Monday, March 14, 2011

Prepping for Paris

Tulip Printemp, 9" x 11"
BEAR has been prepping for Paris for months memorizing the Paris Metro map... Carol does her back exercises in front of it as well.
BEAR eats his petit dejeuner on a Paris Metro placemap just for good measure.
BEAR is of course already packed. Not that he has much to worry about. Stripes are ALWAYS IN in Paris. Carol, on the other hand, has been throwing things at an an empty suitcase for 2 weeks.
The day of departure will be packing Hell!
It was suggested by the kind British lady (who wanted to abduct Bear at Alice's Tea Cup) that Carol only wear matching black and white stripes. If I could fit into this little number, I'd be wearing this dress non-stop. Do you know whose it is? Do tell and I'll begin the regime toute a suite!
BEAR insists we bring along the Pylones birdie, Piu-Piu.
French Ribbon Fleurs, 9" x 11"
And why not?
This little birdie adds a lot to a watercolor still life non?
There's been a change of plans. Instead of a running (Ha!) all over Paris hitting every salon de the, we thought it might be wiser to hit as many flower shops instead.
Especially since we're really into painting flowers these days.Have you ever entered Lachaume?
At 10, rue Royale near the Madeleine - super posh, but perhaps I could buy just 1 flower to paint?
Then there are the dozens of Au nom de la Rose to stop in.
The idea I came up with this weekend was to combine Paris' gorgeous flowers with some FAB desserts in a watercolor.
Is this not a winning combination?
Definitely worth the effort
non? On a more down-to-earth note*
I MUST NOT FORGET to bring French Girl her Nathan's Sesame BAGELS! Otherwise I'll be sleeping in the streets.
Do you have any special prepping for Paris tips I should know about? Do tell all svp. The countdown begins for Thursday the 17th.


  1. Sounds like the last minute way I also get ready to travel.
    Love these paintings, especially the 2nd one, with the empty background.
    A bit different than the usual.
    Just bought another big Sergeant book, with TONS of water colors I've never seen, of Venice.
    Can hardly wait to see yours, Carol.
    Make sure Bear does not fall into any of the canals!

  2. How lovely! I love the pictures and I hope youhave fun!

  3. Oh, I think I have that book Bill's describing--Sargent's watercolors are to die for--especially of Venice. A swish of his brush and voila, another masterpiece. These are lovely watercolors, Carol!

  4. You hit on a winning combiniation with flowers and pastries! Bon voyage to you and bear!

  5. Dear Carol, how exciting to be so close to departure date!
    Worse than packing to go somewhere is to unpack when you come back! I hate the pile of dirty clothes and finding a place for everything again.
    I wish I were leaving to Paris! I just might do it by myself, one of this days! Is it too lonely to travel by yourself? I think I'd enjoy the experience.
    Great idea to paint food+flowers!
    I have been so inspired by you lately that I want to try to paint a watercolor of some still life.
    Let's see what happens!
    How long are you going to be in Paris??
    Have fun my dear!

  6. I just Love these paintings A swish of his brush and voila, another masterpiece. These are lovely watercolors.

  7. Good luck with the preparations, Carol!

    The gorgeous flowering trees are *just* starting to bloom this week, so by all means bring the camera and lots of memory! If you would like someone to show you the Parc des Buttes Chaumont where there are lots of flowers and flowering trees in spring, let me know.

    Bon voyage!

  8. Carol,
    we all know that your posts are filled to the frame of each image with temptations, gorgeous paintings, pastries, flowers, but we have learned to live with the perils of visiting. At least I thought I had, until I spotted that little striped number! Oh, please, I hold my breath that someone knows where to get that dress! I want it. Now. ;-)

  9. Hi, carol! I think the Bear couldn't be more fancy...those black and white stripes are something!!
    I can barely wait your news from Paris !
    Have a wonderful travel (and I think you will heve to let the Bear guide you ... he really seens to know all Paris Metro map!). Kisses and hugs!!
    PS Love your flowers paintings!

  10. Hi, carol! I think the Bear couldn't be more fancy...those black and white stripes are something!!
    I can barely wait your news from Paris !
    Have a wonderful travel (and I think you will heve to let the Bear guide you ... he really seens to know all Paris Metro map!). Kisses and hugs!!
    PS Love your flowers paintings!

