Sunday, March 20, 2011

Paris Weather Report

Looking for Spring in all the wrong places...
Dans les rues?
Non! Pas possible...
Dans les vitrines?
Oui. Absolutement!
You can always buy yourself some Spring...
I did...
Wear it on your feet?
At Zara - a tiny springie skirt...
At Kenzo - head-to-toe spring...
Read about Spring?
Put it behind your ear at Annick Goutal...
Drink it at Printemps de la Maison - Vie Tao...
I did - pineapple + passion fruit + ?
Very refreshing!
Sadaharu Aoki has Spring on offer the year round...
A refreshing dip in the St. Germain piscine/pool anyone?
Meet you there at 9!
This daring dog is coatless...
*Don't forget TODAY is MACARON DAY at all Pierre Herme patisseries.
THREE FREE macarons for a donation to 'Autour des Williams'
In addition a drawing for tea at Le royal Monceau.


  1. Bonjour, Carol!
    Beautiful spring-y impression of Paris,

    Blue sky and spring in the air here in Vienna,
    albeit a bit nippy still this early in the morning.


  2. P.S.:
    The time stamp says 2:26 AM -
    I may be up early, but it is 7.58 AM,
    thank goodness! ;-)

  3. Anonymous4:56 AM


  4. The pug on the chair is priceless! And I so badly want those shoes .... So envious of you being in Paris, though it looks every bit as chilly as London right now. Hope you've managed to catch up on sleep!

  5. Bonjour Carol, Ce sont de belles photos du printemps à Paris!!
    J'adore Annick Goutal!!!
    Parfums Le Mimosa est une belle!!!!!
    Bonne nouvelle semaine

  6. Bonjour PB~
    Loved the shoes! Can imagine the outfit one would need to wear with them!!!
    Hope it warms up soon!
    Happy Spring!

  7. Oh I want the shoes Pink and orange ballerines! Tres chic. Gimmy gimmy

  8. Anonymous10:48 AM

    just found your blog through Spice of Life, and I love it. It's so happy. And anytime I can read about Paris, I'm happy. Have a wonderful trip.

  9. Still winter there, eh? Well, it's still Paris, anyway! I wouldn't mind winter in Paris. It all looks great, Carol. Love that light over your roses in that image, and I love the red/white striped towel! Vermeer light. Have fun!!

  10. Everyone wants the shoes. Where are they, please?

  11. So glad you got there ok and its off and running around Paris no matter what the weather. :) What a cute black dog on the street.. am wondering what kind it is.. Looks unusal but its adorable.

  12. I'm sick!!! How flippin civilized is that?????Macaroon day??????God for them!!!! Abd all for a good cause..... Oh checnk ou my blog I told you I was fixing... Let me know what you think, you won't have your reading issues anymore I don't think......Maryanne xo

  13. THE SHOES are at Sevre-Babylon almost next to the new Hermes.
    I would get them now that you point them out, but 150 EUROS!
    OUCH non?
    Perfect for a wedding in Texas?
    Maybe I'll trade in the ticket for the ballerinas...Hmmmm

  14. Sophia1:59 PM

    Ballet pumps
    Who makes those pink and orange ballet pumps????? Must have!!! I have a friend in Paris right now who can get them for me if you tell me where.


  15. I can imagine the chilly weather in Paris at this time of the year. About a decade ago, I took a trip to Paris at the end of April and I still froze my behind off! The only thing that kept my mother and I from certain doom was the use of warm scarves. It's still amazing to me how much warmer you can feel even with a light jacket if you are protecting your neck. I still loved the trip and I've been looking forward to returning in the next year or so. I read your blog nearly every day and dream about my return trip.

  16. Bonnie3:57 PM

    We are coming to Paris, March 30-April 1. Then we go on to Provence. It will be our 3rd time in Paris and we love it. We have always come in September before so I am a little afraid it is going to be cold. I have been watching your pictures and people do seem to have on coats. I am waiting for the ten day forecast to decide if I need to bring my leather coat. I hate being cold. Are Parisians still wearing boots, mostly dark colors coats and scarfs? I know I will stick out like a tourist anyway I dress but the coat thing is bothering me. We will be walking at night too so I was afraid 50's and 40's sound like coat weather to me. As I type from my back porch in Alabama I am wearing short sleeves, crop pants and flip flops.
    It is 84 degrees and a beautiful spring day and my garden is delicious with beautiful shades of azaleas opening and dogwood trees blooming.

  17. Yay! CArol is in Paris. I love your Paris posts and it appears you are all go-go-go. Oh, macaron did you do? Take care and keep warm.

  18. I know that you are gallivanting about Paris these days, but I am not sure that you knew about Macaron Day in NYC (March 20). Here is the link, if you get this in time! Have a wonderful trip! I especially love your posts from France.



  19. Blue sky and spring in the air here in Vienna,albeit a bit nippy still this early in the morning.

  20. Great photos. I like the way you did a double hit with the opening shots of the dog.
    It looks gray and nippy but, hey, it's Paris!
    Love those flowers on the table and the Spring clothes in the shop windows, too.
    Have fun!

  21. Paris and the dogs!!I love Paris, I love dogs and...oh Lord...macarons day...Enjoy !! Beijo!!

  22. Happy Spring to you over there in Paris!
    When do you go to Venice?
    What's with that awful strawberry with the white shoulders?

  23. Here is the link, if you get this in time! Have a wonderful trip! I especially love your posts from France.

  24. Pour trouver le printemps, la solution est bien simple: faut venir dans le midi...ici, c'est vraiment le printemps!

  25. Anonymous3:13 PM

    love the pictures, dogs and fashion-hate cold but cold in Paris seems wonderful. I have decided to come back as a little beloved dog in Paris but one with a nose that I can breathe through.


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