Monday, July 14, 2008

New York Bastille Day celebration

#151B Merry Strawberries, original watercolor, 9" x 11"
Strawberry tea and desserts influenced by...

These lush strawberry tarts made by Patisserie Payard...

At the New York Bastille Day celebration, presented by the Comite de 14 Juillet.

I went early...or so I thought..but there were already a ton of people...

Happily munching on French goodies...madeleines...
Tarte Citrons up the whazooo...
Served up by Patisserie Payard again..but there were many others serving French specialties...
Entertainment too with traditional French accordian music, can can dancers, wine and cheese tasting, pop singers, pantomime...
MACARONS!by Trois Crepes Patisserie bien sur.
Savory tastes too - cornichons and charcuterie from D'Artagnan...
Moules marinere were made on the spot to order. A cup or so of white wine - toss in some chopped parsely, celery and onions. Add about 2 handfuls of mussles, a bit of salt and fresh chopped garlic. Cover for about 5-7 minutes. Shake the pot on occasion...
Merci Petite Abeille!
Et Voila!
Thank you Asuncion for sending me this appropriate painting by Delacroix.


  1. What a wonderful painting. I love it and the strawberry theme. Looks like a fun day was had. So many goodies.

  2. Anonymous9:38 AM

    What a treat...
    Which ones did you taste?

  3. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Bet it's fun in Paris - fireworks - bit parades - the works!

  4. Looks fantastic! Madeleines, yum.

    Have a great week.

  5. Anonymous10:08 AM

    My kitchen in my very first apartment had a strawberry decorating theme, including a lovely strawberry cookie jar which your teapot reminds me of.
    A scrumptious and colorful watercolor sketch.
    Love it!

  6. Lovely painting as usual... nice post... no Bastille celebration in L.A. like NYC.
    I had to pop over and see "Carol"... as I was visiting "Tartelette" and reading about moi... and "Carol"... our names linked together... it was a FUN surprise to be directed to YOU!
    An honour to be in the same paragraph with you... have a great day!

  7. I woke up thinking it was Bastille Day, and wondered what you'd post..."allons, enfants de la patrie..." Fun to see all the goings on in NY. Lovely strawberries in that painting!

  8. just checking
    to see
    you were over here

    eating cake...


    am reading:
    Sena Jeter Naslund's
    Abundance: A Novel of Marie Antoinette

    it is yummy...

  9. Joyeux Quatorze Juillet ma belle!
    What a great day this must have been! Love it!

  10. This post is making my mouth water! Great photos. Thanks for sharing your visit with us!

  11. You make we want to go out,
    and look for some French goodies! :-)
    Love the strawberry themed painting of yours.

  12. Fabulous
    Love Jeanne

  13. I just finished breakfast, which included peaches picked this morning from our backyard tree--and the sight of those pommes frites comme il faut made me bavarder! Vive la France!

  14. Hi,
    I very timidly want to say that I sent a blog award your way and you have absolutely no obligation to particpate. I'm new to this and don't know how people feel about these awards - i've heard mixed reviews but you are one of my favorites and I visit almost every day. thanks for all the entertainment!

  15. Joyeux Quatorze Juillet Carol! ; )

  16. Thanks for sharing this amazing day with us. Oh the Tarte favourite ..yummy. All the french cusine, making me hungry.

  17. Anonymous1:30 PM


    I usually celebrated Bastile Day down in the meatmarket on Gansavort St just around the corner from my archive gallery on 9th Ave above Pastise.

    Would have enjoyed tagging along to your celebration.

  18. Ahhh, many celebrations are in order I see....yummy ones indeed. :)

    Big lovely Bastille kudos sent your way!!!

    All best,

  19. Anonymous8:46 PM

    So much more fun than the Puerto Rican Day parade we once got caught in on the streets of NYC.....all they did was march, very slowly. No goodies at all! Hope you had one of each!

  20. Anonymous3:31 AM

    Le 14 juillet à New York !?!
    I had never imagined so... before this post of yours. Bet you had a good time !

    We traditionally take our children out to fireworks at night on July 14th.
    Last night we took out a bunch of teenaged girls and we met more of them in the park ... The firework show was brilliant and all those girls around us made it very special !!!


  21. that's what I love about NYC!

  22. That's what I hate about England - we never celebrate anything about the French :(

  23. Di Overton is right....and in England we don't celebrate much about the English either!!!! All too political..

  24. Anonymous3:27 PM

    I wish I was there. Looks like it was great fun.


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