  11. Tes fleurs sont belles....

    Belle soirée


  12. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Now you are talking! Paris - flowers - food.
    *sigh. How does one pack for Paris?
    Pack light. layers
    Comfortable shoes a must
    -- oh I am in a quandary , when you know tell me because it's me soon. x

  13. Carol, have a fabulous time, I adore your paintings and am sure that Paris will be so inspiring!

    The floal shops and pastries look devine!!

    Art by Karena

  14. I will start the countdown as well! Hope to see you! :-)

  15. Absolutely brilliant to combine flowers and pastry in paintings...two ephemeral an sumptuous experiences! As for the black and white stripes....I recall a time, whenI was a child that prisoners were always shown in black and white stripes from head to toe. I wonder if prison uniforms were really like that....and, if they were, how it got to be chic...

  16. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Please go to ANGELINA'S on Rue de Rivoli. It's a restaurant, a tea room, and a cake shop. Very posh but reasonably priced and everything is DELICIOUS. I've lunched there (mm mm), had 'tea' there (delicious, mouthwatering gateaux), and drunk hot chocolate there (yummy). It's really worth a visit (or three! - but we live relatively close so ...)
    Have a wonderful time

  17. So exciting! Wishing you (and BEAR!) safe and happy travels. I'll travel vicariously through you!

  18. Merisi - the little STRIP DRESS was cup out of a Japanese magazine and worn by a French Girl...
    Go figure.

    Dear Corinne,
    I have been to Angelina many, many times but I am sure I will go again.
    I love to look.

  19. Quite a plate!
    Bear, pastries, flowers, watercolors - Spring is here on the blog :)

  20. ... I'm so excited for you ... I hope you have a great time ... and good weather.

  21. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Remember that if you purchase a Metro pass for a week or longer, you have to paste your photo in it. Take a couple xerox copies of your passport photo along with you. The Metro police do check and will hassle you if your photo is not in there. I learned that very quickly and none of the books on travel ever mention that. Have a great time!!!

  22. Carol, it's too early for me to wish you and Bear the true bon voyage, but I do want to say that I love the way that the two of you are preparing for this voyage.

    Bear demands that bird, you are still considering various stripes.

    The flower/patisserie combo is heaven-made. Each compliments the other.

    I'm hoping that you will have an easy journey and that we are going to see all sorts of wonderful Parisian sights that you will be posting.


  23. Carol... for as long as you have been going to Paris you should be a pro at it by now and telling US what to take. :))) Love your flower paintings. Glad you will be checking out the flower shops..I do have one advice.. dont leave something behind this time you might be sorry you didnt buy. :))

  24. I have to tell you this post is so beautiful to see after the gray weather we've been having here in Michigan. But I don't know which is more appealing to the eyes - the wonderful roses or the tantalizing desserts! There is no question, though, that the birdie brightens up everything.

  25. Tell French Girl hello from your readers who quite enjoy her style and chic Parisan living...I love that she has bagel good of you to nuture it. Bon Voyage and make sure to walk up and down the aisles as much as you can during your flight. Take care and report back....pretty please.

  26. How exciting for you! And you're right, I never noticed how well dressed bear was for Paris!

  27. 2 things you must include:
    1) a lovely silk scarf—they dress up everything and are tres French chic!

    2) for the airplane flight and for just about anywhere you go once you are there—a pashmina. I find pashmina to be fabulous to keep off a chill inside the aircraft (and you won’t have to use those questionably sanitary aircraft blankets). You will get tons of compliments everywhere you go, too. I now have an extensive collection of pashmina—solid colors like black, turquoise, red, fuschia pink, purple, and golden yellow. I also have 2 gorgeous paisley ones. The scarf (or two) and pashmina will serve you well!

    I look forward to your posts from Paris!
    Voyages sûrs--et ayez un temps fantastique à Paris!

