Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Paris Haircuts

Why am I compulsively taking photos of these giant Paris haircut posters...They're quite compelling wouldn't you say?Especially with the reflections of Parisian apartments plastered on top... You rarely see anyone walking around with these extreme haircuts but who cares? This set of bequiling posters are from Toni & Guy Bastille -Hey they're British and have gone global! You can attend their academy too if you so desire... More haircut posters... Did the French invent messy hair - they make it look so good. Here's the story of my French haircut if you're interested... I got the shaken finger for taking this shot! Why? I saw the same poster in New York. Go figure... Ah...a haircut poster for grownups - ELEGANT non? OK, I'll go for this haircut poster of sorts, at the Marie-Antoinette exhibit..lots of hair and lots of bows. You could even fit a croissant and a macaron or two in there...


  1. Anonymous9:17 AM

    LOVE IT!
    LOVE IT!
    LOVE IT!
    So Paris...

  2. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Oh maybe I'll try toni & Guy next trip...nothing like getting a Paris Haircut.
    The best souvenir you can bring home.
    Course try to get your own hairdresser to duplicate?

  3. Anonymous9:45 AM

    But why they face so desperately?

  4. Oh I like the blond hair do. cover the face do.. lol

  5. Oh, Hairy Day! :-)

  6. They all have beautiful hair--I envy them--I have awful hair--I live in a bad hair LIFE! LOL but I love looking at others with gorgeous hair. Great post!

  7. ps
    cute shot of the ever-elusive Paris Breakfast herself there--love the haircut! Will you get it cut again on your return?

  8. So sexy and mystical at the same time with the apartment ghost-like images, fantastic.

  9. Sigh. I'm dying for a new 'do.

  10. Absolutely Fabulous darling!!!! Need a do, need a do too. :)

    Love this!!!!

  11. Anonymous1:38 PM

    "Messy hair?" I prefer the term "bedroom hair."
    Either way it's a great philosophy.

  12. Too funny! I think fashion, both in hair and dress, is extreme because then you have more to pull from to bring it down to size, so to speak.

    One thing I've learned about having a great hairstyle is that it only looks really great after you style it, but playing around with it afterwards is how you develop the true style of the haircut.

  13. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Great about the hair cuts today. I live in the UK and we have a Tony and Guy hairdressers and three years ago l went for a cut and blow dry, they asked who would you like to cut it, a beginner and one higher right up to the hair designer so l went for the medium as was told the price gets higher the higher you choose. A cut and blow dry by the girl on the second rung of the ladder three years cost me £166 which is in the US $323 and it was awful just like if she had used a knife and fork,

  14. OMG!
    Wonderful story Jill...
    I once went to a London place..or actually when I heard the price I said I'd call in for an appt and ran out the door..
    You could get a full Gaultier outfit for what they charge for London haircuts!

  15. Hair stylists scare me :O It's like trying to find a decent doctor (are there any?). I haven't had a proper stylist in years. No kidding - I can hear the gasps... and I have the same issue with mon petit chien now! Our excellent, gentle, skilled, really GOOD groomer recently quit "AAAAGH"! So my pom-a-poo and I really are looking more and more alike these days - LOL

    Carol, I LOVE your hair "mess"! Somehow you managed to get it all into a 48 hour span and include a run-in with fame, a disaster, quick project management, disaster recovery and some darn CUTE poochies!! How much more can you ask for? Oooh la la!

  16. Anonymous4:08 PM


  17. Anonymous4:31 PM

    bonjour moi homme le nom: mohamed pays marocco cherche le travaille

  18. *Hair tip
    I love the "grownup" haircut here..
    Well I'd love to have that look too..
    But never mind. I was showing the photo to someone and heard there is someone in NYC who can do that cut!
    Ann at Riah Salon on 209 Mott Street
    Once you get the initial cut, the return visits for trims are FREE!

  19. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Carol, these r some of your best photos on this blog yet!
    I wish I could show everyone your website.

  20. My advice is not to take a picture of those styles to your village hairdresser....somebody ended up looking like a poodle on, no, not me :)

  21. Carol,
    as long as you don't have to mortgage your home for that first cut, Mott Street sounds great!
    "Take me down to Canal Street,
    Only a short walk from Mott.
    Get me some scissorss and combs,
    I don't care if I never get back,
    Have my roots, roots, roots rejuvenated there,
    If they don't take it's a shame.
    (Well, you can always order Chinese take-out, while waiting for the second inning, er, cut!)


  22. Anonymous3:19 AM

    Some of those haircuts are really strange. Is it this kind of thing, this year in, and next year out? I will never understand such kind of policy. Sorry.

  23. Those images look as though Tara of Paris Parfait took them.
    When my hair is messy it just looks messy when the French do it it looks chic. HOW COME????

  24. Anonymous5:19 AM

    Cool. Just found you. Will be back!

  25. Yes, yes! There are a lot of French hair salons in Italy (where I am nannying this summer) and the cuts are just so intriguing. Kudos on capturing them in an all encompassing blogpost.

  26. Anonymous10:58 AM

    I love it when my hairdresser comes back from Paris with all the books and videos! Paris is the capital of style! Thanks for sharing, you brave girl!

  27. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Thanks for the fun link to Andree and your good luck of seeing her at the hair salon!
    I love her style.
    Do you know the answer - does she only wear white or black?

  28. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Hair - I've noticed in my regular eavesdropping sessions (Dining out alone, waiting for an appointment, shopping, dining out with my DH -married so long we no longer have to say a thing!) that HAIR is the single most frequent topic discussed between women. We are never happy with it, always planning a change, asking for advice, looking for new ideas. I found my current hairdresser when a woman passed me by after leaving a salon. Her hair was so gorgeous, I asked her who did it. And I'm with him to this day! (PS My hair in NYC recently should not be blamed on poor Jhon (not John) because, after all, I was travelling).

  29. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Good Job! :)


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