Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Yr Fav Paris Salon de Thes!

BEAR wants to go to some NEW tea salons whilst in Paris!! He says he doesn't mind going back to Carette but still... He is desperately seeking some new Le Grand Opera - 13, rue Mogador 75009, where all the divine pastries are from Boulangerie Gosselin - MIAM! Bennie took this photo of Brunch at Le Paris Ritz and we are soooo tempted - the price is rather ritzy for us (120 euros). Do they charge for bears? Photo courtesy of Covered in Farine

Tea at La galerie des Gobelins at Plaza Athenee Not quite so $$$ but still pretty ritzy. Une dessert - 16 euros... Everyone is talking about Le Mini Palais salon at Avenue Winston Churchill 75008. What have you heard? An absolute MUST-do is the new Un Dimanche a Paris, Pierre Cluizel's new chocolate emporium at 4-6-8 Cour du Commerce Saint-André, 75006 Hear's a new tea joint at 95, rue St. Honore Called Tea Picture Horror. Been there, done that anyone? I've looked in the window many times but not stopped. BEAR insists this time we WILL go inside on 66 rue du cherche-midi.
Bles Sucre - we've been but never sat down for a quiet cuppa and a FAB dessert.

KAT says we MUST go to Bar Chocolat - Hotel du Cadran, 10, rue du Champs de Mars. Bien sur!
Tea at Jacques Genin - never done that but we will try Paris à l'heure des thés. Do YOU have some FAVORITE places for tea in Paris? Do Tell All SVP! ~


Merci Kris for Le Figaro's 10 new salon de the list.


  1. ooooh, Carol, what a great map that is! I love that. I'll have to take note so that when my sister and I head there, we'll know what places to hit.

  2. Les Nuits des Thes on rue de Beaune between Blvd St Germain and the Seine. Candace and I passed it often but never at a time when it was open. We would love a report from you (and Bear Rykiel) if you have better luck. I will send you their website and a photo by email. It certainly looks inviting.

  3. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Le Figaro has a recent article:

  4. I have to read your blog more often and see where I have to go ! as a real parisian I don't know my city as perfectly as you do :)

  5. With all those places to visit, you're sure NOT to sit too long and aggravate your injury! What a gorgeous, gorgeous trip it will be.

  6. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Aux Pains de Manon
    31 Rue Annonciation, 75016 Paris
    01 42 88 36 89 ‎

    not chic but lovely cakes ...and lovely bread too !

  7. Bonjour PB~
    I just re-read "Printemps" and visited all the links.....spent I wonderful morning with Ines' Little Diaries!!

    Encore, merci,merci,merci!

  8. What fabulous places,
    I want to be Little Bear and come along!

    I can't wait to see picture of Mamie Gâteaux, the place looks so inviting.

    More tea to you,

  9. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Loving your blog! Its getting me excited about my trip to Paris later this month! Merci Beaucoup Carol x

  10. I really love your posts!!! xx

  11. Thanks for the links in today's post. Your site is so beautiful, and your paintings too!

  12. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Bonjour, I hope you feel better I love the watercolor that I bought it is just perfect... I have Paris in my heart when I look at it.

    Love all those desserts and teas wish I was there. I notice that au Jardin du Luxembourg they open Angelina look good.

    LOVE the new watercolors, beautiful work.

  13. I can see Bear sitting outside "Mamie's Gateaux" taking in the morning sun and soaking up l'ambiance ~ oh! and with a beary nice cafe creme in hand. Do take him there!

  14. Those pastries look fabulous!
    I like that shot of folks having Tea with all of that pastry around them :)

  15. I too love that map. What a cool one. I would love to go check out all the Tea shops there. :) So happy you like the Vidalia chopper. Its the greatest little invention. :)

  16. Anonymous6:27 PM

    I love your post today Carol. To leisurely enjoy the Salon de The' places in Paris will be pure joy.
    I have purchased that lovely Map from Lucielle's kitchen...the perfect addition to my bedroom.
    Constantly dreaming of Paris.

  17. Oh my goodness gracious Carol.
    I just sat down to check out your post after dinner, and now, I feel as though I've had a wonderful dessert! I can almost taste all those goodies you enticed us with today. If only I could have topped it all off with one of your delicious
    water colors!

  18. Half price for bears???? Bears should eat free! It is very hard to believe that you have neglected to sample soooo many untested tea salons! Take a deep breath and think of Research and go forth to conquer!

  19. I am looking forward to Bear's and your latest adventures in Paris! 120 Euro for brunch!! Oh my!!!

    Your blog is my happy time every morning!


  20. I've heard about the Horror Picture Tea and I definitely want to try it.
    Love Lucile's work. Her Paris map is just lovely ;)


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