  28. Hope you have a great trip. I don't know if you're ever in the 12th, but there is a wonderful boulangerie/patisserie right across the street from hotel (Hotel de la Porte-Dorée - 273, ave Daumesnil, Métro: 8, Porte-Dorée) called

  29. barbara2:35 AM

    I'm an artist too, going to Paris on 4/1 avec mon fils de 17 ans. Love
    your beautiful watercolors! You've inspired me to bring mine this
    Glad you're feeling better.
    I usually take pictures of les chiens too.
    anyway, my friend Linda (another fan) loves the shop
    46 Rue de Bac.
    Better leave bear home for that one, though-

  30. Alison2:39 AM

    Luscious and lovely blogging. Have a fabulous trip.

  31. Thank you for the 'walking in the aisles' reminder Jenny!

  32. Brooke2:45 AM

    I think our apartments must be looking the same these days…suitcase, clothes papers on Paris all about. I leave for Paris on Thursday March 17 too! I am taking my second course at Le Cordon Bleu in Intermediate Cuisine. Can’t wait to get back to my favorite place and cook cook cook for 10 weeks
    Bon voyage!
    A bientot

  33. The Eiffel Tower of Macarons arrived today in perfect condition. I'm so excited to be able to give this to my friend. And the goodies you sent with it couldn't be more perfect.

    Hope you're feeling better. Have a wonderful trip. I look forward to your posts every day.

    Au revoir,

  34. As for the black and white stripes....I recall a time, whenI was a child that prisoners were always shown in black and white stripes from head to toe.

  35. I love the paintings in this post. They remind me so much of spring. Since I own a flower shop and have never been to France, I'm so delighted you'll be visiting them and posting on them. Have a safe and wonderful trip! And let Bear carry all the luggage!

  36. Bonjour! Je suis la! Find a Zara in Paris and get yourself one of their black and white stripped tops. DD has one and they are gorgeous!

    Ahhh les fleuristes. Magnifique!

    When are you over and how long for? I have a cunning plan.

  37. Love the metro map, so much exploring to do. Your's and Bear's day of departure is soon..have a fantastic time! The flower/dessert combo is a great idea for your artwork.

  38. @Brooke and Bear, I ALSO leave for Paris on the 17th! What a perfect day it will be! My packing has not even started. I plan to pull out the suitcases tonight. Rose the Rat Terrier is starting to get suspicious since there are Paris Metro maps already on the floor, as well as folders of "things I must do!" Carol, I'm hoping we can meet for tea on Tuesday...keep me posted!

  39. Bonjour PB~

    I can not add much that has not been said already. I too look forward to all the posts from Paris. We will be prepping for our trip in only advice after you get everything together to pack...take out never need it ALL! Layers, layers, layers.

    And yes, when flying be sure to get up out of that seat as much as you can!!!

    Bon Voyage!

  40. Your floral paintings are unreal, Carol! They're gorgeously life-like. You never cease to amaze me.

    And oh yeah, just do the striped dress. Just do it!

  41. Bon Voyage to both you and Bear, oh, and of course, little Piu-Piu! Your floral, pastry combination is already making me hungry, and when I close my eyes, I see visions of perfect watercolors that integrate both the flora, and the yummy tastes of the parisian bakers. Don't forget your back excercise papers as well Carol, and let Bear do much of the walking for you. He's quite stong and able (and so terribly cute ;). What's that? Oh yes, I'm certain I heard him say that he would be returning home with his beloved 'Parisian brother'. How EXCITING!!!! I look so forward to seeing their reunion. Do capture each moment :) I hope you are able to find that dress; it IS totally lovely, would adorable on you as well as appear perfectly matchy matchy, which naturally equates to FAB! That is utter style and sophistication! I would LOVE one too, so please, do tell if you can find one. Safe travels, paint like you've never painted before, with reckless abandonment, and allow yourself to enjoy all of the YUMMY treats you will be painting.

    Much love, xox

  42. I'm so excited to see what you take photos of and paint along the way....I've only been to Paris twice and hope to go again one day. I really enjoy all your photos of Paris and your paintings.

  43. Yesterday, that striped dress distracted me way too much! Returning here today, did I finally read the photographer's name under the image of the flower vase on the steps. Now I know why it look so familiar: Only last week did I receive two books of photographs by André Kertész! Small world. ;-)


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