will only eat pistacchio, pistacchio...
 Exercising on the Gelato Diet?
The answer is on the counter in 5 languages:
Il gelato da passeggio non puo essere consumato al tavolo! Grazie. Ice creams purchased at the bar may not be enjoyed sitting at the tables!
You must walk with your gelato - this is great exercise.
You will not be alone on The Gelato Diet.
There are many support members to team up with.
When do you get the sylph-like figure you've been dreaming of? Molto simplice. You MUST leave Italy. Go to Paris. No gelato tastes the same outside of Italy.
Going cold turkey/tacchino freddo is the way to fit into that Eres bathing suit. Where to get your Gelato in Venice?
Try: Fantasy, Il Gelatone, Il Pinguino, Da Nico, Alaska, El Todaro, Lo Squero, Suso, Millevoglie etc.
For the BEST gelato in the world you MUST go to Bologna to Sorbetteria Castiglione. Just 1 1/2 hours away by Eurostar train from Venice and well worth it!
BUON GIORNO Gelato Dieta!


  1. Nathalie6:20 AM

    Galak is a famous Nestlé white chocolate bar made in Switzerland

  2. I could get used to that kind of diet :)

  3. Anonymous7:00 AM

    You found it! The perfect combination - sunshine and gelati!!!! Oh you are so clever. I am trying to think of my favourite flavours, ummm...ferrio roche' yum! x
    I think it might be called Baccio

  4. Buon Giorno,
    Regina del Gelato! :-)

    Does the diet also work if I only look at your gelato pictures?

  5. I love your blog and love il gelato di iogurt!!

  6. Anonymous8:26 AM

    I am wishing I was there!

    I am wondering if there is any more info on the Marthe de Florian on the other side of the pond.


  7. My kind of diet. Cute post, Carol. I'm drooling. Well, gelato has less fat than ice cream, so it's a start right there. AND it's calcium. So I'd happily jump on the gelato dieta wagon. It's positively great for you!

  8. I am in!!! This is the perfect diet!! Love this post, as always!! haha
    That disply with the ice creams sizes could be in my kitchen (so cute!!).
    Enjoy and go on in the diet!!!Kisses and hugs, Carol!!

  9. Haha oh carol! This is why I will always love your posts: your humour, your images, and your little stories that make me (almost) believe that one day I can live in these beautiful places and eat beautiful things. I love this diet. This is definitely one we could all stick too ;)

  10. Carol, you are one very good artist but one very bad girl!
    If I were to follow that Gelato diet
    as prescribed, my waistline would go from media, which it now is, to grande and to gigante in no time.
    And I cannot remember the last time I saw piccolo in the mirror.
    Delicious post!

  11. uau, a gelato diet?

    i'm not a diet person, but a i can easily agree with this diet. Yes i do.

  12. Sign me up!

    Even though it's still too cold here in Minnesota for ice cream / gelato, not you've given me a craving...

  13. I second the other Amy: Sign me up! A gelato diet sounds perfect for my tastes.

  14. Enjoyed this post. But now I'm craving gelato! Anxious to start my 'diet'.

  15. Finally! a diet I can get on board with...but my, oh, my all that Eurostaring..plane flying...Italian city hopping...ah, well as with all good pain,no gain. Thank you for this calorie-free (at least on our end) gelato tour/torture ;) Gelato diet here I come.

  16. Ah PB~
    I love that you love gelato!!!!

  17. What flavor did I have?



    For me Gelato = Pistachio

    C'est comme ca!
    xx Carolg

  18. Show me where to sign for the Gelato diet! I promise not to make a fuss.

  19. My favorite Italian food!
    Best ice cream I've ever eaten! (And so many flavors!)
    (I always liked Katie Holmes :)

  20. I believe I could follow that dessert! That pistachio looks DIVINE!!!!

  21. Love it! When I was in Rome savoring zucchini marina pizza, Steve and I sat next to a charming Italian couple. The husband's eyes lit up talking about the Häagen-Daaz rum raisin ice cream he had in the states and so longed for it. A treat readily available to them is so savored by us, while they long for what we can have all the time. Good thing you're having three a day to make up for when you can't have it. ;-)

  22. Must must must do the gelato diet this summer! So glad you're back, loving the pics of Venice, and thanks for giving me a laugh too at the end of a dreary grey week in England!

  23. Looks like you had way to much fun there. I have never had any Gelato. I would love to taste it. I have had internet problems so just getting to your posts. Loving all the photos.

  24. I am totally adhering to this diet!
    By the way , there may be a simple explanation about the "Galak" flavor. "Gala" in Greek means "milk"; a Greek chef gelatier in the premisses? lol!


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