Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Other People's Printemps

Printemp Paris Rose Teapot, watercolor, 9" x 11"
Some people are madly searching for signs of Spring.
Some people have had to look in other people's backyards since Spring is rather reluctant to show up on the East Coast.
I got this glass teapot in Paris at Les Comptoirs Richard and it makes an awfully nice vase in a pinch don't ya think?
Do you know Manon 21?
Well you should! Even though this is an older photo, Manon does divinely poetic French posts.
SVP do drop in.
Heather lives in Paris and has lots of 'Paris Secrets' to tell.
Including that the daffs are out in the parc! Fancy that. Wonder what the French word for daffodil can be?
Watercolorist Sue of A Brush With Color does the best arrangements and these are from her garden. Who is not jealouse?
So far Vienna is neck-in-neck with NYC hanging back in the race to Printemps, but Merisi of Vienna has found flowers on teacups which is nearly as good, well almost.
Yellow roses of Ireland are featured at Harpist Amy and you can hear her play exquisitely to bouquets of roses. *Not to be missed!
Walzing around the Marais (in the days when I could walz) I discovered Vertige on 11, rue de Sevigne 75004.
They specialize in featuring mainly greens.
Don't miss their galerie of greenie photos - simply lush.
Meanwhile artist Ian Sidaway is out sketching in his allotment - Lucky Ian!
Here's what I'd like to be wearing if is were Spring/Printemps.
 Here's what I'd eat whilst wearing the above pink pull - all springie colored macarons.
BONJOUR Other People's SPRING!


  1. Thank you for pointing your wondeful people to my blog, Carol! I can't wait for them to give my music a listen while they watch the slideshows!

    Now I'm off to check out others' "printemps" plans!

    You're a gem.

  2. Your beautiful rose painting sings of spring in full swing!

    I loved traveling through other people's spring posts.
    Thank you for being so sweet to include my humble blog in your printemps selection! :-)

    To spring, and soon!

  3. I believe it is jonquille en francais. Merci!

  4. What a collection of tempting bloggers! and Vertige has just rushed to the very top of my Paris list!

  5. Carol what wonderful links for springtime!! I wil check them out!!

    Do come and enter my Artful Offering!It is truly beautiful!

    Art by Karena

  6. Carol, you are too funny. LOVE this watercolor--it sings spring if ever a painting did! Beautiful. xo

  7. Beautiful springtime Carol......xv

  8. Justine1:38 PM

    Desperately seeking Spring here too
    This helps one to overcome the facts that Spring is late this year..
    Or is it?

  9. Hi, Carol!! It's always! Loved your painting so hard! It's great!! Congratulations from my heart!! xx

  10. Great watercolor for an opening!
    Spring is taking forever here in New England. So, those shots of the Marais shop with all of that gorgeous green was my favorite!!

  11. Love this! I'm also waiting for signs of spring, dammit - (non-existent in my neck of the woods) - and loved getting some printemps vicariously thanks to you!

  12. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Bonjour indeed!
    Thank you for the superb references today. I will be hurrying over to visit. Once I have got out of my nightie that is. Or perhaps I might stay in it all day - there is so much to see.

  13. Love this painting. I see it sold already. Love this post. Its very cheery on this gray damp day.

  14. OHHHH Merci Carol pour ce petit clin d'oeil chez moi...

    Belle journée


    J'ai de belles photos de chez Vertige ,j'aime les fleuristes parisiens.

  15. Bonne idée, Carolg... I think that's it; I think I need to get many lovely spring flowers so everywhere I look, I get a reminder that warm weather is just around the corner...

  16. Hi Carolg!

    Paris is much more lovely on your photos but we HOPE spring will come one day...
    we really DO hope....

    Daffodils are jonquilles or narcisses!

  17. All images are looking too good.

  18. Thanks for the posting you are great job for the visitors.

  19. BONJOUR,
    tout est si joli, si coloré...
    et si appétissant...
    ce blog est un petit bonheur frais et adorable...

    à bientôt
    Kiss from France

  20. It's always! Loved your painting so hard! It's great!!!


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