Thursday, July 24, 2008


Green Boxes, original watercolor, 9" x 11"

Back to good friend GREEN again...

Imagine what's inside these green boxes.
Imagine what that greeny gateau thing tastes like- mint or lettuce?
Pale green lovelies from Gerard Mulot.
Chartreuse green from Gerard Mulot
An inedible but perfect green avocado Limoge pill box...
If you eat your avocados you shouldn't really need any pills should you?
Green flowers always have me stumped - they take getting used to - in Paris, I think I could...

Greeny perfumes = fresh and springy
Green signs make the reds and pinks POP!

And now here's a "greenish" recipe from M. Well the bottle of Sherry vinegar is green...
Plus you add these freshly-frozen Daregal herbs (frozen just 3 hours after picked)Take 1 tablespoon of, well I prefer Olive Oil to M.'s sunflower oil.
1 tablespoon of Sherry vinegar
1 tablespoon of water (!)
Add whatever amount you like of the frozen herbes and stir in the bottom of your salad bowl.
Et Voila! a lovely light vinegrette. Try it!


  1. Carole, your themes are so refreshing and enchanting. You always come up with surprises be it color, food, minis, fashion. Thanks for taking my mind on mini trips.

  2. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Well it certainly doesn't hurt to think green these days
    Bring on the GREEN
    Paris seems very interested in Green...?

  3. Anonymous11:07 AM

    I never tire of the green Laduree boxes and all they hold within...
    Dreamy post today

  4. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Is the round thing an avocado?

  5. Thinking Green aren't you ESME...
    The round thing is a big chocolate-nutty Easter egg!

  6. ROFLOL!!! Ahhh, green. Great minds....

    Let me ooh and ahhh for awhile here . :)))))

  7. wow--what gorgeous greens! I love these...back later to look in more detail, but lovely Carol!!

  8. Yep. Yummalicious. The perfect thing for this hot hot hot we are having....beautiful post. That parfum bottle , oohhh, and the Limoges, not to mention those yummy tarts...hmm makes me want to paint them. I must get back to my shells though. Lovely painting no problems with green here Ms Agog. :)
    All best, Jan

  9. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Your Paris Breakfasts is always visually appealing.
    Merci beaucoup.
    spelling correction......
    (2 seperate words; bonne because journee is a feminine word; bon is the maculine form of "good")

  10. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Such soft greens you use here Carol--love 'em!
    And the macarons could be little gymnasts--look how beautifully they balance there.

  11. pistachio - yum; green - lovely; i can't get enough of your paintings - love them and laduree too!

  12. Green is good--and you have lots of it here. Some of those sweets look to die for. Yum! Your macarons are so delicate and pretty, Carol!

  13. Fun Post. love the perfume bottle. who cares whats in it. :)

  14. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Fresh frozen herbs? Unfortunately not available near Longears....but then I have patches and patches of the real thing in the veg you think I could freeze my own? Or is it a special process that keeps them from turning to mush? Some "research" is in order!
    The salad dressing sounds yum! Must try it this weekend.

  15. I got's like you were in my mother's kitchen with the bottles of oil and vinegar!!
    The avocado pill box is just too cool!

  16. Anonymous4:50 AM

    Love the precarious balance.
    Next time, try flipping the macarons into your mouth with the spoon.

  17. Anonymous4:54 AM

    Ravissant !

  18. Anonymous4:55 AM

    BTW,GREEN, its my fave colour dont you know!

  19. Anonymous5:15 AM

    Lime green
    Pistache green
    Mint green
    Avocado green
    Chartreuse green
    herb green(?)
    Bottle green
    Leaf green
    Laduree green - the best one of all!

  20. Anonymous5:19 AM

    Lovely GREEN
    the pale green lovelies from Gerart Mulot remind me of marzipan frogs I would treat my boys to on first Ave in the Village.
    I am sure the pastry shop is still there...

  21. Gypsy catching up...aaaah how I`ve missed this fabulous tempting many to catch up....missed them!!!

  22. My new kitchen will be vert green with my Paris Breakfasts paintings taking centre stage :)


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