Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Friend Yellow Bird

Yellow Bird Studies the Croquembouche, watercolor, 9" x 11"
Yesterday Mushookie said: Little birdy will get fat if he eats all that!
It's Yellow Bird's Birthday,original watercolor, 9" x 11"
Hannah 9191 said: I love that lil birdie...I think he will explode...he is bit chubby 
Just to set your minds at ease, YELLOW BIRD has his waistline completely under control (unlike some people...) Even though YB adores macarons and eats nothing else, he counts his calories like everybody. Yellow Bird & Macarons,original watercolor, 9" x 11"
For your information Yellow Bird is a MAJOR PLAYER and TOP MODEL at PB since December 13, 2006. This guy doesn't step off the perch for less then $250 per diem.

Macaron with Yellow Bird, original watercolor, 9" x 11"
He gets TOP fees right up there with Angelina and Brad.This guy is top dog in the bird modeling world it just so happens.
When it comes to maintaining his boyish figure, YB has a personal trainer, who goes where ever he ventures, waiting in the wings with the requisite barbells, hoops, swings etc.

YB has had some mighty fine petit dejeuners in Paris and taken tea with the best!

Yellow Bird has petit dejeuner, watercolor, 9" x 11"

Still, there's nothing like a good ole plain petit dejeuner for this bird.No high falutin' ideas for him. YB is a regular guy.

Another Yellow Bird tried out for the job, hoping to get in on YB's gigs. No Go. It was back to Tiny Doll House for this birdie! Of all the nerve!? Still YB LOVES ICE CREAM.

Li-Lac Easter Egg,watercolor, 9" x 11"

After all, he's a NEW YORK bird ya know...



  1. I'm in hysterics over the phrase "the bird-modeling world."

  2. WendyB YB would be ever so happy to model one of your DIVINE GEMS and happy to give you a break on his day rate TOO!

  3. I love that yellow bird: he always looks so appropos in your images, because wherever you point him, he's diligently analyzing whatever's in front of cute! I love these images of him. That Empire State building painting at the end there is adorable, Carol!!

  4. Anonymous9:03 AM

    That's hilarious! I love yellow bird! :D

  5. Anonymous9:15 AM

    YELLOW BIRD says:
    And tanks Carol for (finally) giving me my due. Nice to put my $$$rates out there too..ahem

  6. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Both of these birds are so sweet! Yellow bird is tiny, but here, he makes bluebird look like he's a Lilliputian. Such a precious image!

  7. I can see, YB is digging in,
    in every sense of the word! :-)

  8. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Where does Yellow Bird not get to go?
    And is there only one YB?
    Does he have a double for difficult stunts etc.?
    Was he costly for such high rates or is it his versatility at gazing at French pastries that commands such high fees?
    Just wondering...

  9. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Good morning!
    While I adore YB, I also have my own TDHB, and he was hoping for two friends to join him on our chandelier in the dining room. When I bought him 5 years ago, I didn't realize he'd want company. Do you remember where you found your TDHB? I've tried searching online, to no avail.

  10. LOL!!! Excellent. Fun Post. BIrd modlelling world... cracks me up....:))))))
    All best, Jan
    (That Euro diet keeps his trim too, I'll bet. Rolling off my chair, laughing.)

  11. This yellow bird is so cute!!!!

  12. Anonymous4:28 PM

    I love your interpretation of the croquembouche. So light and pretty!

  13. i love seeing yellow bird through both of your "lenses." and while he seems perfectly at home in the chic world of paris, new york seems to suit him best.

  14. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Yellow bird may be on the top of the heap of bird models now....but what happens when he gets a little older and the first wrinkles begin to show up? He'd better start planning his next career move now...let's see...can he act or sing? How about developing his own line of birdclothes? Or he could develop a signature line of bird seed. Or license the rights to make duplicates of his svelte little body. Perhaps a tell-all book - Paris Breakfasts Dearest?

  15. I LOVE the way your mind works dearest Jeanette Mistress of longears!
    Always thinking ahead like the squirel, unlike some of the grasshoppers around here - myself :(
    True YB no longer needs his fancy gas-guzzler SUV...
    And though the mortgage on his golden cage is all paid up, he would love to unload it - perhaps one of Sue's bluebirds is interested?
    YB is quite enterprising and thinks long term unlike his frivolous owner.
    He is constantly tsk, tsking his owner in fact, though she turns a deaf ear and merrily skips along, head in the Parieien clouds....
    When YB finally finishes his tell-all memoire, some heads will roll!

  16. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Well done. Great works! I wish I am talented like you.

  17. Today is my birthday and you are cordially invited to my party down by the river. Wear loose fitting clothes and don't drive due to the excessive amounts of food and champagne that is on offer.
    Di at Designers Block

  18. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Wish I were YB; he has such interesting adventures and beautiful treats to taste. He must work hard in the gym to keep so trim!! :O)


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