Monday, March 07, 2011

Victoire de Castellane

BEAR has let it be know that he'd like to be 'in the picture' so to speak...
BEAR Loves Roses, Fraises, Macarons, Watercolor, 9" x 11"
Speaking of roses, Parisien jeweler, Victoire de Castellane also loves roses and has an exhibit of rare flowers at the Gagosian Galerie on 4 Rue Ponthieu 75008 until March 22nd.
Photos by Thierry Depagne

The display is quite sensational. Jeweled flowers.
Under glass domes.
As they well deserve.
Castellane designed jewelry for Chanel for 14 years.
And then moved on to Dior in 1998...
As the first Creative Director of the jewelry department.
Basically self-taught, Castellane made her first piece of jewelry at the age 5 by wrecking a precious brooch of her mothers and making it into earrings.

She adores playing with unusual materials and the unexpected. Toys and whimsey are a constant source of inspiration.
Don't miss hearing her speak...


  1. awwww--I wondered how long it would take to get bear into the paintings! I got my painting in the mail, Carol--lovely! And all the Laduree and French goodies--thank you! Charmante!


  2. Beary beautiful painting!

    Castellane's jewelry is out of this world,
    but bear's even more precious!

  3. I would love the pink rose ring!!!
    But all I can afford is a "bear"...
    Greta idea to include him on the watercolors!!!

  4. Oh my! Bear loves roses,fraises and macarons and he's French ~ he is such a kindred spirit ~ I feel the cords that bind.
    "All Things French"

  5. I love the painting!!xx

  6. What an amazing person. I keep an eye on her work over the years. She has pioneered those whimsical, playful and at the same time expensive haute joillerie jewels. Thanks for posting this. I really enjoyed it! I am sure bear enjoyed it too!

  7. I love the photo and watercolor of Bear!
    The jewelry display is a great job - did you take the photos? They're great.

  8. Great post. Of course Bear had to be imortalized in paint. Now he can be happy. :)

  9. That red jeweled rose thing - is that a HEADBAND??? Oh my. If weren't for St. Patrick and the wearin' o' the green and everything, I'd definitely change my mind about what I'm wearing to perform my Irish concert on Saturday and put on some RED!

  10. Thanks for posting that link! I loved that insight into her creative world as much as I loved seeing her jewellery, and she made me smile on a freezing, grey morning. And I agree, Bear looks quite divine in your watercolour.

  11. Judith in VT6:50 AM

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    unless you're planning to use a wheelchair. Even if the cane isn't
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  12. Brava Victoire!
    Brava PB!

    Bear est tres beau...

  13. I would love the pink rose ring!!!The jewelry display is a great job..


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